Aristocrat Leisure Reports $630 Million in Bookings From RAID: Shadow Legends & Its Other RPGs in 2022

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RAID: Shadow Legends has remained one of the most-played and top-grossing mobile RPGs since they started marketing their game heavily through influencers and social media ad campaigns back in 2019.

If you’re a frequent viewer of gaming content or even general YouTube content like vlogs, chances are that you’ve seen an ad or two for RAID: Shadow Legends.

Those who have played the game know that one can easily spend a lot of money on the game if they wish to keep progressing at a fast pace and want to attempt to take on the hardest content and strongest players.

So, how much money does RAID: Shadow Legends generate with both its large player base and heavy monetization? Quite a bit.

In their annual financial report for the fiscal year 2022, Aristocrat Leisure Limited, the company that owns the developer and publisher Plarium and thus RAID: Shadow Legends, reported $630.3 million in bookings from its RPG and strategy games, which includes RAID: Shadow Legends.

Bookings is a figure that encompasses the financial commitment a player makes to a game, such as subscription-based products that are provided over a period of time but also include one-time purchases.

The annual report does not give exact figures for each game but rather their RPG and strategy segment combined, which includes these games:

  • RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Vikings: War of Clans
  • Mech Arena: Robot Showdown

Aristocrat Leisure may include additional titles in this segment, but as they only mention these games in the segment in the report, we can assume that they make up the vast majority of the bookings generated.

We can estimate the bookings generated from RAID: Shadow Legends based on the numbers reported by Aristocrat Leisure by using data from SensorTower.

By combining the estimated revenues for the three games, we can assume that RAID: Shadow Legends makes up around 77% of Aristocrat Leisure’s bookings from RPG and strategy games. This is calculated based on $10M (RAID), $2M (Mech Arena), and $1M (Vikings) monthly estimated revenues.

From these calculations, we can estimate that RAID: Shadow Legends generated $485.3 million in bookings for Aristocrat Leisure in 2022.

The $630.3 million in bookings from RPG and strategy games in 2022 is down slightly from 2021, where the figure was $632.6 million, a decrease of about 0.36%. As Aristocrat Leisure reports:

This was mainly due to a decline in revenues from RAID: Shadow Legends as this world-class title moves into profit mode

Aristocrat Leisure Limited

This statement suggests that the company plans to slow down on user acquisition and let sales from the existing player base of RAID: Shadow Legends roll into profit rather than marketing for new players.

The total bookings for Aristocrat Leisure Limited’s Pixel United, the video game branch of the group, was $1.826 billion in 2022. The largest contributing segment of games was social casino games, with $953 million in bookings, followed by RPG and strategy games and casual games, with $630.3 million and $242.8 million in bookings.

Combined revenue from all Aristocrat Leisure Limited’s branches totaled 5.6 billion Australian Dollars in 2022 (3.88 billion US Dollars), with Pixel United accounting for 46.5%.

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