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Is there any greater feat than uniting the lands of the fallen Roman empire in Crusader Kings 3?

Well, some would say yes, but most would agree that this is an incredibly hard and fun challenge.

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However, what is the point if you don’t make this Roman empire actually speak Latin and use Roman culture?

So, to make your Roman empire more believable, here is how you can get the Roman culture in Crusader Kings 3.

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How to Get Roman Culture in Crusader Kings 3

If you’ve ever managed to unite the lands of the Roman empire in CK3, then you would know that there is no event to actually change your culture to Roman.

The culture itself exists in the game, as you can find dead rulers from the past that were Roman, and you can also see in the culture menus that Italian, for example, diverged from the Roman culture.

Since there is no one in the world that is part of Roman culture, at any start date, you will also have no possibility of changing your culture to Roman.

So, the only way you can ever get Roman culture in CK3 is to create a character that is part of it.

When starting a new game, just select to create your own and choose them to have Roman culture. You can also make them follow the Hellenistic faith and make them go full, old-school Roman.

Another thing you can do for some roleplay fun is to diverge from your culture or form a hybrid culture named Neo-Roman, or something similar.

Though you won’t speak Latin, this is a decent choice for someone that has already spent some time creating the Roman empire, and that doesn’t want to start over.

Roman Culture Cultural Traditions in Crusader Kings 3

The Roman culture has some interesting cultural traditions in CK3:

  • Formation Fighting Experts
  • Legalistic
  • Eastern Roman Legacy
  • Refined Poetry
  • Hereditary Hierarchy

In many ways, Roman culture is extremely similar to Greek culture. However, Roman culture also has the Bellicose Ethos, which changes how you would play with them, as opposed to the Greeks. They also speak Latin.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Roman culture in Crusader Kings 3!

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