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Living Logs are the main ingredient for many powerful mid-game items. One of the main ways to get them is by beating the Treeguard.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Treeguard in Don’t Starve Together.

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To beat Treeguard in Don’t Starve Together, hit it 3 to 4 times and dodge its attacks. Depending on your weapon’s damage and the Treeguard size, you may need to repeat this fighting cycle roughly 9-37 times. The other ways to beat Treeguard are by using other monsters or setting it on fire.

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How to Beat Treeguard in Don’t Starve Together

Besides providing Living Logs, Treeguard is also a great source of Monster Meat and can be useful when dealing with other giant bosses, such as Bearger.

Treeguard has 3 sizes when spawning: Short, Regular, and Tall. The size determines the Treeguard’s appearance, damage, movement speed, and attack range.

Although Treeguards are considered boss monsters in Don’t Starve Together, they only deal 34.65-61.875 damage max to players and have a slow movement speed. This simplifies kiting and solo-ing Treeguards in the game’s early days.

Fighting Treeguard should be straightforward if you already have experience fighting other bosses. But if you’re a newcomer, Treeguard can be a tough enemy, as it can kill most characters in 2 to 3 hits.

That said, let’s see the different ways to beat the Treeguard!

1. Fight Treeguard by Yourself (and Friends)

First, you’ll need a weapon with full durability and around 2 Log Armor for the fight. Healing food is also recommended if you’re not good at kiting in Don’t Starve Together.

Treeguard has a decent attack speed and medium damage, so the best fighting technique is to hit it 3-4 times and run away to dodge its attack.

If you haven’t yet obtained the Walking Cane or can’t find a cobblestone road, it’s advisable to hit the Treeguard 3 times and then dodge.

Woodie fights a Treeguard on the road

Assuming you use a normal Spear to fight, you then need to repeat the process roughly 16-37 times to beat the Treeguard.

Some players said that the Axe (or Golden Axe) deals greater damage to Treeguard, as trees would be logically afraid of this chopping tool.

However, this is not true. As a tool, an Axe always deals 27.2 damage to Treeguard, regardless of circumstance.

On the other hand, if you have enough armor and healing food and are too lazy to hit and run, tanking the Treeguard is another decent yet wasteful fighting tactic.

2. Fight Treeguard using Other Monsters

Treeguard can be distracted by other monsters and bosses, such as pigs, tentacles, clockwork monsters, Deerclops, and Beargers.

Moreover, Treeguard will follow you (or the one who chopped the tree) to the end of the world. So, use this as an advantage to lead it to other monsters.

Multiple Treeguards vs a Bearger

If you can’t fight Treeguard just yet or need to use it to beat other bosses later, simply plant Pine Cones near the Treeguard to calm it down.

Each Pine Cone has a 15% to 33% chance of calming the Treeguard down. This chance depends on the distance between the Treeguard and the location you plant the Pine Cone.

All Evergreen trees drop 1 to 2 Pine Cones, except for the small size one.

3. Fight Treeguard using Fire

Last, since Treeguard is basically a tree, you can use fire to burn the boss alive.

There are multiple ways to set the Treeguard on fire, but the most common ways are building a campfire and luring the boss to walk over it or attacking Treeguard with a Torch as a weapon.

This method is time-consuming, and there is a high chance of fire spreading around the area. If you’re not careful, your entire base can be burned to ash, along with the boss.

Remember that Treeguard killed by fire doesn’t drop Living Logs but Ash and Cooked Monster Meat instead.

How Much Health Does Treeguard Have?

In Don’t Starve Together, each Treeguard variant has different health points as below:

  • Small Treeguard: 2,100
  • Regular Treeguard 3,000
  • Tall Treeguard: 3,750

Compared to the rest of the other bosses, Treeguard has the least health points. However, you still need to hit it 62 to 111 times with a normal Spear to beat it.

A fresh Ham Bat or a Thulecite Club can significantly speed up the beating process, as you only need to hit the Treeguard 36 to 64 times. On the other hand, Tentacle Spike can beat the boss in 42 to 74 hits.

Alternatively, if you follow the experts who say the Axe is better on Treeguard, you’ll need to hit it 78 to 138 times.

What Day Does Treeguard Spawn?

Treeguard can only spawn after day 3. Whenever a nearby Evergreen (or Lumpy Evergreen) tree is chopped, there is a 1.33% chance that the Treeguard will spawn.

If the condition is met, a random tree will transform into Treeguard. And the original tree size determines the Treeguard size. For example, a small tree transforms into a small Treeguard, a medium tree transforms into Regular Treeguard, and so on.

That said, you can easily control which Treeguard size will spawn by chopping the unwanted ones.

Evergreen and Lumpy Evergreen Trees

After days 30 and 80, the maximum number of Treeguard spawn each time increases to 2 and 3, respectively. Not to mention that the appearance of the Treeguard also depends on the tree type (Evergreen or Lumpy Evergreen) and size (Small, Medium, and Large).

In addition, Woodie has a higher chance of spawning treeguards when chopping trees. So if you’re desperate to find one, consider changing your character or asking your friends for a quick join.

Finally, you can also use Pigs, Clockwork Rooks, or Beargers to chop trees for you, as Treeguard will spawn whenever a tree is chopped, no matter what the cause.

What to Do When Treeguard Isn’t Spawning?

As long as you chop the correct tree type and there are trees nearby within 4 tiles, Treeguard will always have a 1.33% chance to spawn.

However, here are what to do if Treeguard isn’t spawning in your world:

  • Check the server setting to see if the Treeguard spawn rate is turned off.
  • Ensure that you chop Evergreen or Lumpy Evergreen trees, not Birchnut trees. Remember that burned, dead, or recently planted Evergreen or Lumpy Evergreen doesn’t count either.
  • Treeguard can only spawn if there is a chopped tree within 4 tiles. And you can calculate the distance by using Pitchfork.

Alternatively, you can use commands to spawn Treeguard. Press “~” on your keyboard to open the debug menu. Then type /c_spawn(“leif”) or /c_spawn(“leif_sparse”) to spawn the Evergreen Treeguard or Lumpy Evergreen Treeguard at your cursor.

That’s how to beat the Treeguard in Don’t Starve Together!

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