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There are two types of soulstone in AFK Arena, rare soulstone and elite soulstone.

You can combine 60 pieces of soulstone for 1 random hero of either rare or elite rarity, depending on which soulstone you combine.

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There are many ways to get soulstone in AFK Arena.

This guide covers the following methods on how to get soulstone.

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King’s Tower

One of the ways to get soulstone in AFK Arena is through King’s Tower, which is located inside Dark Forest.

In King’s Tower, you fight floors of enemies with increasing strength.

Every time you clear a new floor, you receive a bunch of items, including soulstone.

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The amount you receive depends on which floor you are on.

This is one of the faster ways to get a lot of soulstone quickly if you haven’t already reached the maximum floor your current team can reach.

King's Tower soulstone reward AFK Arena


You can purchase both elite and rare soul stones from the Store in Ranhorn.

Both the ‘Barracks’ tab and the ‘Labyrinth Store’ tab contain soulstone.

Elite soulstone can only be purchased from the ‘Barracks’ tab.

You’ll need 18000 hero coins for 60 pieces of elite soulstone and 2400 hero coins for 60 pieces of rare soulstone.

Learn how to get hero coins in our hero coins guide.

Inside the labyrinth store, you can only purchase rare soulstone at a price of 60 soul stones per 2400 labyrinth tokens.

Learn how to get labyrinth tokens in our labyrinth tokens guide.

Soulstone in Labyrinth Store and Barracks AFK Arena

Bounty Board

Another way to get soulstone in AFK Arena is by completing bounty quests through the Bounty Board.

The Bounty Board is located inside the Dark Forest.

Completing bounty quests is very simple. You just choose the required amount of heroes that meets the rarity and faction requirements.

Once a bounty quest is complete, you receive a reward.

This reward is usually gold, diamonds, or soulstone.

This method won’t get you a lot of soulstone quickly but requires very little effort, so we recommend you complete your daily bounty quests.

Soulstone reward from Bounty Board AFK Arena

Arcane Labyrinth

After clearing the last platform on a floor in the Arcane Labyrinth, you unlock a big reward chest.

This chest contains different loot than what you receive from winning battles in the labyrinth.

One of the things this reward chest contains is soulstone.

You aren’t guaranteed to get soul stones from this chest, but relatively often, you do.

When you do pull soulstone from the final chest, you get around 30 pieces of soulstone.

Arcane Labyrinth soulstone reward

Daily Quests & Weekly Quests

Completing daily quests and weekly quests earn you activity points.

Inside the dailies tab and weeklies tab are 5 reward chests that you unlock once you’ve collected enough activity points within that tab.

The third chest in the dailies tab contains 5 pieces of rare soulstone.

The third chest within the weeklies tab contains 10 pieces of elite soulstone.

This means that you can earn a total of 35 rare soulstone and 10 elite soulstone each week if you complete enough quests each day.

Soulstone rewards from daily and weekly quests AFK Arena

Daily free gift

Every single day in AFK Arena, players can claim a free gift of 20 diamonds and 2 elite soulstone.

This is not a lot of soulstone, but it is elite, which is harder to come by and is free. We recommend you collect this every day.

To claim your daily free gift, press ‘Gift Sets’ in the top left corner, then ‘Gift Sets’ again in the bottom right corner, then ‘Daily Gift Set’ in the left side right under the displayed deals.

Here you’ll find at the top, a special deal of 20 diamonds and 2 elite soulstone, purchasable 1 time, for free.

Daily free gift soulstone AFK Arena

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That’s how to get Soulstone in AFK Arena!

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