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Spools are an in-game currency that is used to weave items and skins in Don’t Starve Together.

Although the items and skins only affect how your character would look in the game, players still find collecting enough Spools to get their dream costume interesting.

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This guide will show you how to get Spools in Don’t Starve Together.

The only way to get Spools in Don’t Starve Together is by unraveling curio items.

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How to Get Spools in Don’t Starve Together

There are many ways to get your favorite skins in DST, including paying for skin bundles, receiving the weekly drops, or manually weaving the items yourself.

Among them, buying bundles and weaving are the only ways to get the exact skin you want, as skins dropped from weekly chests are random.

While buying bundles costs real money, you can weave your favorite skin for free as long as you have enough Spools.

To unravel items to get Spools, from the main screen, go to “Item Collection” => “Curio Cabinet”. Next, choose 1 of the 7 listed categories here (Belongings, Beards, Emotes, Emoticons, Portrait Frames, Profile Icons, and Vignettes) to see the items.

Then click on any item you want, and click the “Unravel” button at the bottom corner.

Remember that you can only unravel items that have the Woven tag, which can be seen right below the item’s name.

The number of Spools you get from unraveling an item depending on its rarity, shown below:

  • Common: 5
  • Classy: 15
  • Spiffy: 50
  • Distinguished: 150
  • Elegant: 450

While Elegant items provide the highest number of Spools, it’s recommended not to unravel them. Even if the Elegant skin isn’t your favorite, it’s rare. Weaving it back costs three times the amount of Spools, which is 1350.

Instead, you should unravel lower-rarity items. They offer fewer Spools, but you get them more frequently.

By just playing the game, you can receive up to 15 free skins weekly (7 from daily drop and 8 from weekly drop).

That’s not too massive, but little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

Moreover, participating in special events or watching Twitch streamers who are ambassadors of Klei are also great ways to obtain more items, which leads to an increase in Spools if you choose to unravel them.

That’s how to get spools in Don’t Starve Together!

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