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Bearger is the boss of Autumn in Don’t Starve Together. Even though it looks cute and harmless, Bearger can be a terrifying threat to your base and the surrounding environment.

In this guide, let us guide you on how to beat Bearger in Don’t Starve Together.

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To beat the Bearger in Don’t Starve Together, you must learn to hit and run, cook healing food, and make backup armor. Next, lure it to a safe place and hit it between the swipe attack. After 3 swipe attacks, Bearger performs a ground slam and immediately makes a swipe attack again, so remember to dodge it. Follow the fighting pattern, and you’ll beat Bearger in no time.

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How to Beat Bearger in Don’t Starve Together

According to most experienced DST players, besides being a Meat and Thick Fur source, Bearger can be a great helper to farm several resources.

Unlike most of the giants in the game, Bearger is neutral when spawning, so it doesn’t actively find players and destroy their base. However, it becomes hostile if you attack it first or have honey-related items in your inventory.

Bearger deals 100 damage per attack and has a sanity aura that decreases any nearby characters’ sanity by 400 per minute, making the fighting process more complex as you have to deal with both the Bearger and the shadow creatures.

Bearger has 2 main moves:

  • Swipe attack: attacks and disarms, making your character drop the equipped item in the hand slot.
  • Ground slam: deals damage and destroys every surrounding object, including trees, plants, and structures.

After every 3 swipe attacks, Bearger does the ground slam move. If you manage to run outside of Bearger’s attack range while it is about to perform the ground slam move, it becomes enraged and will run with a speed of 10 toward you.

An enraged Bearger

The disarm mechanic is annoying since you must pick up the weapon every time the Bearger hits you. Not to mention that if you fight near the ocean, the dropped weapon may have a chance to land on the sea surface.

Moreover, attacking the Bearger while it’s sleeping will wake it up, making it yawn. This puts every creature on the screen to sleep, including the player.

Once you understand the mechanics, let’s see 3 methods to deal with the Bearger!

1. Fight Bearger By Yourself (and maybe With Friends)

Because of the disarm mechanic, soloing Bearger by standing still and tanking isn’t the best way to beat it. Instead, you must learn how to kite (hit and run).

Between each swipe and ground slam attack, you can hit the Bearger 3-4 times and then run away. Repeat the process 3 times and dodge the ground slam attack.

Keep in mind that after its ground slam attack, Bearger will immediately use the swipe attack again, disrupting the fighting pattern.

Bearger’s ground slam move

A perfect kiting technique can help a lot since you don’t need to make armor or helmets. However, a few Football Helmets and Log Armor will be of great help.

By the time you face the Bearger, surely you already have enough materials and powerful weapons to beat it. So, Ham Bats, Tentacle Spikes, Thulecite Clubs, or even Dark Swords are recommended.

If you’re not confident enough, some more healing food, such as Pierogi and Fishstick, can help in combat.

2. Fight Bearger Using Other Monsters

If hit and run is too hard for you, then try to lure the Bearger to other places and let other monsters do the dirty job for you.

The best place to lure Bearger to is the Marsh/Swamp biome, as it has a lot of Tentacles, Merms, and Spiders. This also creates a perfect area to loot Tentacle Spots, Tentacle Spikes, and Meat later on.

Another best place is the forest biomes, as you can use the Bearger to farm logs and summon Treeguards. You’ll need around 2 to 3 Treeguards to beat the Bearger.

Three Treeguards attacking the Bearger

To lure Bearger, simply attack it and run for your life. If you don’t want to come too close to the beast, try using a ranged weapon or bringing some honey with you.

Besides, Beefalo fields, bee fields, or spider dens are other great places to lure the Bearger into. However, it’s worth noting that Bearger has an AoE attack, meaning it can easily kill all the Beefalo, leading to the Beefalo extinction.

So, if you want to use the Beefalo field as a fighting area, ensure that you have multiple Beefalo herds around the map.

Sometimes, the bees may be too weak to kill the Bearger. And not to mention that when the Bearger killed all the bees and destroyed the hives, it ate the honey to restore health.

Spider dens may seem like a good idea if you don’t care about the Meat dropped from Bearger, as spiders will eat anything that remains on the ground after the battle.

3. Use Bearger to Farm

Although Bearger is the unique source for Thick Fur, many players insist on not killing it but keeping it alive and using it for farming purposes.

Unlike the Deerclops, Bearger has a massive destruction range, making it ideal for farming logs and rocks.

Plus, Bearger can’t despawn. Instead, it hibernates in Winter and Spring and wakes up in Summer and Autumn.

So, you should try to gather a few stacks of Pine Cones and plant them in a long line with 2 or 3 items wide. Once you’ve successfully lured the Bearger, simply run toward the tree farm you made earlier or rock boulders to start the farm.

When you’re satisfied with the loot, lure the Bearger to another safe place. You can then use other monsters to distract it or a Walking Cane to quickly run away from its sight, leaving the Bearger alone.

Moreover, you can place Honey on the ground to lure it. This is by far the cheapest and safest method to lure the Bearger.

Try to stay away from your base while luring the Bearger, as it can destroy structures easily and even eat food in your chests and Ice Boxes.

How Much Health Does Bearger Have?

In Don’t Starve Together, Bearger has 6,000 health points.

With a default Spear, you have to hit the Bearger 177 times to beat it.

Ham Bats and Tentacle Spikes are other popular weapons in the mid-game stage.

You’ll need to hit the Bearger 101 times with a fresh Ham Bat or 118 times with a Tentacle Spike to beat it.

A Darksword reduces the hit numbers to 89, allowing you to beat the Bearger within a day or two.

What Day Does Bearger Spawn?

Bearger doesn’t have an exact spawn day. Sometimes it spawns on the first day of Autumn, sometimes the last day. However, Bearger tends to spawn on day 77, where the Autumn has 13-15 days remaining.

Remember that Bearger spawns every Autumn except the first one. So, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the fight (or the capture).

What to Do When Bearger Isn’t Spawning?

Sometimes you just hear the roar, but Bearger never comes. Here’s what to do if Bearger isn’t spawning in your world:

  • If you travel underground throughout the Summer, try leaving the caves before Autumn. Sometimes, re-entering and exiting the caves can trigger the Bearger’s spawning mechanic.
  • Check your world’s setting to see if the Bearger spawn rate is turned off or reduced.
  • Bearger loves Honey and Ice Boxes, so try searching the Beehives around the area.
  • Like Deerclops, Bearger can also be distracted by other animals, so check surrounding areas for it.

Bearger won’t despawn, so you should be able to find it by following the methods above. However, if you can’t still find it, you can use commands to spawn the Bearger.

Press “~” on your keyboard to open the debug menu. Then type /c_spawn(“bearger”) to spawn the Bearger at your cursor.

That’s how to beat the Bearger in Don’t Starve Together!

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