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In Don’t Starve Together, dying is not the end. Instead, you become a ghost that wanders around to annoy your friends and other creatures in The Constant.

However, there are so many other things you can do as a ghost, and even veterans barely know about it!

Let’s see what to do as a ghost in Don’t Starve Together!

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As a ghost in Don’t Starve Together, you can roam around the world to explore the world for your friends, haunting players, monsters, structures, and items, reducing others’ sanity, and reviving or respawning to play again as a normal character.

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What to Do as a Ghost in Don’t Starve Together

Before reading further, please make sure that you’re playing on a server with Survival or Endless mode enabled to be able to do things as a ghost. Because play with Wilderness mode will make your character instantly respawn after dying.

Here are all things you can do as a ghost in DST:

  1. Haunting (Main feature)

Not only can you observe Don’t Starve Together’s cruel world, but you can also interact with different things by haunting them.

This action is tied to your left mouse by default. When you left-click on any haunt-able entity, your ghost character will possess the target for a second.

Depending on what object you haunt, you can cause many possibilities to happen. Where it’s beneficial for your team or can burn down your entire base. So be careful!

Some beneficial items you may want to do as a ghost:

  • Chop down trees
  • Investigate suspicious tracks to hunt Koalefants
  • Changing mushroom types, flowers, petals, blueprints, and more!
  • Using chilled amulets, ice staff, and other magic items
  • Refuel campfires and fire pits
  • Reset tooth traps
  • Fertilize crops

It’s all helpful, right? At first glance, you may think it’s best to just haunt everything, but that’s not the case!

You can extinguish dwarf stars and other light sources if you haunt them. Haunting cooked crock pots will change the meal to Wet Goop, normal meat will transform into monster meat, and plenty more negative effects that you don’t want to accidentally trigger them.

Most importantly, you can haunt monsters to chase them away. This is really helpful when it’s in combat and there are way too many enemies. Since haunted monsters will panic and start running away.

  1. Explore the map

One big advantage of being a ghost in Don’t Starve Together is you’re invulnerable. This means you don’t take any damage nor suffer from sanity and hunger drain.

You can use this strategy to explore the map in the early game to reduce the material cost, such as finding pig king, walrus camps, dragonfly, Chester, and more!

Huge advantage usually comes with some downfalls. As a ghost, you can only see the map and tell others. You can’t actually reveal the map as when you explore as a regular character!

  1. Revive yourself

It’s not the end! When you’re done with all the things and get bored as a ghost, you can revive and respawn yourself in Don’t Starve Together in several ways.

The most common way is to activate the Florid Postern, which is only doable in Endless game mode. It’s easy and costs no materials to revive, you need to walk for a long journey and have your health, hunger, and sanity reduced.

If you find a touchstone on your way, you can use it to revive immediately. Sometimes this will be a bad idea because you will respawn at the touchstone’s location, which may be far away and can spawn in deadly biomes like the Marsh.

If you die near your base, you can ask your friends to craft a Telltale Heart to revive you.

  1. Troll your friends

Besides haunting monsters and other entities, you can troll your friends in a ghost form.

Each ghost player in a server will make other players’ sanity decrease by 3.3 per minute. This is not too much, but you don’t want this negative aura to haunt you for the rest of the game.

If you want to be a good player, revive as soon as possible. Otherwise, flying around and watching your friends suffer is also a great option!

Those are 4 things to do as a ghost in Don’t Starve Together!

It’s all good to be a ghost, but keeping the game fun for the others and improving your skill is the best way to survive in The Constant.

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