Best Heroes – AFK Arena

Best Heroes – AFK Arena

There are tons of heroes in AFK Arena, most of them are useful at least when progressing through the campaign. However, there are some heroes that just beat the rest of them at the role they fill. In this guide, we cover the best heroes in the game, that are sure to help your team along its quest to victory.

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Best heroes in the game


Brutus hero image AFK Arena

Arguably the single best hero in the game, Brutus. Brutus is a strength-based warrior with high defenses allowing him to easily fill a front position on your team. Besides that, he also brings a ton of damage with great abilities such as Whirlwind and Roar which increases the damage output to enemies by 25%. However, what Brutus is best known for is his Last Grasp ability, which leaves him invulnerable for 4-8 seconds once he reaches fatal health. On top of that, he has an ability that increases his attack rating based on how much health he is missing, which pairs exceptionally well with Last Grasp. Brutus is great as both a tank or damage-dealer.


Shemira hero image AFK Arena

Shemira is another extremely powerful hero to have on your team. She brings extremely great damage and has high defenses. Like Brutus, Shemira can fill both the tank and damage-dealer role but is not as tanky as Brutus is. Shemira is intelligence-based and posses many powerful spells making her one of the absolute best heroes late game. Besides being able to dish out a ton of damage, Shemira is also able to heal herself.


Nemora hero image AFK Arena

Nemora is an essential addition to many teams late game. She is by far the best support in the game with amazing healing spells. She is also intelligence-based and is best suited to be in one of the three backline positions. Nemora is built for being support, so she doesn’t have much damage or defense compared to other heroes. However, her healing alone is enough to make her a priority over most other heroes in the game. Especially if your team contains squishy damage-dealers that are easily taken out by full map super-attacks.


Ferael hero image AFK Arena

Ferael is one of the best crowd-control heroes in the game. He is one of a couple of agility-based archer heroes in the game. Ferael is squishy with decent damage and a lot of crowd control spells. Ferael posses both stun and attack interruption through summoning spirits. The only position that makes sense for Ferael is on the backline. Being able to interfere with the enemies attacks helps your team’s chance of winning a lot, which is why Ferael is a great choice.


Ezizh hero image AFK Arena

Ezizh is one of the latest heroes that has been added to the game. He is a strength-based hero with some of the highest defenses and health in the game. Besides being tanky himself, Ezizh posses a lot of support and crowd-control spells. His spell Feeble Mind taunts enemies, forcing them to walk towards him while being unable to use any attacks. In terms of support, Ezizh also possesses the ability to boost allies attack, energy regeneration. His attack Horrify disables the enemies’ ultimate attack for 3 seconds, and for another 2 seconds, each time an ally uses an ultimate attack. All in all, Ezizh is a great combination between a tank and a support, that easily is able to fill one of the frontline positions.

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