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Cheats can be frowned upon by the Crusader Kings 3 community, but sometimes you might just want to test something out before actually playing the game properly.

Maybe you already have 1k hours and just want to try some interesting scenario out without having to play a full 50-hour playthrough.

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Whatever your reasons, there is nothing wrong with using cheats every now and then. Once you have enabled cheats in CK3 and have opened up the command console, you are ready to put in some codes.

Here is a complete list of cheats and console commands that you can use in a debugged Crusader Kings 3.

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Simple Cheats Usable from the Command Console in CK3

When you open the console in CK3, you can see a Debug Menu below the space where you can write codes.

Crusader Kings 3 - Simple Cheats and Console Commands List

In this location, you have a few cheats that you can use by just pressing a button. The most useful ones of the bunch are:

  • Enable/Disable Yesmen
  • Kill Currently Played Character
  • Gain or Lose 1k Prestige
  • Gain or Lose 1k Piety
  • Gain or Lose 5k Gold

You can also press “Ctrl + Right-click” on a character’s portrait to take over as that character and “Alt + Right-click” to kill that person.

All Console Command Cheats List for CK3

You have the ability to change almost anything in CK3 using console commands in the debug menu.

Almost every cheat will have the command cheat first and then possible attributes written in square brackets (“[]”). You don’t have to write the square brackets when entering the attributes.

For example, the “age [amount] [character id]” command would be written like this: “age 7 18681”.

For most cheats, if you don’t give a character ID, you will use that command on your player character. Also, where an amount attribute is available, you will usually have the opportunity to also use negative values.

Here is a full list of all the console command cheats you can use in CK3:

Console Command CheatDescription
age [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of age to [character id].
add_claim [title id] [character id]Adds a pressed claim on [ title id ] for [character id].
add_doctrine [doctrine id] [faith id]Adds [doctrine id] to [faith id]. Pressing tab reveals all doctrine IDs.
add_dread [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of dread to [character id].
add_maa [regiment id] [character id]Adds [regiment id] of men-at-arms to [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all regiment IDs.
add_perk [perk id] [character id]Adds [perk id] to [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all perk IDs.
add_piety [amount]Adds [amount] of piety to the player character.
add_piety_no_experience [amount]Adds [amount] of piety to the player character without increasing level of Devotion.
add_prestige [amount]Adds [amount] of prestige to the player character.
add_prestige_no_experience [amount]Adds [amount] of prestige to the player character without increasing level of Fame.
add_realm_law [law id] [character id]Passes [law id] to the realm of [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all law IDs.
add_realm_law_skip_effects [law id] [character id]Adds [law id] to the realm of [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all law IDs.
add_relation [relation id] [character id]Adds [relation id] between [character id] and [character id].
add_secret [secret id] [character id]Adds [secret id] to the player character. Pressing tab reveals all secret IDs. Adding [character id 1] [character id 2] creates a secret held by the respective character(s).
add_stress [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of stress to [character id].
add_title_law [title id] [law id]Adds [succession law id] to [title id].
add_trait [ trait id ] [character id]Adds [ trait id ] to [character id].
add_lifestyle_xp_all [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of experience to all lifestyles of [character id].
add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of diplomacy lifestyle experience to [character id].
add_martial_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of martial lifestyle experience to [character id].
add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of stewardship lifestyle experience to [character id].
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of intrigue lifestyle experience to [character id].
add_learning_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of learning lifestyle experience to [character id].
bypass_requirementsIgnores the requirements for player decisions, interactions, schemes, laws, title creation and struggle endings.
change_culture [county id] [culture id]Changes the culture of [county id] to [culture id].
change_development_level [amount] [county id or barony id]Adds [amount] of development to [county id or barony id], if no county is specified then the player character’s capital. Negative values lower it.
change_fervor [amount] [faith id]Adds [amount] of fervor to [faith id].
change_diplomacy [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of diplomacy skill to [character id].
change_martial [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of martial skill to [character id].
change_stewardship [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of stewardship skill to [character id].
change_intrigue [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of intrigue skill to [character id].
change_learning [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of learning skill to [character id].
change_prowess [amount] [character id]Adds [amount] of prowess skill to [character id].
charinfoYou can view infomation such as characters’ ID in the game.
clear_character_modifiers [character id]Removes all character modifiers from [character id].
clear_title_laws [title id]Removes all title succession laws from [title id].
clear_traits [character id]Removes all traits from [character id].
discover_all_eras [character id]Discovers all innovations for the culture of [character id]’s.
discover_era [era id]Discovers [era id] and all its innovations for the player character’s culture. Pressing tab reveals all era IDs. Default current era.
discover_fascination [character id]Discovers the current fascination for the culture of [character id]’s.
discover_innovation [innovation id] [character id]Discovers [innovation id] for the culture of [character id]’s. Pressing tab reveals all innovation IDs.
dynasty_prestige [amount] [dynasty id]Adds [amount] of renown to [dynasty id]..
effect start_cat_story_cycle_effectGain a pet cat
effect start_dog_story_cycle_effectGain a pet dog
end_schemesAll schemes targeting the player character are abandoned.
event [event id] [character id]Triggers [event id].
fowToggles the fog of war.
gain_all_dynasty_perks [character id]Buys all dynasty legacies for the dynasty of [character id]’s.
gain_all_perks [character id]Gives all lifestyle perks to [character id].
give_title [title id] [character id]Gives [title id] to [character id].
gold [amount]Adds [amount] of gold to the player character.
guaranteed_scheme_successSchemes are always successful.
guaranteed_scheme_secrecy_successSchemes are always secret.
instabuildPlayer Men-at-Arms are reinforced instantly. Current constructions in the player character’s domain are finished instantly. New constructions are finished in a day. Entering it again disables it.
instant_birthPregnancies last a day. Entering it again disables it.
join_era [era id]Enters [era id] for the culture of [character id]’s. Pressing tab reveals all era IDs.
kill [character id]Kills [character id].
know_schemesDiscovers all schemes targeting the player character.
merge_culture [culture id] [culture id]Changes the culture of all counties of [culture id] to [culture id].
pregnancy [character id] [character id]Impregnates female [character id] with father [character id], if no character is specified then an unknown father.
remove_doctrine [doctrine id] [faith id]Removes [doctrine id] from [faith id], if no faith is specified then the player character’s faith. Pressing tab reveals all doctrine IDs.
remove_nick [character id]Removes the current nickname from [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all nickname IDs.
remove_relation [relation id] [character id]Removes [relation id] between [character id] and [character id], if only one character is specified then between the player character and them.
remove_trait [trait id] [character id]Removes [trait id] from [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all trait IDs.
set_culture [culture id] [character id]Changes the culture to [culture id] for [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all culture IDs.
set_dread [amount] [character id]Sets the dread to [amount] for [character id].
set_faith [faith id] [character id]Changes the faith to [faith id] for [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all faith IDs.
set_focus [focus id] [character id]Sets the focus to [focus id] for [character id].
set_nick [ nickname id ] [character id]Gives [ nickname id ] to [character id]. Pressing tab reveals all nickname IDs.
set_sexuality [sexuality id] [character id]Changes the sexual orientation to [sexuality id] for [character id].
set_stress [amount] [character id]Sets the stress to [amount] for [character id].
set_diplomacy [amount] [character id]Sets the diplomacy skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_martial [amount] [character id]Sets the martial skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_stewardship [amount] [character id]Sets the stewardship skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_intrigue [amount] [character id]Sets the intrigue skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_learning [amount] [character id]Sets the learning skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_prowess [amount] [character id]Sets the prowess skill to [amount] for [character id].
set_date []Sets the date to [], if no month or day is specified, sets to the 1 of January.
yesmenAI characters accept all proposals. Entering it again disables it.
yesmen_instantAI characters accept all proposals instantly. Entering it again disables it.
progress_struggle_phase [struggle id] [phase id] [amount]Adds [amount] of catalyst points towards the next phase of [struggle id]. Pressing tab reveals all struggle IDs.

All Trait IDs List for CK3

Most traits in CK3 have a very simple ID that you can figure out without having to look it up. Usually, a trait’s ID would be its name written in lowercase, with no spaces in between.

For example, the ID for the “drunkard” trait is simply “drunkard”. Another example would be for the “Born in the Purple” Byzantine trait, which has the “born_in_the_purple” ID.

So, if a trait has more words, just add “_” instead of spaces. If you can’t use a trait using the method we described above, that means that the trait ID might be unique.

We have listed all the traits in CK3 that have unique IDs below:

Adequate Bargainereducation_diplomacy_2
Administrative Courtieradministrative_court_1
Amateurish Plottereducation_intrigue_1
Amazonian / Herculeanphysique_good_3
Aspiring Blademasterblademaster_1
Astute Intellectualeducation_learning_3
Brilliant Strategisteducation_martial_4
Brutally Mauledwounded_3
Bumbling Squireeducation_martial_prowess_1
Charismatic Negotiatoreducation_diplomacy_3
Child of Concubinechild_of_concubine_female
Child of Consortchild_of_concubine_male
Confident Knighteducation_martial_prowess_2
Conscientious Scribeeducation_learning_1
Diplomatic Courtierdiplomatic_court_1
Dynastic Kinslayerkinslayer_1
Eager Revelerreveler_1
Elusive Shadoweducation_intrigue_4
Familial Kinslayerkinslayer_2
Famous Championeducation_martial_prowess_4
Famous Revelerreveler_2
Flamboyant Trickstereducation_intrigue_2
Formidable Bannereteducation_martial_prowess_3
Fortune Buildereducation_stewardship_3
Gout Riddengout_ridden
Great Poxgreat_pox
Grey Eminenceeducation_diplomacy_4
Hajji / Hajjah / Pilgrimpilgrim
Handsome / Prettybeauty_good_2
Holy Monarchcrusader_king
Indulgent Wastreleducation_stewardship_1
Insightful Thinkereducation_learning_2
Intricate Webweavereducation_intrigue_3
Intrigue Courtierintrigue_court_1
Legendary Blademasterblademaster_3
Legendary Revelerreveler_3
Lover’s Poxlovers_pox
Lunaticlunatic_1 / lunatic_genetic
Master Hunterhunter_3
Mastermind Philosophereducation_learning_4
Mayor Traineeeducation_republican_knowledge_2
Melancholicdepressed_1 / depressed_genetic
Midas Touchededucation_stewardship_4
Miracle Workermystic_3
Misguided Warrioreducation_martial_1
Monk / Nundevoted
Naive Appeasereducation_diplomacy_1
Novice Hunterhunter_1
Novice Physicianphysician_1
Patriarch / Matriarchfamily_first
Possessedpossessed_1 / possessed_genetic
Raider / Vikingviking
Renowned Physicianphysician_3
Republican Heireducation_republican_knowledge_4
Scholarly Courtierscholarly_court_1
Severely Injuredwounded_2
Skilled Tacticianeducation_martial_3
Sterile / Barreninfertile
The Saviorsavior
Thrifty Clerkeducation_stewardship_2
Tough Soldiereducation_martial_2
Town Dwellereducation_republican_knowledge_1
Town Maveneducation_republican_knowledge_3
Valued Administrative Courtieradministrative_court_2
Valued Diplomatic Courtierdiplomatic_court_2
Valued Intrigue Courtierintrigue_court_2
Valued Scholarly Courtierscholarly_court_2
Valued Warlike Courtierwarlike_court_2
Warlike Courtierwarlike_court_1
Warrior of the Faith / Crusader / Mujahidfaith_warrior
Wise Man / Wise Womanmystic_1

Testing Console Commands for Developers or Mod Testers in CK3

clearClears console history.
dump_bookmark_portraitsCreates bookmark portraits of all current bookmark characters, stored in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\common\bookmark_portraits. Any changes applied through the barbershop will be kept.
effect [effect script]Executes a scripted effect.To run the effect on a character other than the player, use effect character: = { = }
faction_spawn [faction type]Spawns [faction type] if there are valid counties or courtiers to create it.
generate_cadet_coaGenerates a new coat of arms for the player character’s house.
guaranteed_scheme_failureSchemes are never successful.
guaranteed_scheme_secrecy_failureSchemes are never secret.
help [command]Prints the description of [command], if empty lists all console commands.
instamoveArmies move one barony per day. Affects AI as well as the player.
map_editorOpens the map editor.
nomenAI characters refuse all proposals. Entering it again disables it.
observeEnters observer mode.
play [character id]Switches character to [character id].
portrait_editorOpens the portrait editor.
reload [filename][target]Reloads mod and game files into memory. Press tab to see all the (many) possible targets that can be reloaded.
runExecutes the commands in [file name]. The txt file must be placed in Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/run.
set_is_ai [character id]Allows the AI to control [character id].
set_is_player [character id]Disallows the AI to control [character id].
script_docsPrints all effects, event scopes, modifiers, on actions, triggers, etc. to Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\logs.
tick_development [amount]Adds [amount] of development to all counties.

That’s everything you need to know about all the cheats and console commands in Crusader Kings 3!

Have any input or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

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