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Farming in Don’t Starve Together was such a simple task back then. You find seeds and plant them in the basic or improved farm structure.

However, this mechanic is completely revamped after the Reap What You Sow update in the Return of Them expansion, making farming a bit complicated.

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That said, we’ll show you how to plant seeds in Don’t Starve Together!

To plant seeds in Don’t Starve Together, you must craft the Garden Digamajig and the Garden Hoe first. Next, deploy the Garden Digamajig on any tile to create a Farm Soil Turf, in which you can use the Hoe to till the soil, creating Farm Soil. Once created, select the seeds in your inventory and right-click on the Farm Soil to plant them.

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How to Plant Seeds in Don’t Starve Together

If you haven’t played Don’t Starve Together for a while, it’s good to know that the Basic Farm and the Improved Farm are completely removed from the game. So, how can you get those overpowered dragon fruit from the farm?

Don’t panic! Here are the steps to plant seeds in Don’t Stave Together.

1. Deploy the Garden Digamajig

The Garden Digamajig is an essential item regarding farming in Don’t Starve Together. It’s located in the Food & Gardening tab in the crafting menu and requires the Scient Machine tier 1 to craft.

To craft one, you’ll need:

  • 3x Boards
  • 2x Ropes
  • 2x Flints

The materials are quite expensive in the early game, so breaking some pig houses to get boards is recommended instead of manually chopping trees. Moreover, you’ll need 6 grass to craft 2 ropes.

Once crafted, select the Garden Digamajig in your inventory and right-click on your desired tile on the world.

After the tool has done its work, a new Fam Soil Turf is created, bringing farm soil and Garden Detritus as a result.

You’ll want to use a shovel to dig those Garden Detritus up to create more space to till farm soil later.

Digging them up allows you to obtain twigs, rocks, flints, nitres, and even gold nuggets.

Each Garden Digamajig has 4 uses, resulting in creating a maximum of 4 Farm Soil Turfs. It’s advisable to dig a 2 by 2 farming area since it will be much easier to plant the seeds and take care of the plants.

2. Craft a Garden Hoe and Till Soil

For this step, you can use either a normal Garden Hoe or a Splendid Garden Hoe to till the soil.

If you plan to create a massive farm, crafting a Splendid Garden Hoe could save more resources since it has 100 uses, compared to 25 from the normal hoe.

Both items are located in the crafting menu’s Tools or the Food & Gardening tab. A normal Garden Hoe requires 2x Twigs and 2x Flints to craft, while the golden version requires 4x Twigs and 2x Gold Nuggets.

Once crafted, equip the hoe, then hover the mouse over the Farm Soil Turfs and right-click on any area inside the turf to till the soil.

Each Farm Soil Turf can contain up to 9 farm soil plots, which means you can plant 9 seeds in a single Farm Soil Turf. (3 by 3 area)

Using the Geometric Placement mod is recommended to till the soil easier.

3. Plant Seeds

Once you have the farm soil, select the seeds in your inventory and left-click on the farm plots to plant the seeds.

Besides normal fruits and vegetables, planted seeds may become weeds and sabotage nearby seeds. Again, use your shovel and clean the garden!

That’s how to plant seeds in Don’t Starve Together!

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