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Gladiator Coins is a useful currency in AFK Arena as you can spend it in the Challenger Store or exchange it for hero shards in Dimensional Events.

You cannot earn Gladiator Coins in AFK Arena early on in the game, leaving some players confused as to how you can obtain them.

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You can get Gladiator Coins in AFK Arena by collecting them from the chest located in the Legends’ Challenger Tournament in Arena of Heroes – more information on this below.

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How to get Gladiator Coins in AFK Arena

Before you can start earning Gladiator Coins in AFK Arena, you need to complete stage 20 in chapter 9 of the campaign.

This is because you unlock the Legends’ Challenger Tournament after completing that stage.

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Once you’ve cleared stage 20 in chapter 9, you can access the Legends’ Challenger Tournament by going to the Dark Forest in the bottom menu, selecting Arena of Heroes, and then choosing Legends’ Challenger Tournament.

In the Legends’ Challenger Tournament, you have a chest at the top of the lobby that passively generates Gladiator Coins.

Just like with AFK Rewards on the campaign screen, you can claim the Gladiator Coins generated in this chest since the last time you claimed them.

Be sure to claim your Gladiator Coins before the chest is full to maximize the number of Gladiator Coins you get.

You can increase the number of Gladiator Coins you generate per hour by winning battles in the Legends’ Challenger Tournament.

Before starting a battle, you can see the number of Gladiator Coins your hourly rate will be increased by upon victory.

In the Legends’ Challenger Tournament, you need to bring three teams to battles, which means it can be a bit difficult to win at the beginning if you don’t have a lot of different powerful heroes and sets of gear.

All heroes’ levels are, however, scaled to match the opponent, making it a fair fight level-wise.

What can you purchase with Gladiator Coins

There are two things you can spend your Gladiator Coins on in AFK Arena; the Challenger Store and Dimensional events.

You can access the Challenger Store by clicking the shop icon in the top-right corner of the Legends’ Challenger Tournament tab or by choosing the Challenger Store tab in the Store in Ranhorn.

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In the Challenger Store, you can purchase a variety of Elite heroes in exchange for Gladiator Coins.

You can also purchase Rare Hero Soulstones, but the Elite heroes are obviously what you want to prioritize.

The second use of Gladiator Coins is for Dimensional events.

In Dimensional Events, you can exchange 13,333 Gladiator Coins for one hero shard of whatever heroes you can currently get in the Dimensional event.

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That’s how to get Gladiator Coins in AFK Arena!

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