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Gamers have always loved sniper only game modes in different games such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.

Now, with the introduction of creative mode and map codes, Fortnite players can play sniper only in Fortnite!


This post contains several creative codes for sniper only maps.

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Sniper Arena Chinatown

This first sniper map is a beautiful chinese inspired arena.

It’s filled with bamboo, lamps, and obstacles to hide behind.

In this creative map, it’s a free for all and you can only use snipers!

This map is created by Fortnite user WickedSick-88.

Creative Code: 0630-6697-7768

Fortnite sniper only creative map code
Sniper only creative map Chinatown arena

AWP Lego

An absolute classic sniper only map from Counter-Strike, is the popular AWP Lego.

This map has been recreated in the Creative mode of Fortnite for all players to enjoy.

In this map, you will spawn with full shot and infinite ammo, so go for those headshots!

Fortnite user Senix has created this map.

Creative Code: 4265-3743-2329

AWP Lego sniper only in Fortnite creative mode
Only sniper map in creative mode Fortnite

Winter Sniper Shootout

Another great Sniper creative map is this winter inspired sniper arena.

Battle it out on the ground while hiding behind ice pillars or camp it out in the huge castle.

This Fortnite creative map is created by Jay.

Creative Code: 0664-7667-3518

Winter sniper only map in creative Fortnite
Sniper shootout creative map Fortnite

CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes

This free for all sniper only map is awesome for some sniping fun.

Not only is this a cool sniper arena, but it is filled with bouncers and other structures that make you jump around the map for a thrilling time.

The creator of this map is Fortnite user CallMeCypher.

Creative Code: 2092-4164-5943

Fortnite sniper map creative code
Only sniper creative code fortnite

Sniper Rubik Park

Another free for all sniper only map in a Rubik’s cube inspired arena.

Pull out your best quickscoping skills to beat your friends in this map.

Fortnite user JotapeGame has created this sniper map.

Creative Code: 5350-2369-0495

Sniper Rubik Park Map Code Fortnite

LilMidgXT Sniper Arena Map

Enjoy bouncing around hitting noscopes and trickshots in the air?

Well, then this map is definitely for you.

It is a sniper only arena filled with awesome boosts, bouncers and more.

This map has been created by LilMidgXT.

Creative Code: 5462-3152-9374

LilMidgXT Sniper Arena Map Code Fortnite

Jungle Volcano Sniper

An awesome sniper-only map that takes places in a fiery volcano landscape.

This is a FFA map where each player spawns with 50 hp, making every shot a one-shot.

Fortnite user SNGMath has created this map.

Creative Code: 3242-3253-3000

Jungle Volcano Sniper map code Fortnite

Underwater Sniper FFA

A very unique sniper-only FFA map for the creative mode in Fortnite.

This map takes place underwater with decreased gravity.

This is definitely a map to check out if you enjoy sniper-only maps.

This sniper map is created by KHUBEB786YT.

Creative Code: 6511-0064-6813

Underwater Sniper FFA Map Code Fortnite

That’s all the sniper-only map codes we have for Fortnite!

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