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In Deep Rock Galactic, there are 2 types of levels: player level and character level.

What are they? And how to level up fast in Deep Rock Galactic? Let’s dive deep in!

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To level up fast in Deep Rock Galactic, join missions with as many anomalies and mutators as possible, especially the Double XP anomaly. Also, killing as many bosses as possible and doing any events you find in a mission is a great idea!

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How to level up fast in Deep Rock Galactic

First, let’s talk about the player level, which is the blue icon located at the top right side of the screen. You may see that this level is slowly increasing. Why?

Each player level has 3 segments and can only be increased when your character level is increased or when you’re doing a promotion. When you fill all 3 segments, you will level up your player level.

So what’s a character level in Deep Rock Galactic?

In DRG, you can choose 1 of the 4 available characters to play, including the Gunner, Scout, Engineer, and Driller. When you complete any mission, the XP will be transferred into character levels.

So as you can see, to level up the player level fast, you have to level up your character level speedy. Below are a few methods to level up fast in DRG:

  1. Join mission late

Join mission late, or speedrun is not a great way to play Deep Rock Galactic. But it’s the best way to level up fast!

The goal here is to only focus on the main objective (but we would still recommend doing the second objective if it’s in your way) and complete the mission as soon as possible.

This way, you can get around 5,000-12,000 XP for each game. Especially if you join the game late, you only need to play for some minutes and still receive the full amount of XP!

Some dwarves said that you should ignore the gold. But hey, you can’t upgrade your gears or promote without gold. So mine them if you can.

  1. Choose missions with anomalies and mutators

Each mutator in a mission will contribute a bonus of 15-30% to the total XP you receive. While the anomalies give nothing, except for the Double XP anomaly, which basically x2 your XP in the mission.

Aiming and only focusing on Double XP is the best way to level fast in DRG so far! So scan around the world of Hoxxes for this type of mission!

On another hand, a mission with higher Cave Complexity and Length will greatly increase your XP as well. But be careful! If the cave is too long and complex, it will cost you extra time to complete one.

  1. Play at higher hazard (5 if possible)

Besides cave complexity and length, hazard (or difficulty) is also a thing to determine the XP you receive.

There are 5 hazards in Deep Rock Galactic. Each will increase the XP by 25% and up to 125% on hazard 5.

But be thoughtful! Hazard 5 (or even 4) is extremely dangerous! Failing a mission will not give you much XP.

  1. Defeat bosses and creatures

Killing enemies and bugs in Deep Rock Galactic already give you XP. But killing those that are special will give you a lot more!

The list of creatures that give more XP are:

  • Elite monsters
  • Glyphid Bulk Detonator
  • Glyphid Crassus Detonator
  • Korlok Tyrant
  • Prospector Drone
  • Nemesis
  • BET-C

Most creatures above only have a small chance to spawn once in a mission, except for the elite monsters and the detonators. So trying to wander around for the detonators to spawn is also a good idea!

  1. Participate in any events

Just like special creatures, even machines have a small chance to spawn once in any mission. Participating and completing the event will give you additional XP toward the end, so keep this in mind!

The list of events includes:

  • Ebonite Mutation
  • Kursite Infection
  • Omen Modular Exterminator
  • Tritilyte Crystal

Besides the event machines, try to look for any special resources like the error cube, which will give 2000 XP straightaway.

Frequently asked questions

What is the max level in Deep Rock Galactic?

There is no maximum level for the player level. However, each character level has a maximum of 25 levels. When you reach 25, you must promote to reset your character level to 1 and start making your way up again.

Does extra Morkite give XP?

Extra minerals can give you additional XP, but it’s not worth it. In general, each unit gives you 1-3 XP points, which is super low compared to starting a new mission.

Those are all the methods on how to level up fast in Deep Rock Galactic!

Keep mining, surviving, and rock and stone!

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