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If you think dealing with the heated temperature and keeping your base intact in Summer is tough enough, you may not live long enough to see the destruction of the Antlion – one of the giant bosses in Don’t Starve Together.

Within a blink of an eye, a portion of your base can be destroyed entirely, leaving a big mess you couldn’t even clear.

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In this guide, let’s see how to beat the Antlion in Don’t Starve Together!

To beat the Antlion in Don’t Starve Together, you must prepare armor and healing food as always. You may want to craft a pair of Desert Goggles to make the fight easier in the sandstorm. In addition, you’ll need two cold Thermal Stones: one to feed the Antlion to initiate the fight and one to keep yourself cool. Once the battle begins, avoid the sand spikes and keep hitting the Antlion until it’s down.

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How to Beat Antlion in Don’t Starve Together

Antlion can be a great source for Desert Stones, as well as the allowance of fast traveling between players and the ability to automatically dig and replant turfs.

However, Antlion is also the main cause of sinkholes – the shattered area that destroys any structure above it and will stay there for a whole month (30-33 days).

Not to mention that the sinkholes slow your character down and won’t let you build any structures on them. Annoying, right?

An Antlion’s sinkhole

When it comes to dealing with the Antlion, you have 2 options:

  • Offer gifts to the Antlion so it won’t destroy your base for a specific time.
  • Or you can just end its life and don’t need to live in fear anymore.

Many people prefer the first method, as offering gifts to the Antlion is much easier. Besides, this is the only way to farm Desert Stones, except by killing it.

Offering Gifts to The Antlion

The gift varies from trinkets to eggs, rocks, cutstones, and even Thermal Stones. And each gift delays the time the Antlion will be enraged by 0.33 to 2.98 in-game days.

However, we’d recommend saving trinkets to trade with the Pigking for gold nuggets rather than feeding them to the Antlion. The best item to feed the Antlion is rocks and cutstones, as they’re cheap and have a decent contribution rate.

Remember that the max time before the Antlion enraged is 6 in-game days. So you should only feed it 6 cutstones or 18 rocks to avoid wasting resources.

Antlion Sinkholes

If you forget to feed the Antlion, pay close attention to your character’s voice lines, as they will notice you when the Antlion is about to create the sinkholes.

Since the Antlion creates sinkholes at the player’s location, you must immediately run away from your base and try to dodge the sinkholes. Just abandon everything else at this moment, or you’ll regret it.

If you’re hiding underground, the Antlion can also drop boulders all the way down the cave. However, the boulders are easier to avoid and have less impact, as you can just carry them or break them with a pickaxe.

That said, traveling underground and discovering the Ruins is a great idea.

Now, let’s learn how to beat the Antlion!

1. Preparation

Antlion is easy to deal with, but you can’t initiate the combat unless feeding it the wrong item, which is a cold Thermal Stone.

So, besides a couple of log armor and healing food, remember to bring 2 Thermal Stones: one to feed the Antlion and one to keep yourself cool from the heated Summer temperature.

A cold and slightly cold Thermal Stone

Building another Ice Box near the Antlion (or in your oasis base) is advisable, as you’ll need the Thermal Stone to be cold enough to last through the fight.

Once you’re there, put the Thermal Stone in the Ice Box and wait for it to cool down. When the stone reach below 30 degrees, it turns white with a dark blue color on top, indicating a suitable “gift” for the Antlion.

Read on to learn about the Antlion’s location and the needed items to make the fight easier!

2. Find Antlion Location and Make a Desert Goggles (Optional)

There are two types of desert in Don’t Starve Together: one for the Dragonfly with lava pools and spiky trees, and another one for the Antlion.

Antlion spawns where the oasis and cacti are located. There isn’t an exact location, so you must run around and find the boss.

The right desert biome also has a dense sandstorm, which slows your character down and reduces vision. With 2 significant disadvantages like this, how can you beat another giant boss, you may ask?

Vision with and without the Desert Goggles

First of all, Antlion is easy to fight as long as you have enough armor and healing food, so the sandstorm may not be a big deal.

However, if you prefer to see things clearly and move faster, we’d recommend crafting Desert Goggles, which cost you 1 Gold Nugget and 2 Pig Skins.

You can’t craft the Desert Goggles like other recipes. Instead, you must find the crafting blueprint first. The recipe can be found by fishing in the oasis lakes.

So, it’s advisable to build a secondary base in the oasis, as it’s a great source for fish and crafting recipes. The oasis is also a great place to avoid the heat.

Moreover, In Don’t Starve Together, the damage reduction from the armor and head slot doesn’t combine with each other. So to avoid losing materials, it’s recommended to only wear one piece of armor at a time.

That said, it’s best to wear the Desert Goggles in the head slot for extra movement speed and vision, while you can equip Log Armor or Thulecite Suit in the body slot for damage reduction.

3. Feed the Cold Thermal Stone to the Antlion

Once you’re ready, feed the cold Thermal Stone to the Antlion to freeze it. As you hover the mouse over the frozen Antlion, you can see the “Attack” option appears. So, let the fight begins!

A normal and frozen Antlion

The Antlion will then create a circle of sand castles to trap you inside and repeatedly do the ground slam move, summoning sand spikes to deal 50-150 damage.

Fighting the Antlion is pretty easy since it can’t move and only has 1 attack (sand spikes). If you have enough armor and food, you can even tank the boss and finish the fight within a day or two.

The sand spikes may push you away, so remember to come closer to the Antlion to attack it. And if not careful, you’ll attack the sand spike instead of the boss.

If you want to hit and run, pay attention to the sand spike locations and run away before they rise from the ground. Then go in to attack the Antlion and repeat the process.

How Much Health Does Antlion Have?

In Don’t Starve Together, Antlion has 6,000 health points.

It has the same amount of health as Bearger but more than the Deerclops. So, you have to hit it 177 times with a normal spear to beat it.

Other mid-game weapons, such as the Thulecite Club or Darksword, are also recommended, as you must already have some by the time you reach Summer. If not, Ham Bat and Tentacle Spikes are the best to go!

What Day Does Antlion Spawn?

By default, Antlion spawns on day 56, when the first Summer begins. It then respawns every Summer, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the sinkholes again.

Remember that the Antlion only spawns in the desert biome where the oasis is located, not the lava pools.

What to Do When Antlion Isn’t Spawning?

Unlike other bosses, Antlion can’t move and only spawn in the Summer in the desert biome, where the sandstorm happens. This makes it hard to locate the boss, especially without the Desert Goggles.

Here are what to do when Antlion isn’t spawning in your world:

  • Check your world setting to see if the Antlion spawn rate is turned off.
  • Ensure you’re in the correct desert biome.
  • Sometimes, rain can occur in the Summer, making the Antlion hide underground. Simply wait for the rain to end and scour the area again.
  • Antlion only spawns once per Summer. So if someone on your server already killed it, wait until next year.

Alternatively, you can use commands to spawn the Antlion. Press “~” on your keyboard to open the debug menu. Then type /c_spawn(“antlion”) to spawn the Antlion at your cursor.

That’s how to beat the Antlion in Don’t Starve Together!

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comments section below.

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