Don’t Starve Together – Nightmare Werepig Guide: How to Beat It

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Nightmare Werepig is one of the newest bosses added to Don’t Starve Together, along with other nightmare items and the new skill tree mechanic.

While this boss seems neutral at first glance, you may struggle to fight it unprepared.

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This guide will show you how to beat Nightmare Werepig in Don’t Starve Together and everything you need to know about it, including how much health it has, what day it spawns, and what to do when it isn’t spawning in your world.

To beat the Nightmare Werepig in Don’t Starve Together, you must first mine all three marble pillars to make them shake simultaneously. The boss fight then begins with multiple phases in which you need to become insane to kill the Parasitic Shadelings, dodge the lunge attack to fatigue the boss, and take advantage of its ground slam to obtain the Dreadstone.

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How to Beat Nightmare Werepig in Don’t Starve Together

Nightmare Werepig is the primary source of Pure Horror – an upgraded version of Nightmare Fuel and the main material for crafting Dreadstone items.

To get these end-game materials, let’s prepare the necessary items!


Although the boss looks terrifying, Nightmare Werepig is pretty easy to deal with. Depending on your kiting experience, 2 to 3 Log Armor or Football Helmets should be enough.

If dodged perfectly, you need nothing. However, if you’re not confident in your fighting ability, it’s recommended to bring extra armor or even use Thulecite Suit and Thulecite Crown if possible.

Nightmare Werepig also has a more significant negative sanity aura, so prepare food to restore health and sanity. You can use Cooked Green Caps, Jerkies, and Pierogi.

Next, you need a Pick/Axe to initiate the fight. Brightshade Smasher could also do the trick. However, it’s recommended to use a Pick/Axe since it’s cheaper and easier to craft.

You’ll fight the Nightmare Werepig underground, so the fighting area will most likely be covered in darkness. In this case, consider bringing a few Lanterns or a Star Caller’s Staff to create lights.

Alternatively, you may want to bring a Nightmare Amulet to quickly go into the insane state to complete the boss’s first phase. However, it’s optional since you can just stand beside the boss.

Phase 0

Once you’ve found the Nightmare Werepig, use a normal Pickaxe or a Pick/Axe to mine all three marble pillars that chain the boss.

Keep mining until all the marbles fall off, revealing a layer of Dreadstones underneath.

Free the Nightmare Werepig

Next, use a Pick/Axe to mine the pillars one after another to make them shake simultaneously. They only shake for a short amount of time after being mined, so do this quickly.

When all the pillars shake, the Nightmare Werepig is released from the chains, and the boss fight begins.

In phase 0, Nightmare Werepig doesn’t actively attack you but is neutral because he’s busy attacking the Parasitic Shadelings crawling on its shoulder.

In this phase, you must help the boss kill those Shadelings.

As usual, you can only see those shadow creatures with a low sanity (insane state). You have two options: stand near the boss’s feet to receive a -800 sanity per minute aura or wear a Nightmare Amulet.

As the boss shoves the Shadelings off its shoulder, you must immediately attack them. Then, remember to eat some sanity-restoring food to avoid more shadow creatures from spawning.

When you’ve killed all the Shadelings, the next phase begins.

Phase 1

Nightmare Werepig has only 1 move in this phase: lunge attack.

The fighting pattern is quite simple and repetitive, as the boss will always use this attack over and over again.

If you see the boss run away and turn back to charge at you, wait for it to come close, then run to the side or diagonally toward it.

The lunge attack can be hard to dodge at first. However, as long as you’re familiar with the pacing, this attack is one of the easiest boss moves to dodge in the entire game.

Lunge Attack

Nightmare Werepig has a fatigue attribute ranging between 0 and 3. When its fatigue reaches 3, the boss kneels down, leaving you plenty of time to deal extra hits.

The following actions affect this attribute:

  • Missed a lunge attack: +1
  • Successfully perform a lunge attack: -1.5
  • Being fatigued: reset fatigue attribute to 0

As you can see, you can hit the boss a few times between its lunge attacks. But to fight it properly, you must make the boss fatigued by successfully dodging its lunge attack 3 times in a row.

Failing to dodge one lunge attack requires you to dodge another two.

Nightmare Werepig will use this attack in other phases, so practice until you can perfectly dodge those lunge attacks.

Phase 2 (below 5000 HP)

Phase 2 comes with a new attack: ground slam.

This attack has a massive area of effect, high damage, and creates a small sinkhole that will slow you down, just like the Antlion’s sinkhole.

Just like the lunge attack, this attack is relatively new and hard to dodge compared to other bosses’ attacks in Don’t Starve Together.

First, you must approach the boss to trigger its ground slam attack. Being too far away will cause the boss to stalk you, regenerating 25 HP per second.

Nightmare Werepig is stalking a player.

You can identify this move by looking at his movement and head. If its head keeps looking at you, then it’s regenerating health.

As the Nightmare Werepig raises its hand, you must immediately run either to the back or away from the boss.

Do not hesitate and just pick a direction to run, as one fleeting moment of carelessness can lead to serious consequences.

When you successfully dodge the attack, hit it 2 times, run away, and then go back in to trigger the next ground slam attack.

Ground Slam Attack

Remember to pick a direction that does not have the sinkholes from the previous ground slam attacks, as it will slow you down and make it impossible to dodge the next attack.

This phase is really annoying if you don’t know how to dodge the ground slam correctly. Alternatively, you can use the Walking Cane or Lazy Explorer for a slight movement speed boost.

In addition, you can take advantage of the ground slam attack to destroy the pillars, giving you 3-4 Dreadstones each. Although it’s optional to do so, it is such a waste not to destroy the pillars.

Phase 3 (below 3000 HP)

Phase 2 is a nightmare. Fortunately, it only lasts until the boss’s HP reaches 3000.

In phase 3, Nightmare Werepig uses a combination of lunge and ground slam attacks. If you are familiar with the previous two phases, then the final phase isn’t a huge problem at all.

Remember that the new combination attack is super dangerous. If it successfully lands a lunge attack, it will slam the ground right after, potentially killing any unprepared character in one or two hits.

Like phase 1, dodge the lunge attack and hit it when it’s fatigued.

How Much Health Does Nightmare Werepig Have?

In Don’t Starve Together, the Nightmare Werepig has 10,000 health points.

By this point, you should have more advanced weapons than normal Spears or Tentacle Spikes. And 10,000 health points isn’t that much compared to the health of a Dragonfly or Reanimated Skeleton.

With a Ham Bat or a Thulecite Club, you must hit the Nightmare Werepig 169 times to beat it. While a Dark Sword reduces the required hits to only 148.

What Day Does Nightmare Werepig Spawn?

By default, Nightmare Werepig spawns underground on day 2. It then respawns every 20 days after being beaten.

Unlike most other giants, Nightmare Werepig doesn’t actively attack you and your base because it’s chained by the marble pillars. So, just take your time and fight the boss when you’re ready.

What to Do When Nightmare Werepig Isn’t Spawning?

By default, Nightmare Werepig spawns randomly underground in the brownish muddy biome. So, make sure to scour the cave first.

If you still can’t find it, here are what to do when Nightmare Werepig isn’t spawning in your world:

  • Check your world setting to see if the Nightmare Werepig spawn rate is turned off.
  • Check the current day and ensure you’re not looking for Nightmare Werepig on day 1 since it only spawns on day 2.
  • Nightmare Werepig respawns every 20 days in a random pre-defined location. So, if someone on your server already killed it, wait until the next cycle and look for another brownish muddy biome.

Alternatively, you can use commands to spawn the Nightmare Werepig. Press “~” on your keyboard to open the debug menu. Then type /c_spawn(“daywalker”) to spawn the Nightmare Werepig at your cursor.

That’s how to beat the Nightmare Werepig in Don’t Starve Together!

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