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How To Enhance Gear – AFK Arena Guide

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This guide teaches you how to enhance gear in AFK Arena. Enhancing gear is essential later on in the game to make your team more powerful. Furthermore, there is often a daily quest that requires you to enhance a piece of gear. The quest is called “Enhance your gear once”.

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How To Enhance Gear

Only equipment of rare-rarity or higher can be enhanced. This means common items or regular items cannot be enhanced. Common items have a green background, and regular items have a grey background. You need a piece of gear that has a blue, purple, orange or red background.

Rare and common gear in AFK Arena

Once you have a piece of gear that is rare or better, head into the “Heroes” tab in the bottom bar. Press a hero that can equip the piece of gear you wish to equip. You can either press “Equip Gear” in the bottom right, or simply press the slot that corresponds to the piece of gear and press “Gear”.

Equip gear in AFK Arena

After equipping the gear, go ahead and tap it once more. This will open up a pop-up window for the item itself. In the bottom of this pop-up, you will see a button that says “Enhance”. Tap that button. A window will now appear in which displays all your gear and enhancement tokens.

Enhancing gear in AFK Arena

Your other gear and enhancement tokens acts as enhancement points. You can see how many enhancement points you need to raise the enhancement grade of your item in the top bar. Once you’ve chosen enough pieces of gear or enhancement tokens, go ahead and press confirm. That’s it, you’ve now enhanced your gear.

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