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Fighting is unarguably the most important aspect of Don’t Starve Together, as you must strive to survive in the Constant world. However, besides the skills, choosing the correct weapon also affects the fight’s outcome.

In this guide, let us guide you through the top 10 best weapons in Don’t Starve Together!

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Deciding which weapon is the best depends on several criteria: Damage, Durability, Availability, Craftability, and Special Effect.

Based on these criteria, our picks for the best weapons in Don’t Starve Together are the Ham Bat, Tentacle Spike, Thulecite Club, Battle Spear, Dark Sword, Morning Star, Glass Cutter, Brightshade Sword, Shield of Terror, and Alarming Clock.

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What Are the Best Weapons in Don’t Starve Together?

Before you go, remember that the term “best weapon” in Don’t Starve Together is subjective and depends on many criteria, such as the playstyle, experience, the enemy you’re fighting with, and more.

Therefore, we use 5 main criteria to determine which weapon can make it into the list as below:

  • Damage: Some weapons’ damage fluctuates based on various conditions, so we’ll try to use the average damage.
  • Durability: How long or how many hits you can use the weapon to fight. Also, if the weapon can’t break when durability reaches 0, it gains a point in this criterion.
  • Availability: Some weapons can only be used by certain characters. So the more character can use it, the more point it has.
  • Craftability: Same as above, where certain characters can only craft a weapon. Moreover, the materials required to craft the weapon also affect this criterion.
  • Special Effect: Besides the damage fluctuation, some weapons also provide positive or negative effects when worn. So we’ll use this to determine if it’s the best weapon too.

Moreover, we won’t put the normal Spear on the list since it’s easy to craft, and everyone can craft it. So without further ado, let’s see the top 10 best weapons in Don’t Starve Together!

1. Ham Bat

  • Damage: 29.75 – 59.5
  • Durability: Spoil after 10 days | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: 1 Pig Skin, 2 Twigs, and 2 Meat | All characters can craft
  • Special Effect: None

With great damage, unlimited hit, and zero negative effects, Ham Bat is our best pick for the first position on the list. In addition, any character can craft and use it without any constraints.

The materials are quite easy to get, as you can get Pig Skins and Meat from the Pigs, while Twigs can be picked through the journey. Same as other recipes, you need an Alchemy Engine to unlock the weapon prototype first.

The only downside of the Ham Bat is the spoil mechanic. Like any other food, Ham Bat’s freshness reduces over time, decreasing the weapon’s damage as a result. However, you can put the weapon in the Ice Box to slow down the spoiling process.

2. Tentacle Spike

  • Damage: 51
  • Durability: 100 | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: Only dropped from Tentacles and Tentapillars
  • Special Effect: None

Tentacle Spike is a great alternative for Spear and Ham Bat in the game’s early days. (even though you can’t craft it)

The damage is decent, but the weapon only has 100 durability, making it inconvenient for the long fight.

On the other hand, you can farm tons of Tentacle Spikes in the swamp and store them for later usage, as they won’t spoil like the Ham Bat.

Although the Tentacles won’t respawn, you can still farm Tentacle Spikes by killing Tentapillars. Moreover, Wickerbottom has a book that can spawn a lot of Tentacles on reading.

3. Thulecite Club

  • Damage: 59.5
  • Durability: 200 | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: 3 Living Logs, 4 Thulecites, and 4 Nightmare Fuels | All characters can craft
  • Special Effect: +10% walking speed and 20% chance to spawn Shadow Tentacle when attack

Thulecite Club is a mid-game weapon that requires a fully repaired Ancient Pseudoscience to craft. So in order to obtain Thulecite Clubs, you must have discovered the Ruins and found the final room.

Although the crafting journey is challenging and the materials are quite expensive, Thulecite Club is one of the best weapons because of its great damage and durability, as well as the buff to speed and summoning ability.

4. Battle Spear

  • Damage: 42.5
  • Durability: 200 | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: 2 Twigs, 2 Flints, and 2 Gold Nuggets | Only Wigfrid can craft
  • Special Effect: None

If you have Wigfrid in the team, Battle Spear can be a great alternative for a normal Spear because of its high damage and durability.

Even though the materials are cheap and any character can use the spear, this weapon is exclusive to Wigfrid. This means only she can craft the spear.

5. Dark Sword

  • Damage: 68
  • Durability: 100 | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: 5 Nightmare Fuels and 1 Living Log | All characters can craft
  • Special Effect: -20 sanity per minute

Dark Sword used to be the highest-damage weapon in the game.

With its versatile availability, Dark Sword is the best weapon for characters with damage modification perks (Wolfgang or Wigfrid) or characters familiar with the art of shadow (Maxwell or Wanda).

The downside of Dark Sword is the negative sanity aura and the material cost.

You’ll need a Shadow Manipulator, which costs you a total of 4 Living Logs, 12 Nightmare Fuels, and 1 Purple Gem to craft your first Dark Sword.

6. Morning Star

  • Damage: 43.35 – 72.25
  • Durability: Spoil after 6 in-game minutes (only when equipped) | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: 1 Volt Goat Horn, 2 Electrical Doodads, and 2 Nitres | All characters can craft
  • Special Effect: Emit light and deal extra damage to wet enemy

Morning Star is the most versatile weapon in Don’t Starve Together, as you can use it for fighting and lightning.

Same as the Ham Bat, Morning Star doesn’t have actual durability but a spoiling time instead. However, Morning Star only loses its durability when held.

So, to make the most out of it, it’s advisable to constantly switch the weapon when you’re kiting and only equip it when fighting.

Morning Star emits small light and can be used as a light source. However, using it this way is not recommended because it’s way too expensive for lightning purposes.

In addition, Morning Star is the best weapon to deal with wet monsters, as it can deal up to 72.25 damage per swing.

7. Glass Cutter

  • Damage: 68
  • Durability: 75 – 150 | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: 1 Board and 6 Moon Shards | All characters can craft
  • Special Effect: Only -50% durability when fighting shadow creatures

Glass Cutter has the same damage as the Dark Sword but with lower durability.

However, the weapon only loses half its durability when fighting shadow creatures, which is ideal for fighting shadow pieces, creatures, and the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Glass Cutter is so low on the list because of its required crafting material and crafting station.

To make one, you need Celestial Orb or the fully assembled Celestial Altar, Celestial Tribute, or Celestial Sanctum. And you can only obtain the materials and most of these crafting stations on the Lunar Island.

8. Brightshade Sword

  • Damage: 68 – 74.8
  • Durability: 200 | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: 4 Pure Brilliance and 3 Brightshade Husks | All characters can craft
  • Special Effect: +10% damage when fighting shadow creatures

Brightshade Sword is one of the end-game weapons that can only be crafted through the Brightsmithy crafting station. It deals 38 normal damage and 30 planar damage per swing.

Although the damage, durability, and availability are all good, this weapon isn’t easy to obtain, as you must kill the Celestial Champion boss to get your hands on the crafting materials.

Brightshade Sword also deals 10% more damage to shadow creatures, making it an excellent weapon to fight shadow creatures, along with the Glass Cutter.

9. Shield of Terror

  • Damage: 51
  • Durability: 158 | Breakable
  • Availability: All characters
  • Craftability: Only dropped from Retinazer and Spazmatism
  • Special Effect: +80% damage reduction

Shield of Terror is by far the most unique weapon in Don’t Starve Together, as it deals 51 damage per swing and provides an 80% damage reduction, just like a Log Suit.

The shield is breakable; however, you can feed any food item to repair its durability. The higher health and hunger the food provides, the more durability the shield gain.

Since the formula uses the absolute value, food items that provide negative health value (Monster Meat, for example) can be a great source to repair the Shield of Terror.

In particular, a single Monster Meat can be used to repair the shield’s durability by 112.8 points.

Moreover, feeding glowing food to the shield makes it glow in the dark and provides enough light. This makes traveling or fighting at night easier than ever.

10. Alarming Clock

  • Damage: 27.2 – 142.8
  • Durability: 96 | Unbreakable
  • Availability: Only Wanda
  • Craftability: 3 Time Pieces, 4 Marbles, and 8 Nightmare Fuels | Only Wanda can craft
  • Special Effect: None

Alarming Clock is an exclusive item belonging to Wanda. It can deal up to 142.8 damage per swing in the best condition. (fueled with Nightmare Fuels, and Wanda must be in her old age)

Despite being the highest-damage weapon in the game, only Wanda can craft and use it, making it stands quite low on the list. Also, Wanda is a DLC character, meaning you have to pay real money to use this ultimate weapon.

Those are the 10 best weapons in Don’t Starve Together!

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