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AFK Arena – How To Get Labyrinth Tokens

You’ve probably noticed the ‘Labyrinth Store’ tab within the Store in Ranhorn.

Chances are you have also seen that you can get your hands on some quite powerful elite heroes if you have enough Labyrinth Tokens.

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But how do you get them?

This guide teaches you how to get labyrinth tokens in AFK Arena.

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How to get Labyrinth Tokens

There is only one way to get Labyrinth Tokens in AFK Arena, and that is by winning battles in the Arcane Labyrinth.

To access the Arcane Labyrinth, simply go to the ‘Dark Forest’ tab in the bottom and click the Arcane Labyrinth.

Here you’ll be able to make your way through the labyrinth by fighting teams of enemies and collecting relics to make your team stronger.

You will receive a bunch of rewards from winning a battle, including labyrinth tokens.

The farther inside the labyrinth you get, the more labyrinth tokens you will receive per won battle.

The Arcane Labyrinth resets every 48 hours.

Arcane Labyrinth rewards AFK Arena

Tips for Arcane Labyrinth

Later on in the game, you will most likely find yourself struggling a bit in the Arcane Labyrinth, at least on the 3rd floor.

There are, however, things you can do to increase your chances of clearing everything.

Firstly, the relics you collect have a huge impact on how powerful your team is within the labyrinth.

Relics that give a percentage boost to stats are usually the best to pick unless you don’t have any relic that heals your heroes.

Choose the platforms with a red flag on them, as they drop the relics of the highest rarity.

Red flag battle in Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena

A great trick to know is the ability to leave a battle.

If you see that your team won’t be able to survive, you can press pause and then exit battle.

This will save your heroes, even if they died in battle, and allow you to try again with a different setup or strategy.

Exit battle Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena

Another tip is simply not to rush through all the battles.

You have 48 hours to clear the entire labyrinth and chances are that your heroes will grow stronger in that period of time.

If you are stuck, go do something else in the game and come back once you’ve upgraded a bit.

If you do lose a bunch of heroes in the labyrinth and decide to use a Dura’s tear, you should exhaust all your high-level heroes before using it.

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That’s how to get Labyrinth Tokens in AFK Arena!

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