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Charcoal is an essential resource in Don’t Starve Together since it can be used as fuel and play a massive role in many useful recipes. However, new players may struggle to get it in the game’s early days.

This article will show you how to get charcoal in Don’t Starve Together.

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The main way to get charcoal in Don’t Starve Together is by chopping burned trees. You can also get charcoal by killing monsters, looting the Loot Stash, or from burnt-out light sources.

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How to Get Charcoal in Don’t Starve Together

If you’re too lazy to chop down trees for fuel, charcoal can be an excellent alternative since it has the same burn duration and can be stacked up to 40 instead of 20, like Logs, or 10, like Boards.

Although there are multiple ways to get charcoal in Don’t Starve Together, it’s advisable to chop the burned trees for maximum performance.

But if you want to explore the other methods, read further!

1. Burn and Chop Trees

With a single flame from a torch, you can burn the entire forest to turn the trees into burned trees. Simply equip a torch and right-click on a tree.

It’s recommended to burn the Lumpy Evergreen forest since it has small chunks of trees and spawns close together. This tree type also doesn’t drop any saplings, making collecting charcoal convenient.

Once the trees turned black and the fire burnt out, use an Axe to chop the burned trees for charcoal. Each burned tree will drop at least 1 and up to 3 charcoal per swing.

Remember to scout the area first before burning the trees. Otherwise, the fire will spread endlessly and can burn your entire base.

2. Kill Monsters and Loot the Stash

The Klaus and Krampus are the only monsters dropping charcoals on death.

Krampus gives 2 charcoals on death and only spawns when your naughtiness point is between 31 and 50. You can increase this point by killing innocent creatures in the game.

Killing a Glommer increases your naughtiness all the way to 50, which will spawn the Krampus immediately.

Besides, birds are the second easiest creature to increase your naughtiness because they spawn a lot, even though each bird only gives 1 naughtiness on death.

The longer you survive in Constant, the more Krampus will spawn. Up to 4 Krampii can spawn after day 101.

Next, Klaus is one of the bosses in Don’t Starve Together, and he only drops 1 charcoal on death. That said, it’s not worth fighting Klaus for charcoals but for his Antler instead.

With Klaus’s Stag Antler, you can open his Loot Stash to get 3-8 more charcoals.

3. Get from Burnt Out Light Sources

The final way to get charcoal in Don’t Starve Together is safe but ineffective.

First, you’ll have to craft either a Campfire or a Fire Pit. Then fuel them with any materials you can find to reach the max burning stage.

By looking at the fire shape, you can check whether a Campfire or Fire Pit is at its max stage. On the other hand, you can install the Show Me mod and hover the mouse over the Campfire to see the Fuel value.

Next, wait 4.5 minutes for the fire to burn out and collect 1 charcoal.

This method is time-consuming and costs a lot of burnable resources, so we wouldn’t recommend using it unless you already have a base and frequently use the Fire Pit to survive the night, thereby passively generating charcoals over time.

That’s how to get charcoal in Don’t Starve Together!

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