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Guild coins are important to collect as they can be exchanged for gear in the guild store.

Joining a guild is required to collect guild coins and have access to the guild store.

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Therefore, we recommend you find yourself a guild in the ‘Guild’ tab.

There are tons of guilds that have no requirements to join.

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This guide teaches how to get guild coins in AFK Arena.

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How to get guild coins

There is only one way to earn guild coins in AFK Arena at the moment.

That is through ‘Team Hunting’, which is a feature inside the ‘Guild’ house in Ranhorn.

There are two different bosses you can face in team hunting, Wrizz and Soren.

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You can face Wrizz two times a day, no matter what.

You can, however, only face Soren twice daily once your guild has more than 9000 trophies and your guild leader manually activates him.

Rewards from Wrizz and Soren include gear, diamonds, and of course, Guild Coins.

The amount of rewards you receive depends on how much damage you do to the boss before you are defeated or 2 minutes pass.

The more damage you do to the boss, the more damage it does to you.

We recommend facing Wrizz ever day.

If Soren is unlocked in your guild, face him as well.

Wrizz and Soren guild boss in AFK Arena

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That’s how to get Guild Coins in AFK Arena!

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