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You may or may not have heard about Don’t Starve Together, but in general, it’s Don’t Starve, but you can play with your friends or online people around the world.

Not stopping at the online playing feature, Don’t Starve Together comes with lots of great new features and mechanics that only appear in this version. It’s cool, but have you ever wondered what is the maximum number of players you can play with in Don’t Starve Together?

Let’s find out!

In Don’t Starve Together, 6 is the maximum number of players you can play within the same server, excluding any mods or dedicated servers. Although it’s not that much, 6 is a pretty balanced number when it comes to the chaotic world in DST.

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What is the Maximum Number of Players You Can Play in Don’t Starve Together

In Don’t Starve Together (DST), you and the other 5 people will join a mysterious world full of monsters, darkness, and some poison mushrooms.

Although there are more than 25 available characters to play, you can only see at most 6 characters in the same game (session or server). And don’t forget that people can choose the same characters as each other, which may lead to a world full of useless Wes.

When we think about it, 6 is a pretty good number since you can gang up with your friends to defeat bosses easier, but they will also consume a lot of resources and food compared to playing the game alone.

For some people, food and resources are not the main problems, but it’s about the server’s capacity. With a medium device and a good internet connection, 4 players tend to work the best!

The more people you have on your server (or dedicated server), the more actions can occur. And therefore, lag or delay will happen frequently!

If you’re hosting a dedicated server, you can always change the maximum number of players you can play in Don’t Starve Together in the cluster file. It’s located in (C or D, depending on where you install the game):\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\RandomID\Cluster_1.

Then find the line where it says max_players = 6 and change 6 to whatever number you like. Remember that this will not always work, and you shouldn’t put a really high number here. 8-10 is recommended.

If you’re not a fan of modifying-file stuff, you can always use Don’t Starve Together mods to increase the maximum number of players. Below are a few mods that you can use:

The mods above may work depending on your version and other mods compatible. So you should try Increased Max Players first. If it works, all good! But if it doesn’t, go ahead and try the others.

With the mod successfully installed, you can expand the number of maximum players in Don’t Starve Together to 12, 30, and up to 64 if you like.

So that’s the maximum number of players you can play in Don’t Starve Together.

If you have a lot of friends and want to suffer together with them, it’s time to do that now. Happy surviving!

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