Destiny 2 – What Are Adept Weapons?

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Adept weapons are the end-game loot that Destiny 2 players have always wanted. Getting Adept weapons can be quite a challenge.

Learn what Adept weapons are, as well as how you can get them in this guide.

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Adept Weapons in Destiny 2 are upgraded versions of end-game weapons that are rewarded for completing Master difficulty Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls, and going Flawless in Trials of Osiris.

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What Are Adept Weapons in Destiny 2?

Adept weapons are among the rarest and most powerful weapons in Destiny 2.

An Adept weapon variant is an enhanced version of an existing weapon, giving it many additional benefits that make it outclass the original in every way possible.

The first difference between Adept weapons and their basic counterparts is the Masterwork.

When you fully Masterwork an Adept weapon, it will grant the Masterworked stat +10 while giving every other stat on the weapon a +2 boost, similar to Masterworked armor pieces.

Another advantage of Adept weapons comes with Adept Weapon Mods. These Mods are enhanced versions of basic Mods, giving you better stat increases for your chosen Mod.

Some notable Adept Weapon Mods include Adept Range, Adept Icarus Grip, and Adept Big Ones, which combines both Boss Spec and Major Spec into one Mod.

Adept Weapon Mods are obtained from some of the hardest activities in Destiny 2. You can find a list of all of the available Adept Weapon Mods as well as how to unlock each one in your Equipment tab of the Collections menu.

Adept Weapons will always drop with additional Perk options on the first column of the weapon. This makes finding the perfect god-roll Adept weapon variant much, much easier, as you will have a better chance of getting the Perks you want.

This also gives your god-roll Adept weapon some variance in gameplay, as you can always swap which Perk is active to try something new.

Lastly, Adept weapons can be Enhanced. Enhancing your Adept weapon will allow you to craft it and change just about everything, including the Masterwork, adding new Traits, Enhanced Perks, and customizing the appearance to create the perfect weapon.

How to Get Adept Weapons

Adept weapons variants are rewards for completing only the toughest challenges in Destiny 2.

These challenges include getting a Flawless card in Trials of Osiris, completing a challenge during a Master difficulty Raid, and completing a Grandmaster Nightfall.

Master Difficulty Raids are only available for the most recent Raids that have been released. Currently, King’s Fall and Crota’s End are the only Raids with Master difficulty unlocked.

These Raids will have a secret challenge that needs to be completed during one of the encounters. Doing so will reward you with an Adept variant of a weapon that the encounter would normally drop.

You will need a full Fireteam of six players to attempt Master Difficulty Raids.

The recommended Power Level for Master difficulty Raids is 1840, so be prepared. This activity is geared towards veteran players who have min-maxed their Loadouts to the fullest.

Grandmaster Nightfalls are just as difficult as Master Raids, if not more difficult, as you will only have three players on your Fireteam. You will be plagued with difficult modifiers and face many Champions throughout the Nightfall.

What makes Grandmaster Ngihtfalls unique is the life system. your entire Fireteam has a limited number of revives available to you.

Once you run out of revives, you will no longer be able to get your downed teammates back up. Killing a Champion enemy will reward you with extra revives.

Completing a Grandmaster Nightfall will give you a guaranteed Adept weapon, with a chance of receiving multiple Adept weapons in a single run.

Grandmaster Nightfalls are on a weekly rotation, with each week rewarding a different Adept weapon variant. Once again, the recommended Power Level is 1840.

Grandmaster Nightfalls can be difficult at first, especially for newer players. Once you get a Fireteam of experienced players, you should be able to farm Nightfalls for Adept weapons in under 20 minutes per run.

Lastly, we have Trials of Osiris, the pinnacle of PvP gameplay. In Trials of Osiris, you and your Fireteam will match against another team of three players in an elimination/control-style game mode.

The first team to win five rounds wins the match, giving them a point on their Trials Card and matching them with tougher opponents in the next match.

Power Level is enabled in this PvP game mode, meaning you will deal and take more damage the higher or lower your Power Level.

Getting seven wins on your Trials Card without losing will grant you a Flawless Passage to the Lighthouse, where you will be rewarded with your Adept weapon of the week.

Losing even a single match will result in you and your Fireteam having to reset their Trials Card and start from zero wins again.

You can choose between a few different Trials Cards, each giving you either better rewards or an easier time getting Flawless.

The best bet for getting a Flawless Card is to use the Passage of Mercy, which grants you one free loss on your Trials Card before it is no longer considered Flawless. You can buy Trials Cards from Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar.

Trials of Osiris is by far the toughest method of obtaining Adept weapons, requiring a skilled Fireteam of PvP players to make it far.

If you don’t have any friends to queue with for Trials of Osiris, you can always try your luck by queueing solo.

Many players are still able to go Flawless every week while playing solo, though this takes an incredible amount of skill to achieve.

Now you know what Adept weapons are and how you can unlock them yourself!

Which Adept weapons are you looking to unlock soon? Are there any that you are still waiting to be on rotation? Let me know in the comments!

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