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Rare and Common Enhancement Tokens are important to collect in AFK Arena as they can be used to enhance gear.

Later on in the game, when you need to spend a ton of enhancement points on raising the enhancement grade of an item, Enhancing Tokens can come in handy.

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You can get Enhancement Tokens in AFK Arena by doing Peaks of Time, Weekly Quests, Towers of Esperia, Voyage of Wonders, and by buying it from the Store – find more information on each method below.

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Peaks of Time

Finding chests in the Peaks of Time is one of the best ways to get Enhancement Tokens in AFK Arena.

The chests in Peaks of Time are among the ones that contain the highest number of rare Enhancement Tokens per chest.

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You can access Peaks of Time through the Dark Forest in the bottom menu.

Peaks of Time consists of smaller stories with puzzles to complete, enemies to beat, and, of course, chests to collect.

Weekly Quests

Weekly quests are the only ones that can give you Enhancement Tokens in the game.

Neither Daily nor Campaign quests offer Enhancement Tokens as a reward.

Specifically, it’s the second chest inside the Weeklies tab inside Quests that contains Enhancement Tokens, 100 of them.

To unlock the chest, collect 40 weekly quest points by completing weekly quests.

Towers of Esperia

Towers of Esperia is a separate set of floors inside the King’s Tower located in the Dark Forest.

You unlock Towers of Esperia after reaching chapter 15 in the campaign.

Like King’s Tower, Towers of Esperia consists of a series of floors with enemies on them, each of which gives a reward upon completion.

Some of the floors in Towers of Esperia give Enhancement Tokens as a reward.

What makes Towers of Esperia different from King’s Tower is that they are faction-specific.

Voyage of Wonders

In the Dark Forest, you can access the Voyage of Wonders, which is a map of voyages in the game.

You can only start a voyage while it is open, and there is usually only one open at a time.

Inside a voyage, you will like in the Peaks of Time, go through a puzzle, fight enemies, and collect chests.

Some of these chests contain Enhancement Tokens.


Enhancement Tokens can be purchased directly in the Store located in Ranhorn.

You can purchase Enhancement Tokens both in the general tab and in the barracks tab.

In the general tab, Enhancement Tokens are sold for diamonds, so they are not recommended to buy, as you can spend your diamonds more efficiently.

Enhancement Tokens are also quite expensive to purchase in the barracks tab, so you might want to spend your Hero Coins on other things like elite heroes or dimensional events.

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That’s how to get Enhancement Tokens in AFK Arena!

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