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In Don’t Starve Together, dying is fairly normal. You either can’t keep up with the game content or are not familiar with the character’s perks, and we understand that!

To keep the game easier, Klei actually allows players to freely respawn after dying with a small penalty.

Today, let’s see how to revive and respawn in Don’t Starve Together the fast way!

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To revive and respawn in Don’t Starve Together, you have to be in the right game mode. Other than that, you can revive and respawn using either one of the following things: Touch Stones, Meat Effigies, Life Giving Amulets, Telltale Hearts, Wanda’s Second Chance Watch, and the Florid Postern portal. Moreover, you can use commands to revive as well.

Find more information on all these methods below.

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How to Revive and Respawn in Don’t Starve Together

First of all, let’s talk about Don’t Starve Together’s game mode!

If you play Wilderness mode, your character will be respawned immediately at a random location on the map after dying.

This is a fun mechanic to play since the revival is randomized. Plus, there are no ghosts because players respawn right after they die. Therefore, there is no sanity penalty as well.

For the other two game modes (Survival and Endless), the revival process is a little bit different!

  1. Touch Stones

Touch Stones are stony structures that spawn twice randomly in the world. Different from a normal touchstone in Don’t Starve, they’re always in their active state and can be used anytime by a ghost character.

You can increase the number of Touch Stones spawn per world by modifying the world’s settings. Don’t add too many since it will destroy the balance of the game.

Each player can only use the touchstone once by haunting it. You can pay attention to the runes’ color on the touchstone to see if you have used it or not. White glow means you haven’t used it and can use it to revive now.

Players revived with the Touch Stones will not suffer from the health penalty. They revive at the Touch Stone’s location with 50 HP, 2/3 hunger, and 1/2 sanity.

  1. Meat Effigies

A Meat Effigy can be crafted with 4 Boards, 4 Beard Hairs, and 40 Health using a Prestihatitator. You only lose a portion of your health, not max health like in Don’t Starve.

Each player can attune a Meat Effigy to mark it as a respawn location. When a player dies and becomes a ghost, he can click the new button that appears on the top right corner saying “Activate Meat Effigy” to instantly respawn.

If you have a touchstone and a Meat Effigy activated at the same time, you can’t respawn at the touchstone. Your only option is to activate the Meat Effigy.

Like Touch Stones, players revive with Meat Effigies won’t receive any health penalty. Instead, they start a new life with the same attribute as reviving with Touch Stones.

  1. Life Giving Amulets

Life Giving Amulets is the third official revive option in Don’t Starve Together that has no penalty. It can be crafted with 3 Gold Nuggets, 2 Nightmare Fuel, and 1 Red Gem using the Prestihatitator.

Another way to find the amulet is to dig the graves. Each grave has a 3.07% chance to give you one.

To revive with the Life Giving Amulet, you shouldn’t wear it in your amulet slot for too long since it can slowly heal you and be broken soon. Instead, place the amulet in your inventory.

When you’re dead, the amulet will drop outside along with other items. You as a ghost can haunt the amulet by left-clicking on it. Doing so will revive you and destroy the amulet instantly.

Again, you will have the same attribute when reviving with the Life Giving Amulet.

  1. Telltale Hearts

Now when it comes to playing Don’t Starve Together with your friends, the Telltale Hearts are the best!

Each heart can be crafted with 3 Cut Grass, 1 Spider Gland, and 40 HP (not max health). The materials are really cheap compared to other revive methods, do you know why?

Ghost players can’t haunt the Telltale Hearts to revive, instead, another player must use the heart on the ghost to revive the dead player.

Doing so will immediately give your friend 80 sanities. You will respawn right after with 50 HP, 2/3 hunger, 1/2 sanity, and lose 25% of your max health.

This is why the Telltale Hearts are cheap! To increase your maximum health, you have to craft a Booster Shot with 8 Rot, 2 Nitre, and 1 Stinger, then use it on yourself.

  1. Wanda’s Second Chance Watch

Wanda is the newest character in Don’t Starve Together. She can be unlocked by buying the DLCs or weaving for 2,700 Spools.

With the power of time, Wanda has a unique item called the “Second Chance Watch”. When she dies, the watch will be dropped to the ground just like the Life Giving Amulet.

You as Wanda’s ghost can haunt the watch to revive yourself at the same location. Doing so will break the watch but you will receive 1 Living Log, 2 Bone Shards, and a Time Piece in return.

You can also use the Second Chance Watch on other players’ ghosts to revive them. The watch has a 4 minutes cooldown so use it wisely!

Players revive this way won’t have their max health reduced, but rather a decrease in health, hunger, and sanity like other methods mentioned above.

  1. Florid Postern (Endless Mode only)

Last but not least, if you’re a fan of Endless mode, you will know this creepy portal. It works as a spawn gate for you and your friends to start your journey in The Constant!

Any player who has become a ghost can come to this starter portal and use it to respawn. Like the Telltale Heart, your max health will be reduced by 25% after the resurrection.

  1. Using commands

The ultimate way to revive and respawn in Don’t Starve Together is to use a command. Beware that this is considered cheating, and if you abuse it too much, the game won’t be fun anymore!

To revive yourself, press the “~” key on your keyboard to open the debug console and type in c_godmode(), then press Enter to respawn.

So that’s 7 ways to revive and respawn in Don’t Starve Together.

We recommend playing in Endless mode so you can revive continuously without wasting so many materials. And happy reviving your teammates!

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