AFK Arena – How To Get Hero Experience

AFK Arena – How To Get Hero Experience

Hero Experience is one of the most common resources in AFK Arena but is extremely useful.

You need Hero Experience to level up heroes in the game, making it an immensely important resource.

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You can get Hero Experience in AFK Arena by doing the Arcane Labyrinth, Voyage of Wonders, Stages in the campaign, Noble Society, King’s Tower, Events, by collecting AFK Rewards, and by completing Campaign Quests.

Find more information on each of these methods below.

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Arcane Labyrinth

The Arcane Labyrinth is a series of tiles on three floors where you’ll fight enemies to progress, collect relics, and more.

All the tiles with chests on them are battles that give rewards upon completion.

One of the rewards that you get every single time you defeat a tile of enemies in the Arcane Labyrinth is Hero Experience.

Therefore, if you wish to maximize the amount of Hero Experience you get from the Arcane Labyrinth, you should choose as many tiles with chests on them as possible.

Furthermore, the tiles with chests on them that have a red flag on them instead of a brown have tougher enemies but also give a lot more rewards.

So if your team can handle it, go for tiles with chests on them that have a red flag as well.

If your team is close to dying, then you should go for a tile with healing, revive, etc., to keep your team alive for longer.

Even though you will miss out on a battle, if you run out of strong heroes and are stuck in the Arcane Labyrinth, then you’ll miss out on many more battles and have to wait for the Labyrinth to reset.

Voyage of Wonders

In the Voyage of Wonders located in the Dark Forest in the bottom menu, you can go through puzzles full of enemies and chests to collect.

Some of the chests you can find in voyages contain Hero Experience, and when they do, it’s usually 24 hours’ worth of it.

It is, however, far from always that a voyage has chests that can give Hero Experience.

But, be sure to go check out what voyages you can do in the Voyage of Wonders at the moment, in case you can get some Hero Experience in there.

Stage rewards

Going through the campaign by completing stages is another way to get Hero Experience in AFK Arena.

Every time you complete a stage, you get some rewards that include Hero Experience.

The amount of Hero Experience you get from completing a stage depends on how far into the campaign you’ve progressed.

If you’re currently stuck at a specific level in the campaign, then there won’t be much Hero Experience to earn from this method at the moment, though.

Noble Society

Only some players can get Hero Experience from the Noble Society, as you need to have the Hero’s Return event active.

If you do, then you can earn some Hero Experience in the Noble Society, which is located inside the Merchants tab in the top left corner of the main idle screen.

Inside the Noble Society, you should have the Righteous Riches tab right if the Hero’s Return event is active for you.

In the Righteous Riches, you can earn rewards by collecting Savior’s Medallions.

At specific numbers of Savior’s Medallions collected, you unlock rewards, some of which are Hero Experience time-skips.

King’s Tower

In the King’s Tower located in the Dark Forest, you will unlock the Towers of Esperia after reaching chapter 15 in the campaign.

In the Towers of Esperia, which are located inside the King’s Tower, you can earn different rewards by clearing floors.

On some of the floors, the reward is a hefty chunk of Hero Experience.

The first Hero Experience reward in the Towers of Esperia is floor 105.


Some of the many events that AFK Arena runs can give Hero Experience as a reward upon participation.

Unfortunately, it’s far from all events that have Hero Experience in their rewards pool, but some do.

Therefore, we recommend you check out what events are active at the moment by checking both the left-side menu and the Events tab.

Some events are not listed in the Events tab even though they are active, so that’s why you should make sure to check out the left-side menu as well.

AFK Rewards

AFK Rewards are the idle rewards that your team passively collects for you, even when you aren’t playing the game.

You can claim them by clicking the chests and piles of gold in the middle of the main idle screen.

From AFK Rewards, you’ll get a bunch of different resources and items, including Hero Experience.

As you can get Hero Experience from AFK Rewards, you can also get it from Fast Rewards, which gives two hours’ worth of AFK Rewards instantly.

You can use Fast Rewards one time for free daily, which you should do, but don’t spend diamonds to do additional Fast Rewards, as they are better spent on other things.

Campaign Quests

There is also Hero Experience to be earned in the Quests tab located in the top-right corner of the main idle screen.

The campaign quest type, which requires you to collect a specific number of heroes, gives Hero Experience.

There are, however, no daily or weekly quests that give Hero Experience.

That’s how to get Hero Experience in AFK Arena!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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