Destiny 2 – Does Resilience Matter in PvP?

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It can be tough to get all of your stats up in Destiny 2. Knowing which stats are important and which ones can be neglected is key to a good build.

Today, we will discuss the Resilience stat, how it works inside the Crucible, and if it is worth putting points towards.

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Resilience in Destiny 2 PvP is usually not an important stat unless you are a Titan. For Hunters and Warlocks, put points towards whatever stats you need for your build.

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Does Resilience Matter in PvP in Destiny 2?

When it comes to stats inside the Crucible, it can be a challenge to find a balance between them all.

Most Guardians can comfortably max out one or two stats to Tier 10. Choosing which stats to max is the hard part.

Most Hunters want a high Mobility stat to get their Dodge back fast, while Warlocks might want Discipline for grenade-focused builds.

Is it worth forgoing these stats in order to get a higher Resilience in PvP? First, let’s go over what Resilience does.

Resilience increases your maximum health, effectively giving you extra damage resistance. You will also receive less flinch with a high Resilience stat.

A tier 10 Resilience stat, or 100 points in Resilience, will give you a 30% damage reduction in PvP.

While that might sound like a lot, you’d be surprised at how little it actually comes into play with how fast the time to kill is for most weapons in Destiny 2.

For 6v6 game modes, the short answer is that as long as you have Tier 2 Resilience, the rest won’t matter. Tier 2 Resilience will make sure you don’t die to two headshots and one body shot from a 140 RPM Hand Cannon.

Aside from this, 6v6 game modes have a lot going on, and the last thing you will need to worry about is fringe cases where you would otherwise survive if you had higher Resilience.

If you are looking to min-max and get the most out of your Resilience stat, continue reading.

For 3v3 game modes such as Competitive and Trials of Osiris, the optimal Resilience stat will depend on the meta.

The point of having a higher Resilience stat is to make the time to kill for your opponent’s weapons longer so you have more time to fight.

This means you will want to cater your Resilience stat to whatever weapons are the most common in PvP at the moment.

Resilience Tiers

There are a few notable Resilience Tiers that you should keep in mind:

  • Tier 2: This is the minimum recommended Resilience stat that will make sure your opponent has to land a perfect three headshots with a 140 RPM Hand Cannon before you die. Note that this doesn’t change the time to kill for your opponent. It just forces them to be more accurate with their shots. This Tier shouldn’t be hard to achieve even without Resilience Mods.
  • Tier 4: This is the threshold for getting two-burst headshot by a 390 RPM Pulse Rifle, requiring your opponent to land one additional body shot for the kill. This is one of the more substantial time-to-kill differences that is worth it if 390 RPM Pule Rifles are in the meta.
  • Tier 6: If you are going to put any more points into Resilience, Tier 6 is the sweet spot. This will keep you from dying to two headshots from Thorn when the Devourer Perk is active. You will also be able to survive a headshot from Le Monarque in an Empowering Rift.
  • Tier 9 and 10: The most relevant change in these Tiers is to 120 RPM Hand Cannons with Kill Clip, as they won’t be able to kill you in two headshots. Aside from that, you won’t be changing much in terms of time to kill. Most of the benefits come from requiring your enemies to be more accurate with their shots, which is nice to have, but when you are facing skilled opponents, you won’t notice the difference.

So, does Resilience matter in PvP? The answer is usually no.

Unless the meta involves 120 RPM Hand Cannons, Thorn, and 390 RPM Pulse Rifles, then you will be just fine using Tier 2-4 Resilience and focusing your points on Recovery or whatever stats play into your build.

The exception here is Titan. You will want a high Resilience stat on Titan because it reduces the cooldown of your Barricade Class ability, which is arguably the strongest Class ability in PvP.

For Hunters and Warlocks, you shouldn’t have to worry about your Resilience.

Now you know! Resilience can help in some cases, but overall, it isn’t the best stat to focus on.

Do you have any stat tips for newer players entering the Crucible? Let me know in the comments!

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