AFK Arena – All Heroes List

AFK Arena – All Heroes List

You’ll stumble upon a bunch of different heroes throughout your journey in AFK Arena.

As there are so many, we’ve created this list so you can easily get an overview of all the heroes in the game.

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The rarity displayed next to each hero represents the maximum rarity they can reach.

You can use the header of the table below to sort by the trait you wish to view. If you want to check out a specific hero, you can use the search function.

A total of 5 heroes can be assigned to a team, and each hero comes with a unique set of skills.

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All heroes list

There are now a total of 93 unique Legendary and Ascended heroes in AFK Arena, all of which belong to one of seven factions:

  • Lightbringers
  • Wilders
  • Maulers
  • Graveborns
  • Celestials
  • Hypogeans
  • Dimensional

All Ascended heroes belong to one of five classes:

  • Warrior
  • Ranger
  • Support
  • Mage
  • Tank

Furthermore, each hero in the game are one of three types:

  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Intelligence

Lastly, all heroes in the game are one of three rarities:

  • Ascended
  • Legendary (maximum level of 160)
  • Common (maximum level of 100)

Here is the complete list of all heroes in AFK Arena as well their icon, class, rarity, type, and faction.

Alna Hero Icon AFK ArenaAlnaCelestialsWarriorAscendedAgility
Athalia Hero Icon AFK ArenaAthaliaCelestialsRangerAscendedAgility
Elijah & Lailah Hero Icon AFK ArenaElijah & LailahCelestialsSupportAscendedIntelligence
Flora Hero Icon AFK ArenaFloraCelestialsMageAscendedIntelligence
Orthros Hero Icon AFK ArenaOrthrosCelestialsTankAscendedStrength
Talene Hero Icon AFK ArenaTaleneCelestialsSupportAscendedAgility
Wu Kong Hero Icon AFK ArenaWu KongCelestialsWarriorAscendedStrength
Zaphrael Hero Icon AFK ArenaZaphraelCelestialsMageAscendedIntelligence
Ainz Ooal Gown Hero Icon AFK ArenaAinz Ooal GownDimensionalsMageAscendedIntelligence
Albedo Hero Icon AFK ArenaAlbedoDimensionalsTankAscendedStrength
Arthur Hero Icon AFK ArenaArthurDimensionalsTankAscendedStrength
Ezio Hero Icon AFK ArenaEzioDimensionalsRangerAscendedAgility
JOKER Hero Icon AFK ArenaJOKERDimensionalsRangerAscendedAgility
Nakoruru Hero Icon AFK ArenaNakoruruDimensionalsRangerAscendedAgility
QUEEN Hero Icon AFK ArenaQUEENDimensionalsWarriorAscendedStrength
Ukyo Hero Icon AFK ArenaUkyoDimensionalsWarriorAscendedAgility
Baden Hero Icon AFK ArenaBadenGravebornsWarriorAscendedAgility
Daimon Hero Icon AFK ArenaDaimonGravebornsTankAscendedStrength
Ferael Hero Icon AFK ArenaFeraelGravebornsRangerAscendedAgility
Grezhul Hero Icon AFK ArenaGrezhulGravebornsTankAscendedStrength
Isabella Hero Icon AFK ArenaIsabellaGravebornsMageAscendedIntelligence
Izold Hero Icon AFK ArenaIzoldGravebornsWarriorAscendedStrength
Kelthur Hero Icon AFK ArenaKelthurGravebornsRangerAscendedAgility
Nara Hero Icon AFK ArenaNaraGravebornsWarriorAscendedStrength
Oden Hero Icon AFK ArenaOdenGravebornsMageAscendedIntelligence
Shemira Hero Icon AFK ArenaShemiraGravebornsMageAscendedIntelligence
Silas Hero Icon AFK ArenaSilasGravebornsSupportAscendedIntelligence
Theowyn Hero Icon AFK ArenaTheowynGravebornsRangerAscendedAgility
Thoran Hero Icon AFK ArenaThoranGravebornsTankAscendedStrength
Torne Hero Icon AFK ArenaTorneGravebornsTankAscendedStrength
Niru Hero Icon AFK ArenaNiruGravebornsTankLegendaryIntelligence
Silvina Hero Icon AFK ArenaSilvinaGravebornsAssassinLegendaryAgility
Vedan Hero Icon AFK ArenaVedanGravebornsTankLegendaryAgility
Ezizh Hero Icon AFK ArenaEzizhHypogeansSupportAscendedStrength
Khazard Hero Icon AFK ArenaKhazardHypogeansMageAscendedIntelligence
Lucretia Hero Icon AFK ArenaLucretiaHypogeansRangerAscendedAgility
Mehira Hero Icon AFK ArenaMehiraHypogeansMageAscendedIntelligence
Mezoth Hero Icon AFK ArenaMezothHypogeansTankAscendedStrength
Mortas Hero Icon AFK ArenaMortasHypogeansSupportAscendedAgility
Zolrath Hero Icon AFK ArenaZolrathHypogeansWarriorAscendedAgility
Belinda Hero Icon AFK ArenaBelindaLightbearersMageAscendedIntelligence
Cecilia Hero Icon AFK ArenaCeciliaLightbearersRangerAscendedAgility
Eluard Hero Icon AFK ArenaEluardLightbearersMageAscendedIntelligence
Estrilda Hero Icon AFK ArenaEstrildaLightbearersWarriorAscendedStrength
Fawkes Hero Icon AFK ArenaFawkesLightbearersRangerAscendedAgility
Gwyneth Hero Icon AFK ArenaGwynethLightbearersRangerAscendedStrength
Hendrik Hero Icon AFK ArenaHendrikLightbearersTankAscendedStrength
Lucius Hero Icon AFK ArenaLuciusLightbearersTankAscendedStrength
Oscar Hero Icon AFK ArenaOscarLightbearersRangerAscendedAgility
Peggy Hero Icon AFK ArenaPeggyLightbearersSupportAscendedIntelligence
Raine Hero Icon AFK ArenaRaineLightbearersSupportAscendedAgility
Rigby Hero Icon AFK ArenaRigbyLightbearersWarriorAscendedStrength
Rosaline Hero Icon AFK ArenaRosalineLightbearersSupportAscendedIntelligence
Rowan Hero Icon AFK ArenaRowanLightbearersSupportAscendedIntelligence
Thane Hero Icon AFK ArenaThaneLightbearersRangerAscendedAgility
Angelo Hero Icon AFK ArenaAngeloLightbearersRegenLegendaryIntelligence
Hogan Hero Icon AFK ArenaHoganLightbearersTankLegendaryStrength
Mirael Hero Icon AFK ArenaMiraelLightbearersDamageLegendaryIntelligence
Morvus Hero Icon AFK ArenaMorvusLightbearersAssassinLegendaryAgility
Anoki Hero Icon AFK ArenaAnokiMaulersTankAscendedStrength
Antandra Hero Icon AFK ArenaAntandraMaulersWarriorAscendedAgility
Brutus Hero Icon AFK ArenaBrutusMaulersTankAscendedStrength
Drez Hero Icon AFK ArenaDrezMaulersRangerAscendedAgility
Khasos Hero Icon AFK ArenaKhasosMaulersWarriorAscendedStrength
Kren Hero Icon AFK ArenaKrenMaulersRangerAscendedAgility
Numisu Hero Icon AFK ArenaNumisuMaulersSupportAscendedIntelligence
Safiya Hero Icon AFK ArenaSafiyaMaulersMageAscendedIntelligence
Satrana Hero Icon AFK ArenaSatranaMaulersMageAscendedIntelligence
Skreg Hero Icon AFK ArenaSkregMaulersTankAscendedStrength
Skriath Hero Icon AFK ArenaSkriathMaulersMageAscendedIntelligence
Tidus Hero Icon AFK ArenaTidusMaulersRangerAscendedAgility
Vurk Hero Icon AFK ArenaVurkMaulersRangerAscendedAgility
Warek Hero Icon AFK ArenaWarekMaulersWarriorAscendedStrength
Ankhira Hero Icon AFK ArenaAnkhiraMaulersControlLegendaryIntelligence
Golus Hero Icon AFK ArenaGolusMaulersTankLegendaryStrength
Saveas Hero Icon AFK ArenaSaveasMaulersDamageLegendaryAgility
Eironn Hero Icon AFK ArenaEironnWildersRangerAscendedAgility
Gorvo Hero Icon AFK ArenaGorvoWildersTankAscendedStrength
Kaz Hero Icon AFK ArenaKazWildersRangerAscendedAgility
Lorsan Hero Icon AFK ArenaLorsanWildersMageAscendedIntelligence
Lyca Hero Icon AFK ArenaLycaWildersRangerAscendedAgility
Nemora Hero Icon AFK ArenaNemoraWildersSupportAscendedIntelligence
Pippa Hero Icon AFK ArenaPippaWildersMageAscendedIntelligence
Raku Hero Icon AFK ArenaRakuWildersRangerAscendedAgility
Respen Hero Icon AFK ArenaRespenWildersRangerAscendedAgility
Saurus Hero Icon AFK ArenaSaurusWildersWarriorAscendedStrength
Seirus Hero Icon AFK ArenaSeirusWildersWarriorAscendedStrength
Solise Hero Icon AFK ArenaSoliseWildersMageAscendedIntelligence
Tasi Hero Icon AFK ArenaTasiWildersSupportAscendedIntelligence
Ulmus Hero Icon AFK ArenaUlmusWildersTankAscendedStrength
Arden Hero Icon AFK ArenaArdenWildersControlLegendaryIntelligence
Ira Hero Icon AFK ArenaIraWildersDamageLegendaryAgility
Ogi Hero Icon AFK ArenaOgiWildersTankLegendaryStrength

That’s all the heroes in AFK Arena!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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