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Gold is an essential resource in AFK Arena that you need for several purposes, including upgrading heroes and enhancing gear.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have plenty of gold, but later on, it becomes a scarce resource that you need to spend wisely.

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The best way to spend your gold in AFK Arena is for leveling up heroes, buying Hero Essence, Emblems, and Poe Coins, and enhancing gear – find more details on all of these below.

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What to spend gold on in AFK Arena

You can spend your gold on several things in AFK Arena, but there are a couple that is better to use the precious resource on than others.

What is the single best way to spend your gold in AFK Arena depends on your situation.

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However, it will, in almost all situations, be one of the following:

  • Leveling up heroes
  • Enhancing gear
  • Buying Hero Essence, Emblems, or Poe Coins from the Store

Earlier on in the game, we recommend you spend your gold for all three purposes as much as you want to get your progress going as fast as possible.

You will have plenty of gold leftover in the beginning, so don’t worry about overspending it.

You should also make sure to purchase all the Hero Essence that’s for sale for gold in the Store daily, as you’ll need a lot of this resource later on.

Towards the mid-game, gold becomes more scarce and thereby more valuable.

Enhancing gear becomes a gold-costly endeavor at this point, so you might want to consider waiting to upgrade some of your gear till you get mythic items you’ll use for the end-game.

At this point, you will also start to see Emblems and Poe Coins in the Store for sale for gold, both of which you should purchase.

Once you reach late and end-game, it’s the three things listed above you should focus your gold on, depending on your situation.

If you’re in need of more gold, then check out our guide on How To Get Gold in AFK Arena.

Tip for gold time-skip items

Throughout the game, you’ll get many different gold time-skip items from sources, including the Labyrinth and Quests.

These items give you a set number of heroes worth of gold instantly.

The multiplier that is used to calculate what X number of hours worth is gold for you is the amount of gold you generate per minute from AFK Rewards.

Therefore, the further into the game you’ve progressed, the more gold you’ll get from these items.

In other words, the most optimal way to use these gold time-skip items is to wait till you generate more gold per minute, as they’ll give much more gold then.

As you can’t wait forever before spending them, we recommend you keep all time-skip items in your bags until you actually need them.

You won’t need a lot of gold in the beginning of the game, so you should just hold on to them until you run out of gold and really need more of it to progress.

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That’s how you should spend your gold in AFK Arena!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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