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In Crusader Kings 3, players have the pleasure of painting the map of Europe, Northern Africa, and most of Asia in whatever way they like.

By going to war and destroying everyone that stands in your way, you get to live your power fantasy to the maximum until your kingdom explodes due to succession.

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Ignoring all that, it is very important to defeat armies in CK3 if you actually want to conquer territories. However, your troops will need supplies to fight at their full strength.

So, if you find yourself in enemy lands and don’t know what to do, here is how to resupply your army in Crusader Kings 3 and save it from a great defeat.

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How Army Supply Works in Crusader Kings 3

Every time you raise an army in CK3, it starts with 100 supply. Even if your upper limit is 150 or 200 due to an incredible commander, the army will always start with 100 supply.

Once you go into enemy lands, the army will slowly lose supply each month. This can also happen in your own territories if you place the army in a province with a supply limit lower than the needs of your army.

You can see the supply limit of a province if you select your army and then hover over a territory. Players should see a “Supply Limit” stat with two numbers next to it. For example, “Supply Limit: 7000/9000.”

The first number represents the supply your army needs, and the second number represents the supply limit. If you let your army rest in a province with a supply limit that is lower than the supply of your army, you will lose army supply each month.

How to Resupply Army in Crusader Kings 3

Since you lose supply in hostile provinces and friendly territories with low supply limits, you will need to often resupply your army in CK3.

Armies gain supplies each month they spend time in a friendly territory with a positive supply limit.

So, to resupply your army in CK3, all you need to do is send your troops to a friendly territory and let them catch the end of the month there.

They don’t need to spend the whole month there, just the last day between the end of the month and the start of the new one.

If you are on the front lines and there are no friendly territories in sight, conquered territories are also considered friendly territories.

Just wait for a bit on a conquered county and get some of your supply back before advancing again.

That’s everything you need to know about how to resupply your army in Crusader Kings 3!

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