AFK Arena – How To Get New Heroes

AFK Arena – How To Get New Heroes

Collecting new heroes is a major part of the popular mobile game AFK Arena. However, many players don’t know how they can get their hands on new ones. There are several ways to obtain new heroes, most of which simply requires you to play the game normally. This guides the following ways to get new heroes

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Common hero scrolls

Gathering common hero scrolls is a great way to get new heroes in AFK Arena. Players can exchange one common hero scroll for one new hero at the Noble Tavern. Common hero scrolls are obtained through daily and weekly quests, completing a new chapter in the campaign, and events.

You can exchange scrolls for random heroes in The Nobel Tavern, which is located in Ranhorn. To access Ranhorn, simply press ‘Ranhorn’ in the bottom menu. You can exchange 1 scroll at a time for 1 hero, or 10 scrolls at a time for 10 heroes.

Using Common hero scrolls in the noble tavern AFK Arena

Hero soulstone

You can obtain new heroes in AFK Arena by collecting and combining hero soulstone. There are two types of soulstone in the game, rare hero soulstone and elite hero soulstone. When you have 60 of either elite or rare hero soulstone, you can combine them and receive a random rare or elite hero depending on which soulstone you use. There are several ways to get soulstone, including quests, arcane labyrinth, king’s tower, and the store.

Once you have 60 or more of the same soulstone, open up your bag which is located on the top right menu on the main screen. Go to the Soulstones tab and select the soulstone you wish to combine. Press ‘Combine’ and you will then receive a hero that is of the rarity the soulstone is.

Hero soulstone in AFK Arena

Companion points

A great and easy way to get new heroes is by utilizing the Friends system in AFK Arena. Every single day, you can send companion points to your friends and they can send companion points to you. You can send a total of 30 a day, but only receive a total of 20 a day. To send and receive companion points, go to the Friends tab and press ‘Send & Receive’. Getting new friends in AFK Arena is quite easy. You can, for example, add people from your guild, or simply add people from the global chat.

Companion points can be exchanged at The Noble Tavern at a rate of 10 companion points per hero. This method will give you around 2 heroes a day without any work, simply by having filled your friends-list.

Companion points heroes in AFK Arena


Once you’ve used up all your common hero scrolls, you can purchase heroes with diamonds. A single hero will cost you 300 diamonds, while 10 heroes come at a cost of 2700 diamonds. In other words, you get 10 for the price of 9. There are tons of ways to obtain diamonds in AFK Arena besides buying them. Quests, arcane labyrinth, kings tower, arena of heroes, and especially the campaign will net you a ton of diamonds just by playing.

To exchange your diamonds for heroes, head to The Noble Tavern in Ranhorn. Under the same section that allows you to exchange scrolls for heroes, you can spend diamonds for heroes once you run out of scrolls.

Diamonds for heroes in AFK Arena


The Store located in Ranhorn has several heroes for sale. Inside the Barracks tap, players can purchase rare heroes directly for hero coins. 4800 hero coins will get you a rare hero. You can also spend those hero coins on either elite or rare soulstone, which will give you a random hero instead. Hero coins are obtained through retiring heroes. Learn more about how to retire heroes.

The labyrinth tab inside the store also sells heroes directly. 4800 labyrinth tokens will get you a rare hero, while 45000 labyrinth tokens will get you an elite hero. Labyrinth tokens are obtained by completing stages in the Arcane Labyrinth inside the Dark Forest.

Buy heroes from store in AFK Arena


Events are a great way of obtaining new heroes in AFK Arena. Unfortunately, there isn’t always an event going on. Therefore, we can’t specify any exact way of obtaining new heroes through events as they are everchanging. We can, however, make a qualified guess on how you can utilize an event that might be going on to get new heroes. Usually, events in AFK Arena involve collecting some kind of event item, which can be exchanged for scrolls, soulstone or even heroes directly. To see if there is an event going on, look for the ‘Event’ tab in the left-side menu on the main screen. If this tab isn’t there, that means there are currently no event going on.

Video guide on how to get new heroes in AFK Arena

I’ve also made a video guide on this topic, showing you different ways to get new heroes in AFK Arena.

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