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In Don’t Starve Together, your chosen character is tied to each world or server. Even upon death and being resurrected by any sources, you still play the same character over and over again.

To improve your survival experience in the Constant world, let’s learn how to change character in Don’t Starve Together.

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To change character in Don’t Starve Together, you must put the Portal Paraphernalia onto the Florid Postern and transform it into the Celestial Portal using 1 Purple Gem and 20 Moon Rocks. Next, offer the Moon Rock Idol to the Celestial Portal, and you’ll be brought back to the character selection screen.

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How to Change Character in Don’t Starve Together

Changing characters in Don’t Starve Together was impossible in the past unless you used tricks or mods. However, as the game keeps releasing new updates with a lot more characters, the character re-selection demands keep increasing.

Currently, there are five game modes in Don’t Starve Together: Relaxed, Endless, Survival, Wilderness, and Lights Out.

Besides the Wilderness game mode, where you can choose another character when your current character dies, the other 4 game modes keep the same character on death.

So if you’re playing one of the 4 game modes above, read on to learn how to change character!

1. Find Celestial Orb and Gather Materials

To change character in Don’t Starve Together, you’ll need a lot of materials, including:

  • 24 Moon Rocks
  • 2 Purple Gems
  • 1 Board
  • 1 Rope

In addition, you need a Celestial Orb as a crafting station for two important items. So, wait for meteor rains in the Rockyland biome and find a rounded Suspicious Boulder.

That said, this is the most time-consuming step since it’s uncommon for the Suspicious Boulder to spawn. However, this spawning chance will increase to 100% after day 60, assuming you haven’t found the Suspicious Boulder before.

Once found, use a Pickaxe to mine the boulder to get some Moon Rocks and a Celestial Orb.

Next, go around and mine some more Meteors for Moon Rocks. On the other hand, you can easily craft a Board and a Rope using 4 Logs and 3 Cut Grass, respectively.

Finally, Purple Gems can be crafted by combining Red and Blue Gems together. Moreover, the Dragonfly and Clockwork Bishops can also drop Purple Gems on death.

2. Craft a Portal Paraphernalia, a Moon Rock Idol, and Purple Moonlens

Once you have a Celestial Orb and the materials, drop the orb on the ground to reveal a new crafting tab on the left of your screen.

Click on it and craft a Portal Paraphernalia first with 1 Board and 1 Rope.

Next, craft a Moon Rock Idol with 1 Moon Rock and 1 Purple Gem.

Then, craft a Cratered Moonrock with 3 Moon Rocks. The recipe is located in the Refined Materials tab using the Alchemy Engine crafting station.

Finally, select a Purple Gem in your inventory and right-click on the Cratered Moonrock to craft Purple Moonlens.

3. Locate the Florid Postern and Build the Celestial Portal

In Don’t Starve Together, the Florid Postern acts as a spawn and resurrection point in some game modes. If you forget its location, simply press “M” to open the map and look for the black and white whirlwind icon.

Once you’re there, use the Portal Paraphernalia on the Florid Postern. Then use Purple Moonlens and 20 Moon Rocks to transform the portal into the Celestial Portal.

Next, offer the Moon Rock Idol to the Celestial Portal, and you’ll be brought back to the character selection screen.

Remember that all of your items will be dropped on the ground near the portal, and you’ll keep everything you’ve unlocked, including crafting recipes, explored map, and day count.

However, crafting a chest and putting all your items inside is recommended to prevent other monsters from stealing. For example, Moleworm steals your gold, rocks, and flints, while Spiders steal meat.

Other Ways to Change Character in Don’t Starve Together

If you prefer cheating to speed up the process, you can also use commands to quickly change characters in DST.

First, press “~” to open the command console. Then type “c_listallplayers()” to get a list of players and their IDs.

Once you’ve got the ID (which will always be 1 if you’re playing alone), type “c_despawn(AllPlayers[IDnumber])” to despawn the chosen player, bringing them back to the character selection screen.

Alternatively, the host can change the “Survivor Death” setting to control if a player will become a ghost (default) or have the ability to change the character on death.

Remember that changing characters this way will reset the map. So, you should prepare a Cartographer Table with a fully explored map in the base.

That’s how to change character in Don’t Starve Together!

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