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Besides the official updates, modding is crucial to keep a game alive.

With more than 15,000 mods on the Steam workshop, the modding community of Don’t Starve Together contributes more content and gameplay to the game, keeping it fresh and engaging throughout the years.

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In this article, we’ll show you the top 14 best mods in Don’t Starve Together.

The list of mods below isn’t only based on how popular the mods are or how many subscribers the mods have. Instead, we list the ones that improve the quality of life but don’t interfere too much with the game core.

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14 Best Mods in Don’t Starve Together

The mods below work well with the current version of DST (v569068) and should be compatible with all other mods in the list. So, let’s take a look at the first mod!

1. Combined Status (6.9M+ Subscribers)

Combined Status adds tons of useful information to the game, including:

  • The exact temperature of the world and your character.
  • The current season and how many days are left.
  • The moon cycle.
  • And more.

This is extremely useful for tracking your stats, especially when it’s too hot in the Summer or too cold in the Winter.

Moreover, the moon cycle tracker makes getting the Gloomer and avoiding the Werepigs easier.

With the season tracker, you can easily prepare for the seasonal bosses, as well as suit up for the ruins exploration journey.

Overall, whether you play Don’t Starve Together or other game variants (Hamlet, Shipwrecked, etc.), Combined Status is a must-have mod!

2. Minimap HUD (5.8M+ Subscribers)

In the vanilla version of the game, in order to view the map, you must open it first by pressing the M key. And by default, if there is more than 1 player on the server, you can’t pause the game.

This feature is quite dangerous, as monsters can attack you when you’re busy viewing the map.

That said, Minimap HUD adds a small overlay minimap in the top right corner of your screen. The map works and renders in real time, allowing you to view the map safely without pausing the game.

In addition, you can change the map’s position, size, minimize it, and zoom in or out to see more objects in the surrounding area.

3. Global Positions (5.6M+ Subscribers)

By default, you can’t see other players’ positions and their revealed maps.

Having said that, you must use the Cartographer’s Desk to craft Map Scrolls. Then give the scrolls for the others to read so they can see your explored map.

With Global Position installed, you can see the explored map of the others and their real-time position.

Moreover, the mod also has the ability to create different types of markers (or pings) for all other players to see.

If you’ve been playing League of Legends, then the ping action is the same. Holding Alt while you’re at the minimap screen, you can move your mouse to the desired direction to choose the ping type you want.

4. Geometric Placement (4.6M+ Subscribers)

If you’re a fan of base building in Don’t Starve Together, Geometric Placement is a must-have mod.

This mod displays a geometric mesh, which is divided into multiple small dots on the ground whenever you build a structure or tilt farmlands, allowing for more accurate actions.

To temporarily turn off the geometric mesh and build wherever you want, simply press and hold the Ctrl key.

5. Health Info (3.9M+ Subscribers)

Are you frustrated when you can’t see your enemy’s HP when fighting it?

If you play the game’s vanilla version, you must estimate and keep track of the hit counts for the entire battle. And this could be exhausting.

With Health Info mod, you only need to hover the mouse over any monster to see its HP. In some situations, this simple number is key to achieving victory.

Alternatively, if you use the Show Me mod below, it’s recommended to install this mod for better compatibility.

6. Craft Pot (2.7M+ Subscribers)

Craft Pot is a perfect mod for anyone who doesn’t want to remember all the cooking recipes in DST. It helps predict the result of your cooking dish as long as you open the Crock Pot and put in the ingredients.

The great thing about this mod is it supports all cooking recipes, including modded ones and Warly exclusive recipes.

Moreover, Craft Pot is a client-side mod, so you can use it however you want.

7. Wormhole Marks (2.3M+ Subscribers)

Wormholes are great ways to travel fast in Don’t Starve Together, but they all look the same in the game’s vanilla version.

If you’re not careful, you may end up in the wrong location and lose some sanity as a result.

With Wormhole Marks installed, each pair of the connected wormhole will be colored in the same color, making it easier to distinguish the destination.

8. Show Me (Origin) (2.2M+ Subscribers)

Just like Combined Status and Health Info, the Show Me mod adds lots of useful information to the game to deliver the complete experience for all DST players.

The mod displays:

  • Enemy HP.
  • The result of your Crock Pot and the remaining cooking time.
  • The remaining usage times of the Tent.
  • Food information, including the health, sanity, and hunger it restores, and how long the food will expire.
  • Clothes attributes, such as insulation, wetness resistance, and durability.
  • And a lot more.

The mod supports multiple languages and is performance friendly, so you can use it with pretty much any mods we listed in this post.

9. Gesture Wheel (1.7M+ Subscribers)

By default, you must type in the chat to show your emotion and make your character do certain emotes.

However, with the Gesture Wheel mod installed, you can hold the G key to open the gesture wheel to quickly use the emote you want.

10. Status Announcements (287K+ Subscribers)

Although this is a small mod, Status Announcements can help players communicate well without a voice chat.

By holding the Alt key (some actions require you to hold both the Alt and Shift key) and left-clicking on certain items and recipes, you can announce the following to the others:

  • Your current hunger, health, sanity, wetness, or temperature.
  • The item you want to craft or the lack of any ingredients for a specific recipe.
  • The number of specific items in your inventory or any containers.

Besides being a great way to communicate with your friends, this is also a delicate way to show off your effort.

In fact, we used this mod a lot to show off the number of logs we gathered after a wood-chopping session.

11. Victorian HUD (126K+ Subscribers)

For players who love the Gorge event, Victorian HUD brings back the elegant silver theme to all of the in-game interfaces, including:

  • Inventory
  • Crafting tab
  • Containers
  • Map
  • Status meters
  • And many more!

Unlike most other mods in the list, this mod doesn’t change a single game mechanic and is also compatible with the Combined Status mod.

This means new status meters from the Combined Status mod also have the new interface.

12. Skin Queue (125K+ Subscribers)

Skin Queue allows you to unravel or weave items in large quantities without babysitting them one after another.

The mod also has an Unravel all Duplicates button to unravel all of the duplicate items.

13. Item Scroller (96K+ Subscribers)

Picking a precise amount of items in DST can be challenging, especially if you’re well-organized. However, the vanilla game only allows you to split half a stack by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on an item.

With Item Scroller, while focusing (picking) an item and hovering it on any inventory slot:

  • Scrolling down: Put 1 of your focused item in that slot if it’s empty.
  • Scrolling up: Get 1 item from that slot and put it in your focused item’s stack. Assume the focused item and the item in that slot are the same.
  • Holding Ctrl while scrolling mouse: Increase the number of items you get or store by 10 instead of 1.

Now you can get the exact amount of items for crafting without restoring them in chests again.

14. Beefalo Widget (96K+ Subscribers)

Beefalo Widget adds a friendly interface that shows Beefalo HP, tame percentage, obedience, and remaining riding time.

The mod makes the Beefalo taming experience easier, as it visualizes all your needed information in one place.

Those are the 14 best mods to improve gameplay in Don’t Starve Together!

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