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With so many Legendary weapons available in Destiny 2, players often have a hard time understanding which weapons are worth their time and which weapons they can skip.

Today, we have a list of the best Legendary weapons that you should look out for in Destiny 2.

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Some of the best Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 are Forbearance, Cold Comfort, Funnelweb, Rose, and Matador 64.

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What Are the Best Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2?

After you’ve decided on what Exotic weapon you will be using, you will need to figure out what Legendary weapon options you have to fill out your Loadout.

This list should give you a good idea of what weapons are worth using or farming for if you don’t have them yet. We will list some of the best weapons for PvE and PvP activities.

While some weapons are definitely better than their alternatives, many weapon categories will come down to what activity is being run, what weapons you have unlocked, as well as personal preference.

Primary Weapons

Auto Rifles

Ammit AR2 has become the Solar Auto Rifle to use, with a great selection of Perks to make this weapon shred enemies in both PvP and PvE.

This weapon can be obtained through the weapon crafting tutorial, giving everyone access to a great Auto Rifle early on.

Dynamic Sway Reduction and Incandescent are the go-to PvE rolls for great add clear. You will want to swap to Tap the Trigger for PvP to get a more consistent feel out of your AR2.

Rufus’s Fury is another great Auto Rifle that can be found in the Root of Nightmares Raid. It deals Strand damage, making it perfect for Tangle generation.

This weapon is craftable, giving it access to the Enhanced Perk pool. PvE players have favored using Reconstruction to avoid reloading and Target Lock for that extra bit of damage.

Hand Cannons

Kept Confidence has quickly shown to be a top contender for PvP Primary weapons. Once unlocked for crafting, this weapon has everything it needs to become one of the best.

Quickdraw and Eye of the Storm give this weapon the Handling boost and Range that everyone wants out of a Hand Cannon. Definitely look out for red-border versions to unlock crafting for this weapon.

Rose has long been among the best Legendary Hand Cannons in PvP for its generous base stats and amazing Perk pool. It is rewarded from PvP matches, so players often have a few of them lying around.

Aside from Vorpal Weapon, any Perk combination on this gun is a good one, though many players prefer Slide Shot and Opening Shot.

Ingeus Hammer is the Trials of Osiris 120 RMP Hand Cannon and one of the only 120 RPM Hand Cannons worth using. This weapon has a great selection of PvP Perks on it, though getting a god-roll can be tough.

With so many great Perks, it is up to preference and luck as to what players use. Anything that grants additional Range and Handling is welcome. You can’t go wrong with something like Keep Away and Opening Shot.

Pulse Rifles

The BxR-55 Battler is the Halo-inspired Pulse Rifle that everyone wants, as it is one of the only good Legendary Pulse Rifles available at the moment.

It is part of the Dares of Eternity loot pool, so getting one can take some time. Luckily, it has a great Perk pool, so even a single drop could be good enough.

For PvP, Killing Wind and Eye of the Storm are two great options. PvE players love this weapon for the combination of Demolitionist and Incandescent for great add clear and grenade regeneration.

Oversoul Edict is a new Pulse Rifle added with the Crota’s End Raid. While its base stats are not amazing, it has a surprisingly good selection of Perks.

Keep Away and Headseeker make this a great PvP Pulse Rifle for mid-range and long-range engagements. For PvE, Demolitionist and Voltshot can make this weapon on par with the god-roll BxR.

Scout Rifles

Doom of Chelchis is one of the most reliable Legendary Scout Rifles in the game right now. It being Void allows you to pair it with Devour and Volatile Rounds for the perfect Void subclass build.

Explosive Payload and Frenzy are both excellent Perks for PvE. Get it to drop from the King’s Fall Raid.

Brya’s Love was very recently added with the Season of the Witch. This Void Scout Rifle is a great contender for second place behind Doom of Chelchis.

If you can’t quite get Doom to drop, this weapon may be for you. Rapid Hit and Destabilizing Rounds are great PvE Perks for add clear and applying Volatile from a distance.

You even have a solid PvP roll with Keep Away and No Distractions.

Randy’s Throwing Knife is a weapon that anyone who plays PvP should know of by now.

It is a random reward from Crucible matches, though sometimes it feels like it is the only reward with how often it drops. Legendary Scout Rifles aren’t in the best spot. Randy’s puts out the best results with Rapid Hit and Kill Clip.


Brigand’s Law is an Arc sidearm added in Season 18. It is now craftable and has a well-rounded Perk pool.

What makes this Sidearm great is the synergy with Arc subclasses. Feeding Frenzy and Voltshot will keep enemies Jolted for a very long time.

Mykel’s Reverence is a great Strand Sidearm to pair with any Strand subclass build. The use of Rewind Rounds and Hatchling will allow you to spawn in many Threadlings to deal with hordes of enemies quickly.

You also have the option to go for a more melee-centric build with Pugilist and Swashbuckler. This Sidearm drops from the Root of Nightmares Raid and is craftable, so feel free to experiment with it.

Senuna SI6 is another good Sidearm option, this time for Stasis builds as it does Stasis damage.

Feeding Frenzy will give you fast reloads while Headstone creates Stasis Crystals on final blows for you to abuse with your Fragments.

Drang (Baroque) is the best Solar Sidearm in the game. It can roll with Wellspring and Incandescent for some great PvE Scorch synergy.

It is also one of the best PvP Sidearms for its very unique Frame. Moving Target and Zen Moment make this Sidearm feel great to use in the Crucible.

Submachine Guns

CALUS Mini-Tool is the best Solar SMG that pairs perfectly with Scorch builds.

Unrelenting and Incandescent are the go-to Perks. Sadly, this weapon is hard to obtain now. You will have to wait for Banshee-44 to sell one.

Funnelweb is the Mini-Tool of Void, synergizing perfectly with Devour, Volatile, and invisible Hunter PvE builds.

Subsistence and Frenzy are the best Perks for this SMG, though you can get away with worse just to use this weapon in your build. Be sure to check with Banshee-44 every day to see if he’s selling.

Nothing beats The Immortal (Adept) in PvP.

This SMG has long been the best in the slot, with Rangefinder and Target Lock giving this thing insane Range and Damage that no SMG can match. Be sure to farm Trials of Osiris for one of these.

Unending Tempest was recently added in Season 22 and is now considered the budget Immortal since it is much easier to obtain.

This SMG drops from the Crucible and can roll with Perpetual Motion and Target Lock, though Fragile Focus can make its Range even closer to Immortal’s.


Point of the Stag is an Iron Banner drop that is perfect for PvP.

This Bow can roll with Swashbuckler, allowing it to one-tap Guardians in PvP after gaining stacks. Archer’s Tempo and Elemental Capacitor are both fine options as well.

Aside from this, Legendary Bows aren’t the best right now. It’s better to stick with the Exotic Bow variants.

Special Weapons


Matador 64 is the standout Shotgun for PvP. It drops from the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon, so it is easily farmable when on rotation as the Featured Dungeon.

The god-roll of Threat Detector and Opening Shot gives this weapon the best Handling and Range of any Shotgun in PvP right now. There is not much reason to use any other Shotgun in PvP.

Wastelander M5 is a great PvE Shotgun that can roll with Lead from Gold and One-Two Punch, perfect for Hammer Titans looking for extra damage.

While farming this weapon in Dares of Eternity, you may come across one with Slideshot and Opening Shot, making a great PvP alternative.

Heritage is the DPS king when it comes to PvE Pinpoint Slug Shotguns.

Reconstruction and Recombination are two solid Perks that carry this weapon. This is one of the many reasons you should farm the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

Sniper Rifles

Succession is the other reason you will want to farm Deep Stone Crypt.

This gun can roll with Reconstruction and Vorpal Weapon, making it a great Legendary DPS weapon for ranged encounters.

Mercurial Outreach is the PvP Sniper Rifle to get right now, with an Adaptive Frame and great Perk pool.

The classic combo of Snap Shot Sights and Opening Shot is what you will want. Play enough Crucible matches and hope you get a good role.

Beloved used to be the best Sniper Rifle in the game for PvP. It is hard to obtain now, though it is craftable if you manage to get enough of them.

While not as amazing as Mercurial, it can still roll with Snap Shot Sights and either Moving Target or Quickdraw.

Trace Rifles

Acasia’s Dejection is one of the easiest Trace Rifles to farm, dropping from the Root of Nightmares Raid.

This weapon can roll with Reconstruction and either Incandescent for Scorch synergy or Target Lock for Major enemies. This weapon pairs nicely with any Cenotaph Mask build. The Adept version is even better.

Retraced Path is another good Solar subclass weapon, rolling with Subsistence and Incandescent.

It can be obtained from Dares of Eternity and is even craftable.

Fusion Rifles

Riptide is the best Fusion Rifle for solo PvE activities. Chillclip can freeze any Champion, leaving them stunned.

Autoloading Holster is an added bonus. Head on over to Shax and focus some Engrams until you get one of these.

The Eremite is a great Solar DPS option. Envious Assassin and Controlled Burst give this weapon great damage numbers to Major enemies and Bosses.

It is easy to obtain from any Season of the Witch activity and is even craftable.

Iterative Loop is a fine PvP option for Fusion Rifles.

Under Pressure and Kickstart both take advantage of the low reserves and movement required in PvP. The best part, this weapon is also craftable for Enhanced Perks.

Grenade Launchers

Forbearance is still the number one Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2 rolling with Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction, making it an insane add-clearing weapon.

It can be found in the Vow of the Disciple Raid. Like many Raid weapons, it is craftable with Enhanced Perks. An Adept version is also available.

Harsh Language is a good backup if you don’t have Forbearance. It is still a Wave Frame, so it has good add-clearing potential.

Envious Assassin and Destabilizing Rounds are what you want on this weapon. It is a random world drop so you might happen upon one without even trying.

Explosive Personality is yet another Wave Frame Grenade Launcher that you should really only use if you don’t have one of the other two options.

Auto-loading Holster and Disruption Break are still decent Perks on a Grenade Launcher, though not nearly as potent as Chain Reaction.

Power Weapons

Machine Guns

Retrofit Escapade is the Machine Gun that everyone has been waiting for. A 900 RPM Void weapon that has a seriously good Perk pool.

Fourth Time’s the Charm and Target Lock is a very common and very good roll for this weapon. Since it is a Void weapon, it is a must-have for any Void build looking to clear adds and stay alive easily.

Be on the lookout for Xur or Banshee-44 selling one of these.

Commemoration is yet another reason to go and run Deep Stone Crypt. This is another Void Machine Gun, though it is sadly a 450 RMP Frame.

It is craftable, with a god-roll of Reconstruction and Killing Tally making it a wave clear machine.

Linear Fusion Rifles

Cataclysmic is currently the top DPS choice for Linear Fusion Rifles, rolling with Fourth Time’s the Charm and Bait and Switch, two very powerful Perks.

This weapon drops from the Vow of the Deciple Raid, is craftable, and has an Adept version.

Taipan-4FR is the most used Linear Fusion Rifle in PvE at the moment as it is also part of the crafting tutorial.

Players will unlock this pattern very early on and have access to a pretty decent DPS roll with Triple Tap and Firing Line. While by no means is this better than Cataclysmic, it is better than nothing.

Stormchaser is unique in that it is an Aggressive Frame three-burst Linear Fusion Rifle.

It has a slew of good DPS Perks, including Clown Cartridge, Rapid Hit, and Auto-Loading Holster on the first column, with Firing Line, Vorpal Weapon, and Frenzy all available on the second column.

You can farm the Duality Dungeon for this weapon.


The Other Half and Half-Truths are both on the list for the same reason and it isn’t for damage numbers. These Swords are the only weapons to drop with Eager Edge.

This Perk greatly increases your Sword lunge distance, letting you fly through platforming sections. It can even be paired with other movement abilities to Skate around the map.

Check out our guide on Well Skating for more details.

These both drop from Dares of Eternity. You will only need one red border to unlock the crafting pattern for either of these weapons.

Falling Guillotine is one of the highest DPS Legendary Swords available, pairing Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade to shred through Boss health bars. It is no longer easily available.

You will need to purchase them from Xur or Banshee-44.

Rocket Launchers

Cold Comfort is the highest DPS Rocket Launcher at the moment. It combines Envious Assassin and Bait and Switch to provide both burst and sustained damage in Boss fights.

It drops from the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. Get yourself a few red borders and craft one with Enhanced Perks for the best Rocket Launcher in the game.

Apex Predator is the runner-up in terms of DPS. Reconstruction gives you some good burst damage and will reload your rockets while stowed. Bait and Switch is king when it comes to damage.

You can get this Rocket Launcher from the Last Wish Raid. Farm red-borders and craft it with Enhanced Perks when you can.

Semiotician was recently added with Season 22. It is easily obtained from Seasonal activities, is craftable, and has some decent Perks on it.

Using Field Prep and Bi-Pod can net you a good amount of burst damage. We’d only recommend this Rocket if you don’t have anything else to use.

With this list, you should now be ready to fill out your Loadouts with some great Legendary weapons.

Are there any weapons on this list that you are still trying to unlock? Let me know in the comments!

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