Destiny 2 – What Stats to Prioritize as a Hunter

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If you want to make the most out of your new Hunter build, you will want to make sure you are prioritizing the right stats.

Today, we will help you decide what stats are worth using on a Hunter and which ones are okay to neglect.

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The best stats to prioritize in Destiny 2 on a Hunter are Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery.

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What Stats to Prioritize as a Hunter in Destiny 2

Every Class in Destiny 2 will require a different type of stat distribution to make the most out of their gameplay style.

Titans need survivability, Warlocks need ability regeneration, and Hunters need agility.

How Stats Work

To start, we will go over the stats and what they do. There are six different stats in Destiny 2:

  • Mobility: Increases jump height, movement speed, and reduces Class ability cooldown (Hunter only).
  • Resilience: Increases your maximum health, allowing you to take more damage before dying. Reduces Class ability cooldown (Titan only).
  • Recovery: Increases health regeneration speed. Reduces Class ability cooldown (Warlock only).
  • Intellect: Increases Super ability regeneration speed.
  • Discipline: Increases Grenade ability regeneration speed.
  • Strength: Increases Melee ability regeneration speed.

Each of your stats will have a number between 0 and 100, determined by the armor you have equipped. The higher the stat, the better the returns on what it provides.

It is important to note that each stat is divided into 10 tiers, with every 10 points bumping it up to a new tier.

Single-digit increases won’t affect the benefits your stats give. Only when you reach a new tier will that stat be upgraded.

This means that a Recovery stat of 59 will grant you tier 5 Recovery. A Recovery stat of 60 will grant you tier 6 Recovery, giving you even faster health regeneration.

Because of how these tiers work, it is important to make the most out of every stat point in your armor to min-max and reduce the amount of “wasted” stat points you have that are not getting you to that next tier.

While you are able to increase your stats above 100, it will not provide any additional benefits.

Another important note is that the first three stats, Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery, are all top-heavy, meaning they give exponential increases on the later tiers.

It is not worth putting too many points into them unless you plan on getting them to tier 9 or 10.

It isn’t too hard to get a single stat to tier 10. Getting multiple stats to tier 10 is where you will really need to start focusing on what armor pieces you equip.

Generally, it is best to try and get two stats to tier 10, or three if you are lucky with your armor selection. While it is possible to get 4 stats to tier 10, it is very, very tough.

Start by getting one stat maxed out and work your way from there.

Best Stats for a Hunter

The best stat for Hunter is Mobility.

Not only will this decrease our Class ability cooldown, but it will also grant us some much-needed speed to navigate encounters and find cover, as Hunters don’t have the luxury of putting down a Healing Rift or Towering Barricade when things get tough.

With 100 Mobility, your dodge will be on a 16-second cooldown, meaning it is practically up whenever you need it.

This is great for damage rotations using Marksman’s Dodge to reload or Void builds that rely on dodges for invisibility.

The second stat you will want to max out will depend on the activity. For PvP, you need fast health regeneration to dip in and out of fights quickly. This is where Recovery is best.

You will win a lot more fights if your health regenerates faster than your opponents, as you will be ready to push them while they are still recovering.

In PvE, especially end-game content, you will not last two seconds without max Resilience.

Survivability is key in PvE. The health benefits Resilience provides can mean the difference between dying to one shot from the boss or three, which is a big difference.

Finally, if you manage to get two stats maxed out to tier 10 and still have plenty of points left over, you will want to put them into whatever ability regeneration you plan on using the most, either Strength for melees or Discipline for grenades.

Intellect has been nerfed in recent updates and doesn’t provide as big of a benefit as it used to.

In PvE, it can be good in certain situations where you need multiple Super abilities during an encounter. In PvP, it really doesn’t make much of a difference anymore.

Specialized Builds

While Mobility is a great all-arounder stat for Hunter, there are some cases where you can forgo maxing it out. This is often the case when crafting specialized builds that focus on either melee abilities or grenade abilities.

For example, when using the Shinobu’s Vow Exotic Arms, you will want to max out your Discipline stat to make sure you always have a grenade ready to take advantage of your Exotic Perk.

Having a lower cooldown on your dodge ability doesn’t affect this build, so you can choose to put those points somewhere else to better round out your build.

If you have a build that relies heavily on your Super being up, like Deadfall with Orpheus Rigs or Blade Barrage with Shards of Galanor, then you could benefit more from having maximum Intellect to help get your Super ability quickly.

How to Get High Stat Armor

While crafting your build, you might quickly realize that you barely have enough points to even max a single stat, let alone two or three, even after equipping all of your stat-increasing Mods.

Having high-stat armor is mandatory if you plan on making effective builds.

Some of the best places to get high-stat armor are Raids, Master Dungeons, and Armor Focusing Engrams at the H.E.L.M.

You can get lucky and have a random world drop with decent stats, though this is rare.

Master Dungeons specifically have the chance to grant you Artifice Armor. This armor has a special Mod slot that lets you put an additional 3 points towards any stat you choose.

While this doesn’t sound like much, a full set of Artifice Armor will grant you an additional 15 points. These points are great for rounding out awkward stats that are just a few points away from the next tier.

You will also want to make sure you have an Armorer Mod equipped on your Ghost.

This will make sure that any armor you receive will have a minimum of 10 points in the chosen stat, making it much easier to get armor pieces you really need to flesh out your build.

Now you are ready to make a proper build for your Hunter.

Do you have any tips for good stat distributions on Hunter? Let me know in the comments!

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