How to retire heroes AFK Arena

How To Retire Heroes – AFK Arena

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After summoning a bunch of heroes, you will most likely find yourself with a ton of common heroes taking up all your available hero slots. These common heroes are not viable to use later in the game, making them virtually useless except for in the early game. Because of this, you probably want to get rid of these heroes.

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How to get rid of heroes

To get rid of heroes in AFK Arena, head over to the Ranhorn tab in the bottom of your screen. Once you’re in Ranhorn, locate the ‘Rickety Cart’. It located on the right side towards the bottom of the town. Go ahead and press ‘Rickety Cart’ in order to access it.

Rickety Cart AFK Arena

Once inside the rickety cart, press the ‘Retire Hero’ tab in the bottom. Here you can see all your common heroes. Simply tap any hero you wish to get rid of. Alternatively, you can just press ‘Auto Select’ which will automatically select all your common heroes. Press ‘Retire’ when you have selected the heroes you wish to retire/get rid of.

Retiring heroes in AFK Arena

Retiring heroes not only clears up space in your hero bag but also gives you hero coins and hero essence. Hero coins can be spent in the Barracks store. Hero essence is required to level up whenever they learn a new spell or are ready to upgrade a current one.

Rewards from retiring heroes AFK Arena

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