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Eye of Terror is one of the crossover bosses added in the An Eye for An Eye update, set from the Eye of Cthulhu in Terraria.

Even though it’s considered the second-weakest boss in Terraria, you may struggle to beat it the first time in DST if unprepared.

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In this guide, let’s learn how to beat Eye of Terror in Don’t Starve Together.

To beat the Eye of Terror in Don’t Starve Together, you must first find a Terrarium and activate it at night to summon the boss. In the first phase, dodge the Eye of Terror’s charge attack, then attack it and the eggs it lays. When it enters the second phase (less than 3250 HP), all of its attacks are upgraded. You then need to dodge its charge attack 3-5 times, avoid the ground slam move, and attack the boss and the eggs again.

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How to Beat Eye of Terror in Don’t Starve Together

Eye of Terror is the only source of the Eye Mask and Milky Whites, a repairable hat armor, and great dairy food. It has medium damage and high-speed attack.

First, ensure you have the following:

  • Weapons with full durability (a normal Spear isn’t enough, so better weapons are recommended to finish the fight in one night.
  • 2-3 pieces of Log Armor or Football Helmets. You only need to wear one piece at a time since the damage reduction doesn’t cumulate.
  • If you’re not confident enough, preparing healing food such as Pierogi, Fishstick, Jerky, or Wobster Bisque can help.
  • A Walking Cane is also recommended to shorten the hit-and-run process, as you’ll need to run a lot in this boss fight compared to other battles.

Once you’re fully prepared, let’s learn how to summon the boss!

1. Find a Terrarium

Unlike other giants in the game, Eye of Terror isn’t tied to any specific day or season. Instead, you must summon it by activating the Terrarium.

To get a Terrarium, you must find a Conspicuous Chest spawn randomly in the Forest biomes. Usually, this chest will spawn between the evil flower ring or inside the area where Pig Torches and Guardian Pigs are.

Once opened, a random event will occur depending on the chest’s location.

For example, the evil flower ring will burn and create a fire ring once you open the chest, or the Guardian Pigs will transform into Werepigs and attack you.

That said, a quick hand is recommended to quickly loot all the items inside the Conspicuous Chest (or at least a Terrarium) before anything bad happens.

2. Activate a Terrarium

To activate a Terrarium, put it on the ground and right-click on it.

If you activate it at Day or Dusk, nothing happens besides a Terrarium floating above the ground and displaying sparkle lights.

A familiar line indicating the summoning of the Eye of Terror

However, the Eye of Terror will be summoned if you wait until night when a Terrarium is still activating or activate it at Night.

That said, you can only fight the Eye of Terror at night, as the boss will fly off the following day.

3. Fight the Eye of Terror

Like Klaus, Eye of Terror has 2 fighting phases.

After being summoned, you’ll have 3-5 free hits before the Eye of Terror uses a charge attack. Simply dodge this by running to the side and running to the boss’s new location.

In phase 1, you can attack around 5 times after each charge attack and then dodge again. You may need to predict its charge direction and run toward it to shorten the distance, allowing you to hit it more.

Sometimes after a charge attack, the Eye of Terror spawns 1 Egg of Terror, which will hatch into a Suspicious Peeper with 200 HP and 20 damage.

Eye of Terror spawns a Suspicious Egg

These little monsters are weak. However, they can overcome you if the battle is too long. That said, breaking the Egg of Terror before it hatches is recommended.

Repeat the process until the Eye of Terror enters its second phase, revealing the spiky mouth. By this time, its health is less than 3250.

In phase 2, the Eye of Terror does 3-5 charge attacks instead of one like the first phase. Afterward, it summons 2 Eggs of Terror.

As you can see, this phase is quite time-consuming, as you need to deal with 2 eggs and the boss simultaneously.

Eye of Terror with a ground slam attack

Sometimes, the Eye of Terror makes a ground slam attack if you stand too close, creating a small sinkhole (similar to Antlion’s sinkholes but smaller), reducing movement speed for any character who steps inside.

Having a friend join the fight would be much easier, as you can completely focus on the boss while your friends beat the eggs and vice versa.

If you have a high-damage weapon, you can also lure the boss away from the Suspicious Peeper to attack it. However, at some points, you may need to beat the Peepers to avoid them interrupting the boss fight.

In case you can’t finish the boss fight in one night and the boss flies away, don’t worry! You can always summon it the next night and continue the battle.

The boss’s HP remains the same as the last time it flies off. However, for each night you let the Eye of Terror rest, it will restore 250 HP. So, you better prepare everything the next morning and summon it again.

How Much Health Does Eye of Terror Have?

In Don’t Starve Together, Eye of Terror has 5,000 health points.

While other giants in the game have around this many health points, Eye of Terror is a bit harder to fight, as it has 2 phases and the ability to summon monsters.

Although you can beat the Eye of Terror with 148 hits using a normal Spear, doing so is nearly impossible as you need to deal with the Suspicious Peepers. And each of them costs you 6 more hits.

For a better fight, consider using Tentacle Spikes or a Fresh Ham Bat, as you only need to hit the boss 99 or 85 times, respectively.

Remember that when fighting bosses with the summoning ability, always bring extra weapons, armor, and healing food.

What Day Does Eye of Terror Spawn?

Eye of Terror doesn’t have an exact spawn day. Instead, you can actively spawn it by touching a Terrarium at night, regardless of day or season.

If you manage to find a Terrarium early, do not activate it just yet. Instead, gather materials and wait for Winter, as nights in this season are long, suitable for beating the Eye of Terror in one go.

What to Do When Eye of Terror Isn’t Spawning?

Eye of Terror always spawns at the location of a random player. However, here are what to do when Eye of Terror isn’t spawning when you activate a Terrarium:

  • Although Eye of Terror tends to spawn at the player who activates a Terrarium, gathering all players together in one place is recommended.
  • If you don’t see a light beam coming out from a Terrarium at night or can’t activate it, there is a high chance that someone on the server is already used it to spawn and beat the Eye of Terror. In this case, wait for 15 days (may vary based on world settings) for a Terrarium to recharge, allowing you to summon the boss again.

If you still can’t make the Eye of Terror spawn naturally in your world, press “~” on your keyboard to open the debug menu. Then type /c_spawn(“eyeofterror”) to spawn the Eye of Terror at your cursor.

That’s how to beat the Eye of Terror in Don’t Starve Together!

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