AFK Arena – How To Get Companion Points

AFK Arena – How To Get Companion Points

Companion points are useful in AFK Arena as they can be exchanged for heroes at the Noble Tavern. 10 companion points can be exchanged for 1 hero or 100 companion points for 10 heroes. This guide teaches you how to obtain companion points yourself so you can get your hands on some new heroes.

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How to get companion points

You obtain companion points through the Friends system in AFK Arena. Players can send companion points to their friends every single day. You can send a total of 30 companion points a day, but can only receive 20. If you receive 20 companion points a day, that’ll get you a total of 2 new heroes for free, every single day.

The easiest way to send and receive companion points is by using the ‘Send & Receive’ button inside the ‘Friends’ tab. Pressing this button will automatically send companion points to all of your friends and simultaneously collect all the companion points your friends sent you.

Friends system send and receive companion points AFK Arena

How to get more friends in AFK Arena

Because of the companion points system, it is very beneficial to fill your friend list. There are several ways to do so, but the easiest two is by using the global chat or joining a guild. After joining a guild, you can simply add everyone who is in your guild, and they will most likely just accept. However, an even easier and faster way is to use the global chat. This chat is filled with players looking for other players to become friends with for the sole purpose of getting daily companion points. Simply add everyone that writes “Add me”, or write it yourself. You will fill your friend list in no time by doing this.

Getting friends from Global Chat in AFK Arena

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