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In a world full of monsters like Don’t Starve Together, Monster Meat is one of the abundant foods that can ease your hunger. However, eating Monster Meat is a waste, even though it reduces your sanity and health.

This guide will show what to do with Monster Meat in Don’t Starve Together.

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In Don’t Starve Together, Monster Meat can be used as a meat ingredient in many useful food recipes, including Meatballs, Pierogies, Meaty Stews, and Fishsticks. Other useful options are to trade Monster Meat for Eggs and Gold Nuggets or to let it turn into Rots to fertilize your plants.

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What to Do with Monster Meat in Don’t Starve Together

Monster Meat is an edible food that can restore 18.75 hunger. However, it reduces 15 sanity points and 20 health when consumed, which is a lot compared to normal character stats.

Even though you can cook or dry it, the cooked version still reduces your sanity by 20 and your health by 3. Monster Jerky (a dried version of Monster Meat) gives the same hunger and reduces sanity by 5 and health by 3.

To eliminate all of these negative effects, here are 4 things you can do with Monster Meat in DST!

1. Use as a Meat Ingredient for Cooking

As long as you use only 1 Monster Meat in any cooking recipe, you can still make good dishes to increase your hunger, health, and sanity.

There are many recipes to put Monster Meat in, but here are what we use the most:

  • Meatball: 1 Monster Meat and 3 Fillers (not Twigs). Fillers include mushrooms, berries, ice, carrots, or kelp fronds.
  • Meaty Stew:
    • 1 Meat, 1 Monster Meat, and 2 Morsels
    • 2 Meat, 1 Monster Meat, and 1 Filler. You can use carrots, eggs, ice, or kelp fronds as fillers.
  • Honey Nuggets: 1 Monster Meat, 1 Honey, and 2 Fillers. (mushrooms, berries, honey, ice, etc.)
  • Honey Ham:
    • 1 Monster Meat, 2 Morsels, and 1 Honey
    • 1 Monster Meat, 1 Meat, 1 Honey, and 1 Filler. The filler can be honey, ice, berries, etc.
  • Fishsticks: 1 Fish, 1 Twig, and 2 Monster Meat

If you don’t have a bee farm just yet, we’d recommend cooking Meatballs for hunger and Fishsticks for health.

2. Trade for Eggs and Gold Nuggets

In Don’t Starve Together, all Monster Meat variants (raw, cooked, and dried) can be fed to a caged bird to get Eggs in return. The ratio is 1:1, so you’ll get one Egg back for each Monster Meat you provide.

With eggs available, consider cooking the dishes below for your next meal:

  • Pierogi: 1 Monster Meat, 1 Egg, 1 Vegetable, and 1 Filler except Twigs. We mainly use 1 ice and 1 carrot or 1 ice and 1 kelp frond for the vegetables and fillers.
  • Bacon & Eggs: 1 Monster Meat, 1 Meat (or Morsel), and 2 Eggs.

Alternatively, Monster Meat will turn into Monster Jerky if you hang it on the Drying Rack for 1 day. You can then give Monster Jerkies to the Pigking to get Gold Nuggets for a 1:1 ratio.

3. Use to Get Other Materials

If you’ve already solved your food and gold problems, then you should know that raw Monster Meat can turn into Rot after 6 days. (without putting it in the Ice Box)

In the late game, Rots are useful resources for many survival purposes, such as crafting Booster Shots and fertilizing your plants.

Moreover, you can feed 1 Monster Meat to a Pig to befriend it or 4 Monster Meat to turn it into a Werepig. This creature drops 2 Meat and 1 Pig Skin on death.

4. Others

In Don’t Starve Together, there are four characters who can use or eat Monster Meat with no to little penalties:

  • Walter: he can feed Monster Meat to his fellow Woby to turn it into the big version, allowing him to ride Woby like a Beefalo.
  • Woodie: all of Woodie’s Kitschy Idols require Monster Meats to craft. So, you better save some Monster Meat to be able to transform into different powerful monsters.
  • Webber: is a monster already, so he can eat Monster Meat to restore hunger without any penalties.
  • Wormwood: same as Webber, but Wormwood still loses sanity points from Monster Meat.

Alternatively, you can eat Monster Jerky to regain some hunger if there are no other food options. In such a case, consider healing yourself and curing your sanity frequently to survive longer in the Constant world.

That’s what to do with Monster Meat in Don’t Starve Together!

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