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AFK Arena – Faction Advantages Guide

Every hero in AFK Arena belongs to one of 6 factions, Wilders, Maulers, Lightbearers, Graveborns, Celestials, and Hypogeans.

Like many other strategy games, AFK Arena has a faction advantage system.

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All Factions have a faction they do more damage to, and one faction they take more damage from.

This guide teaches you all you need to know about faction advantages in AFK Arena.

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Faction damage advantage

Each faction has one faction they are weak against and one faction they are strong against.

A faction being strong against a certain faction means they do up to 25% more damage against heroes of that faction.

For example, Brutus who is a Mauler will do up to 25% more damage against Nemora who is a Wilder.

Brutus will, however, take up to 25% more damage from Belinda who is a Lightbearer.

Here you can see the faction advantage chart in AFK Arena.

Faction advantages AFK Arena

Using this knowledge to your advantage can help you beat a certain level you are stuck on, especially because many of the campaign levels consists of teams of 5 heroes from the same faction.

Team faction bonus

Besides the individual hero faction advantage explained above, AFK Arena also has a team faction bonus.

This bonus system gives your entire a percentage boost to HP and Attack based on the structure of your team.

For example, if your team has 3 Maulers heroes and 2 Lightbearer heroes, all your heroes will get a 15% ATK and 15% HP boost.

Check out all the team faction advantages on the chart below.

Team faction advantages AFK Arena

Even though this chart should be kept in mind while creating your team, going for 5 heroes from the same faction probably won’t be the best decision, at least not late-game.

Gear faction bonus

The third faction advantage in AFK Arena is related to gear.

Every time you pick up a piece of gear that is of higher rarity, there is a chance it has a faction bonus.

A gear faction bonus means that a hero of a specific faction will receive an additional 30% stats from that piece of gear.

An example is this Zealot’s Axe that is equipped by Brutus, a mauler.

As you can see, he is receiving an additional 30% stats from the weapon because he meets the criteria of the gear faction bonus.

Gear faction bonus AFK Arena

Video version of this guide

That’s everything you need to know about the faction advantages system in AFK Arena!

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