6 Best Nintendo Switch Games Like Diablo

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Diablo is one of the most iconic games in history, and there is a reason for that.

The game offers memorable classes and skills, endless gameplay, and a flawlessly immersive world.

Diablo-type games are a perfect choice for those who want to experience hack n slash using powerful abilities while exploring magical environments.

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If you’re an avid fan of the Diablo series, chances are that you’ll want to play it on the Nintendo Switch as well.

In this list, we give you the six best Diablo-like games to play on Nintendo Switch.

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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Mojang

If you love Minecraft, and you love everything about an ARPG with long dungeon crawls, a wealth of items to collect, and various extraordinary dangers, Minecraft Dungeons is going to be an absolute blast.

It is truly the best of those two worlds.

Once you’ve established your character, you will be tasked with saving the people of your village from the relentless machinations of the fiendish Arch-Illager.

While perhaps a little more lighthearted than some of the other titles mentioned in this list, you should still expect a game that will be challenging on several different levels.

One of the best features associated with this game is that you don’t have to go at it alone!

Minecraft Dungeons can be played solo, but you can also gather up your friends to take on these dungeons, vanquish your foes, and collect the treasures awaiting you.

You can personalize your character to the very finest detail.

In addition to the treasure waiting for you to discover, there are also a variety of exciting power-ups.

While the game may remind you naturally of Minecraft, the actual gameplay is designed to be more evocative of the classic dungeon-crawling video games which it aspires to emulate.

In other words, if you’re coming to this game specifically because of Minecraft, you will want to keep this in mind.

Diablo fans, on the other hand, will be pleased immediately.

Torchlight III

Torchlight III Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Perfect World

While perhaps a little brighter and more cartoonish than some Diablo fans might prefer, there is so much about this latest entry in the Torchlight series that will connect you to Diablo in a very appealing way.

One thing is for certain: Between the combat mechanics and resource management demands, you’re going to be very busy indeed with this title.

A century has passed since the events of the previous entry in the series.

As the Ember Empire continues to fall into ruin, you are tasked with defending the kingdom of Novastraia.

To that particular end, you’re going to find this amazingly deep game to have a lot to offer you.

Travel the world, build an empire, collect special items, and rise to the top in elaborate combat scenarios.

Choosing one of four unique classes, the game starts you off with pretty humble beginnings.

Remember that the point of this title is to build yourself up into a force that can gather untold riches, repel the conquering hoards, and set your name in history for all time.

This has just about everything you would expect from an ARPG, with dungeon crawling, resource management, and the ability to control virtually every aspect of this game.

Beautiful graphics and sound will take you across a straightforward combat system.

This also includes a vast array of menus to itemize and manage your resources.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: THQ Nordic

Titan Quest is another heavy-hitter for those who love Diablo and all games similar to Diablo.

Putting you in control of an epic story with tons of customization options, quests, and treasures, Titan Quest also sports a decidedly unique look among the games mentioned here.

Braveheart author Randall Wallace teamed up with Ages of Empires co-developer Brian Sullivan to tell the story of a hero who must appease the gods by battling evil across Greece, Australia, and Asia.

As you might imagine from that synopsis alone, we are talking about an absolutely massive action-adventure RPG.

Unlock mysteries, venture to unique locations, and take advantage of one of the deepest single-player campaign modes to be found anywhere.

The breathtaking visuals and creature designs will show you everything this universe has to offer.

You can even opt to team up with your friends in a ferocious co-op multiplayer mode!

You’re also going to appreciate the utterly massive range of customization options that this game will give you to work with.

You are truly going to be left with a character entirely of your own design.

The customization potential of the controls for this game is also well worth keeping in mind.

You can tailor every single aspect of this ARPG to your exact specifications.

Victor Vran

Victor Vran Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: HaemimontGames

While some may say Victor Vran doesn’t have quite the same polish as something like Diablo III, many leading critics and ARPG fanatics will tell you in no uncertain terms that this is one of the best Diablo-like games for Switch to be found anywhere.

From beautiful gothic surroundings to a truly challenging degree of gameplay, this is a very appealing Diablo III alternative for Switch indeed.

The city of Zagoravia is under assault by brutal, otherworldly forces.

From this straightforward backdrop, you are thrust into a relentless action RPG adventure that combines the best hack-and-slash/treasure-hunting action with some unique diversions, as well as a very deep main quest.

Loot and experience are the two things that truly define this game.

Simply put, the game puts a relentless assault of uniquely designed monsters in front of your path.

Your task is to fight, survive, build your experiences and resources, and continue on.

Victor Vran puts a very strong emphasis on fighting to gain not just experience but also treasure, money, new weaponry, and much more.

Special attacks are unquestionably one of the big features associated with this game.

You will want to make it a point to learn and utilize them all.

The combat system for Victor Vran will prove to be pretty straightforward for those who have played action RPGs in the past.

For newcomers to this particular genre, or if you’re just finally seeing why Nintendo’s Switch is one of the best places anywhere to find these types of games, you’ll find it easy enough to pick up the game.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Larian Studios

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has become a serious contender for one of the best action RPGs of the past five years.

Whether you go at it alone or opt to bring along a friend or two, understand that you’re jumping into an immersive storyline.

Combined brilliantly with gorgeous visuals and sound, as well as one of the deepest combat systems to be found anywhere.

Taking on the role of Sorcerer, you will immediately be put in the position of having to make some serious choices.

This game gives you a great deal in the way of decisions to make, with profound consequences attached to anything you may choose.

The battle for Divinity has unquestionably begun, and you are going to be responsible for shaping its ultimate destiny.

The exploration aspect of this game might be the most engaging aspect of all.

If you are the kind of player who likes to be left to alone to see what your new universe has to offer, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is going to keep you busy for a long, long time indeed.

You’re going to love that the game offers an expansive cast and tons of flexibility.

Controls for the game are very solid, with a good deal of customization.

Newcomers and experienced ARPG players alike should be able to get into the swing of things quickly.

Diablo III

Diablo III Nintendo Switch Gameplay
Source: Blizzard Entertainment

And lastly, we close this look at the best Switch action RPG games with the game that defines this list in the first place.

As good as all of the above games are, for some people, nothing compares to the Diablo franchise.

In a universe of demons and angels, you are going to find yourself in an utterly massive universe of dungeons, creatures, loot, stories, and more.

The Eternal Collection edition is another Switch ARPG guaranteed to keep you extremely busy.

Featuring an array of expansion packs and bonus features, this edition of Diablo 3 is massive.

While the game is seemingly endless in its customizations, characters, locales, and other points of interest, getting your bearings and getting started isn’t very difficult.

The gameplay for Diablo III is supremely designed behind the philosophy that a good title in this genre should be very easy to pick up and play but also almost impossible to ever completely master.

This is the best place to begin your experiences with action RPGs!

Those are our picks for the best Diablo-like Nintendo Switch Games!

Know of another great Nintendo Switch title that is like Diablo? Let us know in the comment section below.

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