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Nightmare Fuel is one of the essential materials to craft powerful mid and end-game items. If you play as Maxwell or Wanda, having a reliable source of Nightmare Fuel can be a game changer.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Nightmare Fuel in Don’t Starve Together.

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The 3 main ways to get Nightmare Fuel in Don’t Starve Together are by killing monsters (mostly shadow and damaged monsters), crafting using Dark Petals, and looting particular objects.

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How to Get Nightmare Fuel in Don’t Starve Together

We all know that having low sanity in Don’t Starve Together brings more disadvantages than benefits, as your screen is distorted and the color of the whole game fades away. Moreover, many shadow creatures will spawn from the dark and hunt you down.

However, according to our experience, this is one of the greatest opportunities to farm Nightmare Fuel. Some players even let their sanity always go to 0 just to farm this resource.

If farming Nightmare Fuel this way is too hard for you, then read on to learn more ways to get Nightmare Fuel!

1. From Monsters

Monsters are the main source of Nightmare Fuel, as they can spawn unlimited if you know how to control their spawn rate.

Here’s a list of all monsters that drop Nightmare Fuel on death and the chance for the drop to happen.

Splumonkey/Shadow Splumonkey150%
Damaged Rook160%
Damaged Bishop160%
Damaged Knight160%
Crawling Horror/Nightmares1-2100% for the first one, 50% for the second
Terrorbeak/Nightmarebeaks1-2100% for the first one, 50% for the second
Terrorclaw1-2100% for the first one, 50% for the second
Reanimated Skeleton2-4100%

The list goes on; however, the fastest way to farm Nightmare Fuel is to lower your sanity to around 15% for the Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks to spawn. These two are easy to beat and can drop up to 2 Nightmare Fuel on death.

You may want to keep your sanity high enough (15% and above) to only farm Crawling Horrors because Terrorbeaks are much more dangerous and spawn more frequently at lower sanity.

To lower your sanity, simply eat some raw Green Caps, get wet, stand near monsters, or frequently stay in the dark. Obviously, losing sanity in this game is much easier than gaining it.

In addition, you can craft multiple traps and use them to catch a bunch of Rabbits. Next, lower your sanity again and right-click on the Rabbits in your inventory (which, at this point, have already turned into Beardling) to instantly kill them at once.

Although each Beardling only has a 40% chance of giving 1 Nightmare Fuel, this is the safest way to farm this resource.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of traveling the Ruins in the Summer like us, try to find the Nightmare Light or Nightmare Fissure underground and wait. As long as the Nightmare Cycle happens, Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks will spawn.

You can either manually fight the shadow creatures or wait for the Nightmare Cycle to end, killing all the shadow creatures and dropping Nightmare Fuels as a result.

2. From Crafting

You can craft 1 Nightmare Fuel with 4 Dark Petals using the Prestihatitator. The recipe is located in the Magic tab with a red skull.

There are 2 ways to get Dark Petals in Don’t Starve Together: picking Evil Flowers and Tumbleweed. Each Tumbleweed gives 3 items on collected, and each item has a 1% chance of providing a Dark Petal.

Although you can populate Evil Flowers using Bees, getting Nightmare Fuel this way is not recommended, as it’s quite time-consuming and luck-based.

3. From Objects

Most of the objects below are unrenewable, meaning getting Nightmare Fuel from destroying objects is temporary and should be considered the final option.

To get Nightmare Fuel without fighting and crafting, you need to find some graves and dig them up with a Shovel. Each grave has a 3.07% chance of giving 1 Nightmare Fuel.

On a full moon, Pig Heads and Merm Heads on Sticks transform, revealing glowing eyes. You can then use a Hammer or a Deconstruction Staff on those heads to get 1-2 Nightmare Fuel.

Moreover, a Touch Stone will drop 1 Nightmare Fuel when a ghost player uses it.

The final two objects that drop Nightmare Fuel are Ancient Statue and Ornate Chest. If you’re on your journey to conquer the Ruins and beat the Guardian, then it’s a perfect opportunity to loot those objects.

Ancient Statue always drops 1 Nightmare Fuel on broken, while small Ornate Chests have a 20% chance of giving 1-3 Nightmare Fuel.

That’s how to get nightmare fuel in Don’t Starve Together!

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