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Getting a new powerful piece of gear in Azur Lane can make a significant difference in the damage output of a ship.

Gear can be categorized into two overall groups, weapons, and auxiliary.

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Each ship has its set of equipment slots, meaning a specific ship can only equip a specific set of weapon types.

You can see which type of gear a ship can wear under the gear section of a ship’s details page.

All ships can equip pieces of auxiliary gear besides their weapons.

To further improve gear, you can enhance it by spending parts and coins.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to craft, get, destroy, and enhance gear, as well as which types of gear, exist in the game.

Here is a short rundown of how to get, craft, enhance, and destroy gear in Azur Lane.

You can get new gear in the game by opening tech packs, which you can acquire by playing the game, completing missions, etc.

By collecting blueprints for a specific type of weapon, you can craft a piece of gear directly.

Depending on the rarity of the weapon, you need between 5 and 50 pieces of blueprint to craft the piece of gear.

Gear can be enhanced under the details page of the ship wearing the specific piece of gear by spending parts and coins.

You can destroy gear in Azur Lane by selecting the piece of gear you want to get rid of inside the Depot and pressing Disassemble.

More details on all of these methods below.

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How to get gear

The main way to get new gear in Azur Lane is by opening tech packs, also known as tech boxes.

Tech packs contain a random piece of gear.

There are five different tiers of tech boxes, all of which have a set probability of giving gear of a certain rarity.

Here is an overview of what rarity gear you can get from each tech pack:

  • Tier 1 gear packs contain common gear
  • Tier 2 gear packs have a low chance to contain rare gear and a high chance to contain common gear
  • Tier 3 gear packs have a low chance to contain elite gear and a high chance to contain rare gear
  • Tier 4 gear packs have a low chance to contain super rare gear and a high chance to contain elite gear
  • Tier 5 gear packs contain super rare gear

There is also a special tech pack called the Submarine Tech Pack, which contains submarine gear.

Submarine tech packs have a low chance to contain rare gear and a high chance of containing common gear.

Besides rarity, the gear also has a tier shown by its number of stars.

So, for example, you could have a purple Twin 203mm Main Gun with four stars, which would mean it is an elite tier 4 weapon.

You can upgrade the tier of a tech pack by combining 5 copies of the same pack.

Combining 5 tier 2 tech packs will give you a single tier 3 tech pack, for example.

To raise the tier of a tech pack, select it in your Depot and press Craft.

The Craft button will only appear if you have enough copies of the selected tech pack to upgrade it.

There are several ways to get tech boxes in Azur Lane, most of which simply require you to play the game.

Completing stages, doing commissions, and completing quests all have a chance to give tech packs as a reward.

You can also purchase tech packs from the daily Munition shop in the Academy.

Azur Lane gear from tech pack

How to craft gear

Another way to get gear in Azur Lane is by crafting it, also known as designing earlier on and in other versions of the game.

You won’t get new gear nearly as fast through this method, but you can certainly get some powerful items once you collect enough blueprints.

To craft gear through this method, you need to collect blueprints.

You get blueprints from gameplay, including completing stages and certain missions.

To see what the blueprints you currently have, for which weapons, and in what quantity, go to your Depot and select the Craft tab in the bottom menu.

All the weapons you find in this category are weapons you have at least one piece of blueprint for.

Right next to the weapon’s name, you can see how many blueprints you have for it and how many you need to craft the piece of gear.

Crafting isn’t the fastest way to get new gear in Azur Lane.

We didn’t have enough blueprints of the same gear to craft it before playing the game for more than two weeks.

So, if you’re looking to get your hands on some new gear now, go with the first method for now.

Tech packs will give you far more gear faster.

You can, however, get some really powerful weapons through crafting, so don’t ignore a quest or commission if it gives blueprints, especially if it is of elite or better rarity.

Azur Lane crafting gear

How to enhance gear

You can further increase the stat boosts and buffs a piece of gear gives a ship by enhancing it.

Enhancing gear costs parts and coins.

The parts used for enhancing has to correspond with the type of gear you want to enhance.

The more times a piece of gear has been enhanced, the more parts and coins it’ll cost to enhance it once more.

Like many other resources in the game, you get parts by completing stages, doing missions, completing quests, etc.

Enhancing your gear is a great way to improve the power of your fleet quickly, as it increases not only the damage output but also the rate at which ships reload their weapon.

To enhance gear in Azur Lane, open the details page of the ship wearing the piece of gear you wish to enhance and select the Gear tap.

Tap the piece of gear you want to enhance and press Enhance in the bottom menu.

Here you can see which materials, including the type of part you need to enhance that gear as well as the quantity and coins cost.

If you have the required materials, press Enhance to enhance the piece of gear.

We recommend you not focus entirely on a single piece of gear when enhancing, as the cost increases rapidly.

Instead, it’s much more cost-efficient to spread out your enhancements on all your fleets’ gear.

By doing this, you’ll get a lot more damage at the same cost of materials than had you spent everything on just one piece of gear.

How to destroy gear

You get a lot of gear from tech packs over time, so chances are you’ll find yourself with no more capacity in your gear depot.

Luckily, you can get rid of unwanted gear in Azur Lane by destroying it.

Besides clearing up space in your depot, destroying gear gives you coins and gun parts if the part is of high enough quality.

The number of coins and parts you get from destroying a piece of gear depends on its rarity, tier, and enhancements made to it, if any.

To destroy gear in Azur Lane, open up your Depot and go to the Gear tab.

In the bottom menu, you’ll find a button that says Disassemble.

This button will bring out all your unequipped gear, sorted by rarity from lowest to highest.

You can select up to 40 pieces of gear at a time that you want to destroy.

When you have selected the ones you want to get rid of, press the Disassemble button in the bottom right corner.

Alternatively, if there is just a single piece of gear you want to destroy, you can select in your Depot and press Disassemble to destroy it directly.

Gear and weapon types

There are many different types of weapons in Azur Lane.

Each ship has its own set of equipment slots, which means a specific ship can only equip specific types of weapons.

For example, Enterprise can only equip one Fighter weapon, one Diver Bomber weapon, and one Torpedo Bomber weapon.

You can see what weapon types a ship can equip under its details page.

All ships, including Enterprise, can also wear two pieces of Auxiliary gear.

Here is an overview of all weapon types in Azur Lane:

  • Anti-Air guns
  • Battleship guns
  • Destroyer guns
  • Dive Bomber planes
  • Fighter planes
  • Heavy Cruiser guns
  • Large cruiser guns
  • Light cruiser guns
  • Seaplanes
  • Submarine torpedoes
  • Torpedo bomber planes

Besides all these weapon types, gear can also be Auxiliary equipment, Anti-Submarine Equipment, or Ship Torpedoes.

Though ships have to use their pre-determined set of gear slots, there is a difference between weapons in the same category.

You should, therefore, try out different weapons within the same category as some works better for specific ships.

To get a general idea of which weapons to go for here is a useful gear tier list-type graphic created by Baburubaburu, a popular Azur Lane livestreamer.

Azur Lane gear tier list by baburubaburu

That’s everything you need to know about how to get, craft, enhance, and destroy gear in Azur Lane.

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, feel free to share them with our readers in the comment section below.

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