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Besides health and hunger, sanity is one of the essential attributes that you have to pay attention to carefully.

Low sanity can summon shadow creatures to attack you, and moreover, the lower your sanity is, the more distorted you will see on your screen!

That’s why in this article, we’ll show you what is the best food for sanity in Don’t Starve Together!

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There is plenty of food that can restore your sanity fast, but to be considered the best food is another story. Depending on your playstyle and base’s location, the best food for sanity could be Ice Cream, Gear, Wobster Dinner, Jelly Salad, Taffy, Jerky, Cooked Green Cap, and Cooked Cactus Flesh.

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What Is the Best Food for Sanity in Don’t Starve Together

Not like health or hunger, it’s really hard to find food that can restore a decent amount of your sanity. Either the cooking recipes are hard to follow, or the food will have some side effects besides gaining sanity points.

Here’s the list of the best food for Sanity in Don’t Starve Together so far!

  1. Ice Cream

A single Ice Cream can restore 50 sanity points once consumed. But in order to cook one, you will need 1 Ice, 1 Honey, 1 Dairy (Butter, Electric Milk, or Milky Whites), and 1 filler.

The filler can’t be eggs, vegetables, twigs, or even meat, so using another Ice as a filler is the most efficient way. With that being said, dairy is the hardest ingredient in this recipe.

In addition, an Ice Cream can restore 25 hunger and up to 40 points if you’re playing Webber. Furthermore, this dessert can chill you down in the hot Summer.

  1. Wobster Dinner

Wobster Dinner is not only a good source of health but also a perfect food item for your sanity!

On eaten, it restores 50 sanity points, and you can cook one with 1 Wobster, 1 Butter, and 2 fillers. The filler can be whatever you want, so the only challenge part is to catch the Wobster and collect Butter from Butterflies with a 2% chance.

  1. Jelly Salad

Most healing foods require honey, and so does the food for sanity!

With 2 Leafy Meat and 2 Honey, you can cook a lovely Jelly Salad within 40 seconds! This meal restores 50 sanity and 37.5 hunger points when eaten.

Besides honey, you can use Royal Jelly and Twigs in the recipe. But please note that you have at least 1 Sweetener ingredient to make the salad.

  1. Gears (only WX-78)

And here’s the robotic character in DST again! We all know that only WX-78 can consumes gears to absorb their power. And that’s why Gears is on this list!

Each gear gives WX-78 60 HP, 75 hunger, and 50 sanity points. You can technically farm gears by digging graves (limited) or picking tumbleweeds for a 1% chance in the desert biome.

Why would you eat normal food when you can eat gear, right?

  1. Jerky and Small Jerky

If you have a good base, you should have enough materials to build some drying racks to dry your meat. Large meat will give you Jerky, while Morsel, Fish, Eel, Drumstick, or Frog Legs will give you Small Jerky instead.

A Jerky is by far the most balanced food in Don’t Starve Together since it’s easy to get, has a long perish time (20 days), and restores 20 HP, 25 hunger, and 15 sanity points.

On another hand, a Small Jerkey can restore 10 sanities, 8 HP, and 12.5 hunger points. Not too much but it will help in some dangerous situations.

  1. Cooked Green Cap

When we talk about sanity in Don’t Starve Together, we must mention the mushrooms, especially the green ones!

Green Cap can be found everywhere in both the surface and underground world. Try to search in the Forest or Birchnut Forest biomes, and you can find tons of them. Also, Green Mushtrees underground can spawn in large quantities and drop 1 Green Cap on chopped.

You can also use a shovel to dig the Green Mushroom to obtain 2 Green Caps. When cooked on fire and eaten, a Cooked Green Cap will restore 15 sanity points but will deal 1 damage to you.

  1. Cooked Cactus Flesh

Cooked Cactus Flesh can restore 15 sanity points, 12.5 hunger, and 1 HP once eaten. It’s easy to obtain in large quantities and renewable every 3-4 in-game days.

The reason Cactus Flesh isn’t on the top is that whenever you harvest one, you will lose 6 HP due to its spike. To prevent this, you can wear a Log Suit to minimize the damage received.

Another reason is Cactus only grow in the desert biome. This place is wasted with limited resources and is home to a dangerous boss in the game, a Dragonfly. But if you live nearby, it’s totally worth it!

  1. Cooked Blue Cap

Blue Cap can be found the same way as Green Cap in Don’t Starve Together. And to be honest, you must be desperate to use a Cooked Blue Cap to restore your sanity.

Each item gives you 10 sanity points but reduces your HP by 3, making the term “poison mushrooms” alive in The Constant.

There are many other better ways to restore your sanity, but gathering Blue Cap is the easiest! Consider how frequently they spawn, and you can easily farm them later on with the Mushroom Planter.

  1. Surf ‘n’ Turf

Surf and Turf is a seafood that can heal you for 60 HP, 37.5 hunger, and 33 sanity points. While it’s mainly used to heal, Surf ‘n’ Turf is extremely helpful when eating inside combat!

To cook one, you need 2.5 Meat and 1.5 Fish. You can use Monster Meat for this recipe, and the fish can be literally anything, including normal fish, raw fish, eels, wobster, and fish morsels.

You can use Inedible items in this cooking recipe but do not use more than one. Otherwise, you will cook an unpalatable Wet Goop.

  1. Cactus Flower

Another food to restore your sanity is related to the cactus again!

Only in Summer do cacti in the desert grow flowers. On picking up and eating, each flower restores 8 HP, 12.5 hunger, and 5 sanity points. Those pointy flowers can salvage your life someday!

So that’s the 10 best food for sanity in Don’t Starve Together!

Remember that besides eating food, you can sleep, pick flowers, kill shadow creatures, craft new recipes, and more. With that being said, good luck keeping your screen clean in The Constant!

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