All Battle Pass Rewards List – Fortnite Season 8

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With the release of season 8, players can now complete challenges and tier up their new battle pass in order to earn rewards.

In this post, we’ll feature every single reward you can earn from the season 8 battle pass.


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A new battle pass is released at the start of each new season in the game.

The rewards you can get from a battle pass can only be obtained by purchasing that battle pass.

Table of contents

Battle Pass Rewards

TierFree rewardUpgraded rewardImage
1Blackheart skin, Hybrid skin, Combo XP boostTier 1 Blackheart skin

Tier 1 Hybrid skin

Tier 1 Combo XP boost
2GG Snakes Spray10% personal XP boost, 30% personal XP boostTier 2 GG Snakes Spray

Tier 2 10% personal XP boost

Tier 2 30% personal XP boost
3Pineapple iconTier 3 Pineapple icon
4Scallywags loading screen100x V-BucksTier 4 Scallywags loading screen

Tier 4 100 V-Bucks
5Tropical Camo wrapTier 5 Tropical Camo wrap
6Flying Standard contrailThe Brood sprayTier 6 Flying Standard contrail

Tier 6 The Brood spray
7Cobra back blingTier 7 Cobra back bling
8Sunshine emoticonJellyfish iconTier 8 Sunshine emoticon

Tier 8 jellyfish icon
95% friend XP boostTier 9 5% friend XP boost
10Isle of treasure loading screenTier 10 Isle Of Treasure loading screen
11100x V-Bucks100x V-BucksTier 11 100 V-Bucks

Tier 11 100 V-Bucks
12Ahoy! musicTier 12 Ahoy! music
13Palm Tree emoticonTier 13 Palm Tree emoticon
14Hello Friend emotePeeled sprayTier 14 Hello Friend emote

Tier 14 Peeled spray
15Sky SerpentsTier 15 Sky Serpents glider
16Octo-Pirate emoticonTier 16 Octo-Pirate emoticon
1710% personal XP boostTier 17 10% personal XP boost
18Pirate icon100x V-BucksTier 18 Pirate icon

Tier 18 100x V-Bucks
19Woodsy back blingTier 19 Woodsy back bling
20Mermaid sprayTier 20 Mermaid spray
21Clovers contrailTier 21 Clovers contrail
22Master Portal back blingSGT. Green Clover loading screenTier 22 Master Portal back bling

Tier 22 SGT Green Glover loading screen
23Sidewinder skinTier 23 Sidewinder skin
245% friend XP boostTier 24 5% friend XP boost
25Four-Leaf Clover emoticonTier 25 Four-Leaf Clover emoticon
26Dance Mat sprayBouncy Ball toyTier 26 Dance Mat spray

Tier 26 Bouncy Ball toy
27100x V-BucksTier 27 100x V-Bucks
28Driftwood wrapTier 28 Driftwood wrap
29Pyramid iconTier 29 Pyramid icon
30Cinder GliderThe Ice Queen loading screenTier 30 Cinder glider

Tier 30 The Ice Queen loading screen
31Conga emoteTier 31 Conga emote
32Spicy emoticonTier 32 Spicy emoticon
3310% personal XP boostTier 33 10% personal XP boost
34100x V-Bucks100x V-BucksTier 34 100x V-Bucks

Tier 34 100x V-Bucks
35Woodsy (Pirate)Tier 35 Woodsy Pirate back bling
36Skeleton Key sprayTier 36 Skeleton Key spray
37Phantasm contrailTier 37 Phantasm contrail
38Snakebite pickaxeCoconut iconTier 38 Snakebite pickaxe

Tier 38 coconut icon
39Lockstep gliderTier 39 Lockstep glider
40Tricera Ops loading screenTier 40 Tricera Ops loading screen
415% friend XP boostTier 41 5% friend XP boost
42Treasure icon100x V-BucksTier 42 Treasure icon

Tier 42 100x V-Bucks

43Sunprint wrapTier 43 Sunprint wrap
44Woot Bonesy sprayTier 44 Woot Bonesy spray
451000x season XPTier 45 1000x Season XP
46Snoozefest emoteSkully emoticonTier 46 Snoozefest emote

Tier 46 Skully emoticon
47Peely skinTier 47 Peely skin
48Love Ranger sprayTier 48 Love Ranger spray
4910% personal XP boostTier 49 10% personal XP boost
50Hybrid loading screenFox animal iconTier 50 Hybrid loading screen

Tier 50 Fox animal icon
51100x V-BucksTier 51 100x V-Bucks
52Dodger back blingTier 52 Dodger back bling
53Ancient Mask emoticonTier 53 Ancient Mask emoticon
54Coral Chorus musicFallen Love Ranger sprayTier 54 Coral Chorus music

Tier 54 Fallen Love Ranger spray
55Lockpick pickaxeTier 55 Lockpick pickaxe
56Bug iconTier 56 Bug icon
575% friend XP boostTier 57 5% friend XP boost
58GG Jellyfish emoticonLava contrailTier 58 GG Jellyfish emoticon

Tier 58 Lava contrail
59100x V-BucksTier 59 100x V-Bucks
60Dragon Scales wrapTier 60 Dragon Scales wrap
611000x Season XPTier 61 1000x season XP
62The End sprayFin iconTier 62 The End spray

Tier 62 Fin icon

63Nana Nana emoteTier 63 Nana Nana emote
6410% personal XP boostTier 64 10% personal XP boost
65Spray Collage loading screenTier 65 Spray Collage loading screen
661000x Season XPTier 66 1000x Season XP
67Dodger (Black) back blingTier 67 Dodger (Black) back bling
68Brite Bomber sprayTier 68 Brite Bomber spray
69100x V-BucksTier 69 100x V-Bucks
70200 Meters emoticonTier 70 200 Meters emoticon
71Ember skinTier 71 Ember skin
72Zebra iconTier 72 Zebra icon
735% friend XP boostTier 73 5% friend XP boost
74Power Chord loading screenTier 74 Power Chord loading screen
75Ember sprayTier 75 Ember spray
76100x V-BucksTier 76 100x V-Bucks
77Tiger Stripes wrapTier 77 Tiger Stripes wrap
78Cuddly emoticonTier 78 Cuddly emoticon
79Booty Buoy gliderTier 79 Booty Buoy glider
80Salty sprayTier 80 Salty spray
8110% personal XP boost
82100x V-BucksTier 82 100x V-Bucks
83Woodsy (Gold) back blingTier 83 Woodsy (Gold) back bling
84Master Key loading screenTier 84 Master Key loading screen
85BallisticsTier 85 Ballistics contrail
86Lama iconTier 86 Lama icon
87Master Key skinTier 87 Master Key skin
885% friend XP boostTier 88 5% friend XP boost
89Angry Volcano emoticonTier 89 Angry Volcano emoticon
90Luxe sprayTier 90 Luxe spray
91100x V-BucksTier 91 100x V-Bucks
92Star Power musicTier 92 Star Power music
93Dodger (Camo) back blingTier 93 Dodger (Camo) back bling
94Arachnids loading screenTier 94 Arachnids loading screen
95Hoop Master emoteTier 95 Hoop Master emote
9610% personal XP boostTier 96 10% personal XP boost
97100x V-BucksTier 97 100x V-Bucks
98Gemstone wrapTier 98 Gemstone wrap
99Master Key (Masked) skinTier 99 Master Key (Masked) skin
100Luxe skinTier 100 Luxe skin

Those are all the rewards you can get from the season 8 battle pass in Fortnite!

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