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Back in the days of CK2, players only had to worry about three resources: money, Prestige, and Piety.

Now, in Crusader Kings 3, Paradox Interactive has decided to add a new resource to help us turn a dynasty into a powerhouse, Renown.

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Renown exists to give all your family members some special bonuses that the head of the dynasty gets to choose.

Here is how you can get more Renown fast in Crusader Kings 3 and get all those dynasty legacies.

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How to Get Renown Passively in CK3

There are three things that will passively bring you Renown in CK3:

  • Living Dynasty Members
  • Titles
  • Marriages

Living Dynasty Members

The normal source of Renown for most CK3 players will be living dynasty members. For each living dynasty member, your dynasty will receive +0.2 Renown.

Unfortunately, this bonus is capped at +2 Renown. This means that the maximum number of living members that can help you increase Renown is 100.

Once you have more than 100 living dynasty members, you won’t get any more bonuses.

Luckily, this is just the start when it comes to Renows.


Your greatest source of passive Renown in CK3 is titles. For each ruler that is part of your dynasty, you will get the following bonuses for their titles:

  • Baron +0.12 Renown
  • Count +0.25 Renown
  • Duke +0.5 Renown
  • King +1 Renown
  • Emperor +2 Renown

However, these rulers will need to meet some special requirements. If one of your dynasty members is a ruler and their liege is also part of their dynasty, you won’t receive any Renown bonuses from them.

For example, if you have two independent kings, one is your player character, and one is your brother, then you will receive +2 Renown per month just from the two of them.

However, if you also have a brother that is your vassal, their highest rank doesn’t matter, you won’t receive any Renown from that family member.

On the other hand, if you had a brother serving as the vassal duke of a different king, with a different dynasty at the head of the realm, then you would get the +0.5 Renown bonus from them.

This type of mechanic promotes the idea that you need to also place family members on thrones of other kingdoms, rather than just as vassals.


A really good source of Renown in CK3 is also marriage. By marrying a dynasty member with the head of a different dynasty, you will get 80% of their title’s Renown gain.

This means that if you marry your daughter to the king of a great kingdom, that is the head of their own dynasty, then you will get +0.8 Renown per month just from that.

This makes marriage an extremely good way of getting renown, as emperors can easily make you a lot of Renown if you get to marry off your relatives to them.

How to Actively Get Renown Fast in CK3

Luckily, if you don’t have a lot of patience, there are also active ways to make Renown in CK3:

Cultural Traditions

If you want to reform your culture a bit to get some amazing Renown sources, then here are your choices:


The Chivalry cultural tradition allows players to gain 50 Renown every time they successfully complete a romance scheme.

To experienced CK3 players, this might sound like a breeze. With enough points in Diplomacy and a knack for figuring out the likes and dislikes of characters during the scheme, getting Renown has never been easier.

Also, depending on the circumstances, a romance scheme can sometimes take less than a year. This means that you can get hundreds of Renown in a few years just due to a nice cultural tradition.

Culinary Artists

With the Culinary Artists cultural tradition, you can get 50 Renown every time you hold a feast. If your main priority would be maxing out Renown as fast as possible, you can also get some other traditions to make the process better.

Get the Frequent Festivities tradition as well, to hold feasts faster, and get the first Law dynasty legacy which lowers feast costs by 30%.

Religious Patronage

Players can get 150 Renown with the help of this cultural tradition in CK3 by constructing temple holdings.

If you have chosen the 867 start, then there are a lot of territories that don’t have all of their holdings already built.

You will also gain 75 Renown for every upgrade you do for a temple holding. This will bring you a lot of money on top of it.

Mystical Ancestors

One of the things that suck about Renown is that you don’t get any benefits for having vassals that are part of your dynasty.

Well, with the help of the Mystical Ancestors cultural tradition, players will gain a decent amount of Renown every time they give a title to a dynasty member.

  • +50 Renown for every County
  • +75 Renown for every Duchy
  • +150 Renown for every Kingdom
  • +250 Renown for every Empire


There are some important decisions in CK3 that can get you thousands of Renown, but those take a really long time to fulfill.

One of the more reliable ways to make Renown is through the Commission Epic decision. This decision is available to rulers that got the Writing History perk in the August Diplomacy Lifestyle tree.

For this decision, you can make either 50 or 75 Renown when you use it.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Renown in Crusader Kings 3!

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