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Gems are the premium currency in AFK Arena that you can use to acquire heroes, purchase elite soulstones, and more.

To keep progressing in AFK Arena, it’s a very good idea to actively farm diamonds, as they’ll help you get stronger. Learn how to spend diamonds wisely in AFK Arena here.

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You can get diamonds in AFK Arena by doing quests, claiming your mailbox, participating in the Arena of Heroes, leveling up, beating floors in the King’s Tower, completing bounties, fighting in the Guild Hunt, claiming hero portraits, clearing the Arcane Labyrinth, claiming rewards in the Oak Inn, doing Peaks of Time, completing achievements, claiming Wall of Legends, claiming redemption codes, doing Voyage of Wonders, the Abyssal Expedition, and participating in Events – more information on each of these methods below.

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The main source of free diamonds in AFK Arena is through campaign quests.

Progressing through the campaign, clearing floors in King’s Tower, and gathering ladder points in the Arena of Heroes are just some of the quests you can complete within the Campaign tab.

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To view these quests, press the ‘Quests’ tab in the top right corner and go to the ‘Campaign’ tab.

Campaign quests diamond rewards AFK Arena

Guild hunts

Every single day you can challenge Wrizz a couple of times depending on your VIP rank.

If your guild has Soren unlocked, you can also challenge him.

Doing guild hunts reward you with gear, gold, and boxes of diamonds.

Once you collect a box, you have to find it in your Bag and open it to receive the diamonds.

Boxes contain 10, 30, or 100 diamonds.

Diamond box reward from guild hunt AFK Arena

Daily & Weekly quests

Doing daily and weekly quests is always a good idea if you wish to collect useful items.

One of the things you receive is diamonds.

The 4th chest within both the dailies and weeklies tab contains diamonds.

They are unlocked once you gather 80 activity points within the same tab.

You receive 100 diamonds from the 4th reward chest in the dailies tab and 400 diamonds from the 4th reward chest in the weeklies tab.

This means that you get a total of 1100 diamonds every week by completing quests if you do enough quests single every day and week.

Diamonds reward from daily and weekly quests AFK Arena

Arena of Heroes

Arena of Heroes is a PvP arena in AFK Arena.

Here you are able to challenge other players’ teams.

When you participate in the Arena of Heroes, you receive ladder points based on whether you win or lose, and the amount of ladder points your opponent has.

The amount of ladder points you have gives you an overall rank.

Every single day you receive a number of diamonds in your mail depending on the rank you are in the Arena of Heroes.

Whenever a season ends in the Arena of Heroes, you also a much bigger chunk of diamonds depending on your rank.

Arena of Heroes daily diamonds reward AFK Arena

King’s Tower

Clearing floors in King’s Tower earn you rewards.

One of these rewards is diamonds.

You get more diamonds on each floor the farther you get in King’s Tower.

Each 10th floor also has increased rewards.

If you haven’t done King’s Tower before, this is a great and fast way to get a lot of diamonds.

However, if you are already on the highest floor your current team can reach, you won’t be able to get a lot of diamonds through this method at the moment.

King's Tower diamond rewards AFK Arena

Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth is another thing you should do every time it resets.

Not only will you get Labyrinth Tokens which can be exchanged for powerful elite heroes, but you will also receive diamonds for clearing an entire floor.

It is, however, only the last stage on each floor that gives diamonds in the Arcane Labyrinth.

Arcane Labyrinth final stage rewards AFK Arena

Bounty Quests

The Bounty Board inside the Dark Forest gives you new bounty missions to complete every day.

There are different rewards for each bounty mission, some of which are diamonds.

The amount of diamonds you get for each mission usually isn’t that great, but it is little work so we recommend you do them all.

Bounty quest rewards AFK Arena

Daily gift

Players in AFK Arena can claim a daily gift every day.

This gift consists of 20 diamonds and 2 elite soulstone.

As mentioned, this is a completely free gift, all you have to do to get it is claim it.

You’ll find it inside the ‘Gift Set’ tab, then ‘Gift Set’ again in the bottom right corner, and then under the ‘Daily Deals’ tab.

Claiming this gift every day is another free 140 diamonds per week.

Daily free gift diamonds and soulstone AFK Arena


Events are another great way to get more diamonds.

There isn’t always an event running in AFK Arena, but when there is, diamonds are often one of the rewards you can earn.

Besides limited-time events, new players can always do the Bootcamp and Daily Login events which both have diamond rewards.

On day one of the Daily Login Event, players receive 500 diamonds for free.

Check out the current events in the ‘Event’ tab on the left side of the screen.

Daily login event diamonds reward AFK Arena

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That’s how to get diamonds in AFK Arena!

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