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The main objective of AFK Arena is to beat levels in the campaign in order to complete chapters.

Completing new chapters and reaching higher levels comes with a range of benefits.

These include more heroes, access to specific tournaments in the Arena of Heroes, more PvE content, and more.

However, many players quickly find themselves stuck at a specific level in the campaign.

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We’ve created this guide to help you progress through the game quickly.

Table of contents

Getting a good start

What you choose to do at the beginning of the game will have an impact on how long it will take to reach certain stages of the campaign.

Generally, the fewer resources you have to spend in order to progress the better. In other words, try not to waste resources on heroes you won’t be using later on.

We recommend you only upgrade 1 hero on your team until you reach the later chapters or the level cap of the hero you are upgrading.

The hero you choose to upgrade should be a tanky or semi-tanky one, preferably with some kind of self-healing.

Probably the best hero for this method is Shemira, which can be bought at elite rarity at the Arcane Labyrinth for 45,000 labyrinth tokens.

On a fresh account, finishing the Arcane Labyrinth 2 or 3 times will get you that amount.

If you want to get an amazing elite hero from the very start of the game, you can keep on rerolling.

It is, however, not likely you will a hero you seek in the first couple of tries.

Shemira solo leveling AFK Arena

Optimizing your current team & heroes

All players will at some point be stuck at a level in AFK Arena.

In such a position, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of beating that level.

Ascending a hero is the single greatest way to increase its power, so head over to The Temple of Ascension to see if you can ascend a hero you are using.

Often, players have a lot of blue heroes laying around, that could be ascended into rare+, then elite, then elite+ and then help a hero from your team reach legendary.

Enhancing your gear is another great way to increase a hero’s power.

You’ll probably find that you have lots of equipment laying around that can be used to enhance gear you are currently wearing.

Repositing heroes on your current team also has an effect on the output of the battle.

Try different setups and you might find something that works.

Keeping faction advantages in mind can help you attain the victory on that level you have been stuck on forever.

Team composition in AFK Arena

Catch up on the Dark Forest

Once you’ve rushed through the campaign and reached a level you can’t beat, it’s time to do the Dark Forest.

Here, you can quickly gather useful items and resources to power up your heroes.

Especially King’s Tower & Peaks of Time are a quick source of amazing loot if you haven’t done since you’ve drastically increased your team’s power.

Dark Forest Locations AFK Arena

That’s how to level up and progress fast in AFK Arena!

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