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One of the three main resources in Crusader Kings 3, Piety might seem unimportant to newly initiated players, but to the veterans, it is sometimes more important than money.

You can use Piety for a variety of actions, and you will need to get it to a certain level if you want to achieve amazing feats in CK3.

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Piety is more than just a resource. It represents your standing in your religious circle and will determine what kind of power you have in it.

Since Piety is so important in CK3, here is how you can get it and finally use those overpowered Casus Bellis.

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How Piety Works in CK3

The Piety resource shows the level of virtue your character has in relation to their religious peers. A simpler way to describe it is that it shows how much people from your religion like your actions.

Based on many factors, you will either get or lose Piety monthly. Players can easily see what things are affecting their monthly Piety gain.

Crusader Kings 3 How to Get Piety

Bring your mouse over the representing sign in the top right corner, hold for a few seconds, and then move the mouse over the green number. You can see exactly what we mean in the image above.

Depending on how much Piety you manage to get, you will also have a different color for the Piety sign of your religion. That represents your Level of Devotion.

The higher your Level of Devotion, the more advantages you can get. To see exactly what we mean, you can check the list below for all Levels of Devotion and their specific advantages.

Every Piety Level of Devotion and their Advantages

Level of devotionRequired PietyClergy opinionSame faith opinionMax Holy War objective rankTheocracy vassal taxTheocracy vassal leviesCan Create Holy OrdersCan Consecrate Bloodline
Devoted Servant2500105Duchy0.350.3YesNo
Paragon of Virtue45002010Kingdom0.450.4YesNo
Religious Icon85003015Kingdom0.550.5YesYes

How to Get Piety in CK3

There are a couple of things you can do to get more Piety in CK3:

  • Go on Pilgrimage
  • Theology Focus
  • Religious Relations


These are the simplest and best ways to get Piety as a follower of any of the religions in CK3. Going on Pilgrimages is a very simple decision that you need to take every time you want quick Piety.

To access it, just go to Decisions, and you will see the “Go on a Pilgrimage” button. By using this decision, you will have to spend a bit of money that depends on your wealth and the amount of time you spent on the playthrough.

After going on a Pilgrimage, you can only do it again in 15 years. So, make sure you always use it when it is available and you will easily get a decent amount of Piety every time.


Picking the Theology Focus is an amazing source of Piety. However, you will lose out on any other bonuses you might get from a different focus.

By picking the Learning Lifestyle and then choosing the Theology Focus, players can get a huge +1 Piety per month. This is just the start, however.

You can then go down the Theologian tree and get even more bonuses that will increase your monthly Piety. By the end, the Theologian perk will give you +20% Piety each month.

Religious Relations

Your Council is extremely important in CK3, and it is even more so when you need to get Piety. By using your Learning Councillor, you can choose the Religious Relations task.

This task will increase your monthly gain of Piety based on the Councillor’s skill and will also increase base relations with other rulers of your faith.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Piety in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord!

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