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If you don’t like the way your Guardian looks in Destiny 2, you are in luck, as there are a lot of customization options that let you personalize your armor and weapons to your liking.

We will quickly go over the many ways you can change your Guardian’s appearance in Destiny 2 today.

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To change your appearance in Destiny 2, you can equip different pieces of armor, use Ornaments to Transmog single pieces of armor, and use Shaders to change the color of your gear.

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How to Change Appearance in Destiny 2

If you’ve wandered around in the Tower or played any matchmade activities in Destiny 2, there is a good chance you have come across some Guardians that look like they are straight out of a fashion show.

Many players take fashion very seriously in Destiny 2. To keep from sticking out like a sore thumb, you will need to know how to change your appearance.

There are three ways you can change the look of your gear in Destiny 2, equipping different gear, using Ornaments, and applying Shaders to your gear. These three methods are combined to create some truly unique fashion choices for your Guardian.

Equipping Different Gear

This first part should be a little obvious. The gear you have equipped will display on your Guardian, meaning if you swap to a different piece of gear, your Guardian will look different.

This is an easy way to get into fashion early on, as you can use the different armor pieces you find to come up with an outfit that you like. This method falls flat when you take gear stats and Power Level into account.

If you want to stay competitive in the end game of Destiny 2, you will need to find a good set of armor with exceptional stats and keep it Power Leveled by Infusing it. You can imagine how hard it might be to find armor that both looks good and has high stats. Luckily, that’s where Ornaments come in.


Ornaments allow you to take the appearance of your favorite piece of gear and apply it to another piece of gear while maintaining your stats.

Ornaments are the only reasons Guardians are able to look so good while enjoying Raids and Dungeons.

Ornaments can be unlocked by using Synthweave. More on how to get Synthwave and Ornaments in our How to Transmog Armor guide.


Shaders are the final piece that makes all of your gear look like it belongs together.

Shaders allow you to change the color of your weapons and armor pieces.

While not as in-depth as traditional MMO color changes, Shaders will give you a multitude of pre-selected color palettes to choose from that you can then apply to your gear.

You can apply different Shaders to different armor pieces, meaning your helmet could have one shader while your chest and arms have another.

This still gives players the chance to personalize their Guardians and actually attempt to be fashionable.

Now you know how to change your appearance in Destiny 2!

What are some of the more unique outfits you’ve seen while playing Destiny 2? Let me know in the comments!

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