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Enhancing gear is one of the many methods to increase the power of your heroes in AFK Arena.

Whether it’s because you’re looking to improve your team or want to complete the daily quest ‘Enhance your gear once’, this guide teaches how to enhance gear.

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To enhance gear in AFK Arena, go to the Heroes tab in the bottom menu of the game, select the hero wearing the piece of equipment you wish to enhance, click the piece of equipment, click enhance, select the tokens or pieces of gear to sacrifice, and then click Confirm – more information on each method below.

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How To Enhance Gear

In AFK Arena, only gear of rare rarity or higher can be enhanced, which means that you cannot enhance any of your gear if all of it is either common or regular.

Rare gear has a blue background, while common gear has a green background, and regular gear has a grey background.

Elite gear with a purple background, Legendary gear with an orange background, and Mythic gear with a red background can all also be enhanced.

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Once you have an item with a blue, purple, orange, or red background, you can start enhancing in AFK Arena.

Before you can enhance a piece of gear, you first have to make one of your heroes wear it.

You can do this by going to the Heroes tab in the bottom menu of the game, selecting a hero, and either pressing the specific gear slot and choosing the piece of equipment you want to equip or just use the Equip Gear button.

The Equip Gear button will automatically make the selected hero wear the best gear you have for that hero that hasn’t already been given to another hero of yours.

In the picture below, you can see how to manually equip a piece of equipment.

Equip gear in AFK Arena

Now that you’ve equipped a piece of equipment, you can now enhance it, given it’s of rare or higher rarity, of course.

To enhance gear, click the piece of equipment on the hero page of the hero wearing the equipment you wish to enhance.

The hero page is where you’ve just made your hero wear equipment.

Clicking a piece of equipment here will open up a pop-up window for the item, displaying its stats.

On the pop-up window for a piece of equipment, you’ll also find an Enhance button, go ahead and press that.

You will now be taken to the enhancement page of that piece of equipment.

Here you can enhance it by spending Enhancement Tokens and other gear.

Selecting Enhancement Tokens and gear will add enhancement points to the selected item.

Right above the grid displaying your Enhancement Tokens and all your gear, you can see how many enhancement points you need to upgrade the selected item to its next enhancement level.

In the image below, you can see what enhancing an item in the game looks like.

Enhancing gear in AFK Arena

Once you’re happy with your choice of Enhancement Tokens and gear and wish to use those to enhance the selected item, click Confirm.

Do note that using the Enhancement Tokens and gear you select will be destroyed to enhance the selected item.

Therefore, make sure you don’t spend the gear you need to enhance an item.

The number of enhancement points it takes to bring a piece of equipment to its next enhancement level depends on its rarity and type.

That’s it! You have now enhanced your gear in AFK Arena and have become stronger.

Gear upgrade priority

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have plenty of resources to fully upgrade all the gear your five main heroes are wearing.

However, as you progress through the game, enhancing gear becomes more costly, forcing you to choose what items you want to enhance first and for what hero.

Here are some tips when it comes to enhancing gear in AFK Arena late-game.

Firstly, you want to prioritize enhancing gear for your carry heroes first, as these have the biggest impact on the outcome of battles.

After enhancing the gear of your carries, you can start upgrading the gear of your tanks and support heroes.

Secondly, later in the game, you only want to enhance gear that has a faction bonus on it, as these are the only items you want to use on a fully optimized team.

So even if you don’t have a hero of the faction that matches the faction bonus on your team, you should still upgrade it as you will later in the game.

Thirdly, as enhancing is costly, you shouldn’t fully upgrade one piece of equipment at a time, as this is cost-ineffective.

Instead, you should enhance your gear one level, then enhance another piece of gear one level.

You should do this until all pieces of equipment of the hero you are currently prioritizing are level 3, then move onto another hero.

Should you spend resources to enhance gear

Enhancing gear is a costly activity in AFK Arena, especially later on in the game.

However, it is necessary. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes. You should spend your resources, more specifically your gold, to enhance gear.

Enhancement tokens and gear you don’t need have no other use than to be used for enhancing other gear.

You can learn more about what else to spend your gold on in our post on The Best Way To Spend Gold in AFK Arena.

Video version of this guide

That’s how to enhance gear in AFK Arena as well as how to prioritize and spend your resources!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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