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Dragonflies are harmless in real life, but is it the same in Don’t Starve Together?

With a giant body and long arms, Dragonfly is one of the Summer bosses that bring the most suffering experience to players.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Dragonfly in Don’t Starve Together!

To beat the Dragonfly boss in Don’t Starve Together, you must first gather some rocks to build Stone Walls around the magma pools to prevent Lavaes from spawning. With the Lavaes out of the way, your team can easily tank the Dragonfly until it becomes enraged, at which you must use the Pan Flute to put it to sleep. Repeat this fighting process a few times, and the victory will be yours.

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How to Beat Dragonfly in Don’t Starve Together

First of all, Dragonfly has a higher speed than all of the characters by default. Combined with a long-reach attack and high damage (75 – 150), it can easily track you down and kill you within a single hit (or two).

Plus, not all Don’t Starve Together bosses have the same difficulty. Unlike the Moose or Deerclops, there are a few mechanics you should learn in order to defeat this flying creature.

Fighting Ability

Dragonfly has 3 moves: swiping attack (single target), stomp attack (multi-target), and spawn Lavae. In addition, it has two modes: normal and enraged.

Enraged mode changes the Dragonfly appearance and doubles its normal attack’s damage from 75 to 150 and the stomp attack from 112.5 to 225.

Moreover, the enraged Dragonfly attacks faster (4 to 3 seconds) with a wider range (4 to 6), and its speed increase from 6.5 all the way up to 9.1.

That said, fighting with the enraged Dragonfly is super dangerous. And, of course, the game provides several ways to calm it down, including:

  1. Wait for 1 minute
  2. Increase its wetness to 90 (can use either water balloons or Spring’s rain)
  3. Use a Pan Flute (recommended)

Although the first two options seem straightforward enough, waiting a whole minute or getting the Dragonfly wet is hard.

Instead, the Pan Flute is the best to put any monster in the game to sleep, including the Dragonfly.

You can find one under the Gloomer’s Statue, which spawns in the Deciduous Forest. The Pan Flute can also be crafted in a Prestihatitator with 5 Cut Reeds, 1 Mandrake, and 1 Rope.

Spawn Lavae Ability

Dragonfly spawns Lavae waves to assist in combat at 80%, 50%, and 20% health. And each wave contains a minimum of 5 Lavaes.

The Lavae is really annoying to deal with, as they have 500 health points, 50 fire damage, and the ability to set everything on fire on death. However, they will die naturally after 30 seconds.

If you manage to kill or freeze all the Lavae, the Dragonfly becomes enraged. And if you let them die naturally, the Dragonfly will either become enraged or fly off to a magma pool to spawn another Lavae wave.

Lavae waves happen this way (not at certain HP milestones) have 1 additional Lavae, making the fight become harder over time.

The Stun Mechanic

If you manage to deal more than 1250 damage within 5 seconds at any time, the Dragonfly will be stunned and lying on the ground for 10 seconds. This is the perfect opportunity to deal extra damage for free.

In addition, you may get 1 Scales if you can deal another 2500 damage in this 10 seconds timeframe.

Remember that the Dragonly can only be stunned every 60 seconds, and the damage needed to stun it will increase each time too. So, if you already stunned it twice, you need to wait another 60 seconds and deal 2000 damage in 5 seconds to stun it again.

Moreover, Scales can only drop once regardless of how many times the Dragonfly is stunned, resulting in only 2 Scales in total per Dragonfly killed.

Fighting Process

Dragonfly is tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t solo or tank it. However, it’s not recommended because it wastes resources to craft armor, helmets, and healing food.

Instead, let’s go and mine some rocks first. You’ll need a few stacks of them to build Stone Walls around the magma pools.

The best approach is to completely surround the magma pools with Stone Walls and remember to put the wall slightly away from the pool’s border. Otherwise, the Lavaes may have a chance to spawn outside of the wall.

There is an alternative approach where you need to build a straight line of Stone Wall and keep all magma pools on one side of the wall.

This method is cheaper, but the Lavae may have a chance to escape if you don’t set it up properly.

Once you’ve done with the wall, it’s time to lure the Dragonfly to the other side of the Stone Wall (the one without the magma pools), then attack it.

If you have enough damage (and friends), you only need to fight the Dragonfly at a max of 4 rounds. When it reaches certain HP milestones, it will fly away to spawn a Lavae wave and come back to fight you.

The Lavaes will be stuck on the other side of the wall, giving you plenty of time to solo the Dragonfly. Now keep hitting it until it’s stunned, becomes enraged, or flies away to spawn more Lavaes.

There are 3 scenarios:

  • Dragonfly is stunned: keep hitting it until it reaches a certain HP or until the last Lavae dies. Either way, the Dragonfly flies away to spawn a new Lavae wave.
  • Dragonfly is enraged: run away and use the Pan Flute to calm it down. When it falls asleep, approach it and attack again.
  • Dragonfly spawns another Lavae wave: it’s a perfect time to use healing food and craft more armor. Remember not to run too far away from the fighting location, then wait for the Dragonfly to return and continue the fight.

Even though you can kite the Dragonfly with around 5-6 hits and then run, it’s best to stay still and hit it hard enough to stun it, as running away can be challenging without the Walking Cane.

While the Dragonfly is in its normal mode, you can easily tank with Log Armor and Football Helmets. Remember to bring some healing food as well, such as Pierogi and Fishstick.

An enraged Dragonfly

However, you must pay close attention and run fast when it becomes enraged and about to make the stomp move, as low-health characters like Wes or Maxwell can die instantly without armor.

While some people say that it’s easier to fight the Dragonfly in the Spring because of the rain and wetness, we also see that Winter (or pre-Winter) is the best season to fight.

You’ll have the magma pools to keep you warm throughout the Winter, as well as the Dragonfly will give you a Scaled Furnace blueprint on death. This is a great permanent fire source to use in the Winter.

How Much Health Does Dragonfly Have?

In Don’t Starve Together, Dragonfly has 25,000 health points.

Being one of the bosses with the highest HP in DST, you’ll need to hit it 809 times with a normal Spear to kill it.

Ham Bat and Tentacle Spike can speed up the progress a little bit, with 462 and 539 hits required, respectively.

Later in the game, when you obtain the Thulecite Club, fighting the Dragonfly will be much easier because of the speed buff, and you only need to swing the weapon 462 times.

Having Wigfrid and Wolfgang in the team is a huge advantage, as you can quickly stun the DF to get the scale and free fighting time. This could save the team a lot of resources to make armor, helmet, and healing food.

What Day Does Dragonfly Spawn?

In Don’t Starve Together, Dragonfly spawns on day 1 in the desert biome by default.

However, unlike other giants, it will not seek and destroy the player’s base. That said, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the Dragonfly.

By default, Dragonfly will respawn 20 in-game days after being killed. The day varies depending on the world setting as below:

  • None: Dragonfly won’t respawn, and of course, don’t spawn on day 1 as well.
  • Little: 40 days
  • Default: 20 days
  • More: 10 days
  • Tons: 5 days

Like the Goose/Moose, the Dragonfly will fly away (despawn) if you run too far away from its spawn point.

But don’t worry! Dragonfly will respawn after 16 seconds at the center of the magma pool, as this is the default spawn point.

However, if you freeze it, put it to sleep, or teleport it, the new spawn point will be relocated to where this happens.

What to Do When Dragonfly Isn’t Spawning?

If you keep everything as default, the Dragonfly must be nearby by the time you arrive at the desert biome and see the magma pools.

There are only 2 reasons why Dragonfly isn’t spawning:

  • Dragonfly spawn rate is turned off in the world setting.
  • Another player on the server just killed it. In this case, ask them about the day they defeated the Dragonfly and calculate the next spawning day.

Alternatively, you can use commands to spawn the Dragonfly. Press “~” on your keyboard to open the debug menu. Then type /c_spawn(“dragonfly”) to spawn the Dragonfly at your cursor.

That’s how to beat the Dragonfly in Don’t Starve Together!

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